Katie Holmes / Dave Matthews Band
February 24, 2001

LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S going to be a great episode of Survivor on Thursday, I can't wait.

Welcome to another SNL Episode Review. However, I feel the need to discuss Survivor. So for those of you who don't care about Survivor, skip to the next paragraph. I'm not surprised that Kimmi got the boot this week. However, I'm surprised that Kucha once again voted unanimously. As for Ogabore, it looks like Jerri is beginning to realize that she is screwed. The fact that Amber actually spoke this week clearly shows that revolution is in the air. However, the highlight of the show was the preview for next week. A dramatic thrashing in the water, Elisabeth crying, a helicopter arriving, the Ogres getting notice of something at Kucha camp. I have no life and have read the message boards (primarily at Survivorsucks.com) and I don't have a definite theory on what happens. I think it is possible that a crewmember was injured. However, if a cast member was injured, my guess is that it was Michael and he got burned somehow. However, the rumors are (possible spoiler) that Kucha merges with Ogakor 6 members to 4 members, which indicates that although someone may be injured, they aren't out of the game. Either way, it will be a great episode this week.
As for SNL tonight, I don't expect a great episode. This is the 5th new SNL in February. They had two primetime extras (20 minutes) and three of their normal Saturday Night episodes. Generally, the third new episode in three weeks is weak. Also, the fact that last weeks episode was not great indicates writer fatigue. That's not to say that there isn't material to make a sketch out of. They could easily make a Survivor sketch about the "incident" at Kucha camp. However, I think A Survivor/Friends sketch could be quite funny. I'd even settle for a parody of The Mole. Also, with Clinton's pardons, and the Grammy's, the writers have something to work with. However, without Molly, we'll need someone else to create lame characters for the last half-hour of the show. Also, seeing as tonight's host is Katie Holmes, I'd expect something related to Dawson's Creek. After all that babbling, on to the sketch by sketch action.

Cold Open: They're like the Brady Bunch, ok not really
Cast Members: HS, CP, AG, DH
- I like the Clinton impression, however this sketch is weak and I'm sick of hearing about the pardons
- ERROR: Late sound effects and smoke effects when they pull the guns out
- The fact that this sketch stunk leads me to believe that we're in for a rough night (in other words, go watch MadTV)

Cast Member: WF
- Her Strap broke after all of 30 seconds, that's quality for you
- Last weeks monologue was good with Sean's performance, and now they try another performance monologue, and it fails
- Techie man tapes her dress back together, I already can see Techie man sketches being written for the next episode
- Does Katie Holmes actually tap?
- Will's tapping sound effect must be bubble wrap being popped
- Even the professional dancers weren't that amusing

Sketch: Dawson's Creek, kill me now
Cast Members: JF, CP, CK, HS
- As soon as Mr. Peepers appeared, I was happy because I realized this wouldn't be a crappy Dawson's Creek sketch
- Katie Holmes is covered in apple
- Chris is so lucky, getting to hump the host, yet again

Sketch: KXLA
Cast Members: MR, JF, TM
- Doesn't this look a lot like the sketch they did last week with the Big Mouthed Billy Bass, Inmates, Clowns, and Runners?
- Katie looks a lot like Drew but Jimmy did the best impression of Tom Green
- Good Line: "He makes David Arquette look like a genius" referring to Tom Green

Cartoon: Backstreet Boys
- When does the Josie and the Pussycats movie come out?
- This cartoon didn't totally suck, but it wasn't very funny

Sketch: They're creepy and they're kooky
Cast Members: WF, RD, JF
- This is too weird
- It only took half and hour for the show to royally suck
- Why did Jimmy's shirt make a Velcro ripping sound?
- This sketch merited a D until Lover girl injured his back

Musical Guest: Dave Matthews Band
- This is the only thing that can save this show
- I enjoyed the DrummerCam ©

Weekend Update
Cast Members: TF, JF, HS, CP
- ERROR: TV flies in and out
- ERROR: Unimog graphic was up during the Kennedy scandal story
- Why does SNL always have these man to man kisses and why wasn't Will involved in this one?
- Not a memorable update. Did they ever use the TV?

Sketch: Jarret's Room Returns
Cast Members: JF, HS, CP
- Who's surprised that they brought this sketch back? Yeah, I'm not either.
- Let's call this Wayne's World 2001, just not as funny, schwing
- Skittles are cool
- I like that "One Night In Bangkok" song

Sketch: She's nuts
Cast Members: CK, WF, TM, CP
- She punched him in theouch!
- If Kattan is the luckiest cast member of the night, Will definitely is the unluckiest man of the night
- What an awful idea for a sketch

Sketch: Passive Aggressive Pam
Cast Members: MR, CK, TM, AG, WF, HS, CP, JF
- Maya sounds a lot like Molly (creepy)
- I see this sketch recurring endlessly until the viewers fill with rage against Ana Gasteyer and the members of the quartet
- However, the quartet is funny and they can't stop giggling (the ghost of Molly Shannon is in haunting the studio)
- This might be a good character after all, I can see them combining Nick Burns and Pam in a sketch

Sketch: It isn't the Titanic, I referring to the boat not the sketch
Cast Members: MR, CP
- Chris Parnell sounds like Alan Cumming
- Where is this going? NOWHERE!!!
- I think Maya got some Elton John saliva on her during that kiss
- The SNL crew moves fast

It is over, yipeeeeeeee. The writers deserve a break, longer than one week. Tonight's show was not funny, and Katie Holmes didn't help. However, her impression of Drew Barrymore was good. However, most of the jokes fell flat and some of the new characters (i.e. Jarret and Pam) have yet to establish a real identity. Now to the final wrap-up

Final Wrap-up:
BEST CAST MEMBER: The crew, they moved fast and fixed Katie's broken strap. Seriously though, Jimmy is the best cast member tonight
BEST SKETCH: Passive Aggressive Pam, KXLA
SKETCH THAT WON'T BE SEEN WHEN THIS EPISODE AIRS ON COMEDY CENTRAL: I can only pray that this entire show never repeats
HOST: Katie Holmes didn't have any good jokes and didn't play any great characters (other than Drew Barrymore)
PROBLEMS: Late effects in the cold open, Katie's dress strap broke right in the beginning of her monologue, Flying TV, wrong graphic in WU

On March 10, Conan O'Brien hosts. That should be a really great show. Conan used to write for SNL and his talk show is hilarious. Assuming Conan plays some funny characters, he should be one of the bests hosts of the season (maybe second to Dana Carvey).
Now for my Survivor predictions:
Assuming that no one dies on Kucha this week (that's what I call reality TV), I hope and expect that Jerri gets her torch snuffed. She's only a threat to everyone else. That's it for now, have a great two weeks!

Episode Review written by Adam Wager

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