Sean Hayes / Shaggy
February 17, 2001

Hey everyone,
How ya'll doing? OK here. On to the review...

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I love Will & Grace and that scene
stealer Sean Hayes...Anyone remember him from that
Doritos commercial where he and one other dude were in
the laundromat looking at the girl? I have good hopes
for this show. Just don't let it be as horrid as last

OPENING (Prez Bush and Iraq): All Will has to do with
this impression to make it stick in our minds is
facial expressions...Yes, Go with the facial
expressions. Especially the squinting and is it me or
is he sticking out the lower lip a little bit a la
Darrell as Bill? Keep itup! Best Lines:
'Justifircation' (not really a line but you get the
idea) and 'I would have done the same thing to him
that he would have done to him'. GRADE: A.

MONOLOGUE: Loved the piano would think it
would be yawn city if he just sat there and played
Beethoven sans renditions. But the disco theme added a
lot of humorous appeal. GRADE: A.

SKETCH (NPR..Psychedlic style): Let the goodbyes to
Molly begin..I would have loved it if they did one
last Goth Talk but OH well. This will do just fine.
Their reactions to toxic-or-so-they-thought mushrooms
was great. Loved the 'In Da Gadda Vida' thing in the
background and the Psychedlic saying of 'Rice,
Crackers, Neat'. Sean was OK as the guest, not pitiful
but not stellar.Best line: 'We just went surfing in
the psychodelic stratosphere' GRADE: B+.

COMMERCIAL (Homocil): Yeah, who cares if they didn't
put this right after the monologue? Let's not be
picky. One of the best ones in a while. I loved Chris
P's and Tracy's reactions to discovering their sons'
feminine sides. GRADE: A-.

SKETCH (Hardball)...Could Darrell's voice get any
louder? But if it didn't his impression would be lame.
Loved the snoring. Molly as Mrs. Rich was OK...but
Chris K. as the Clinton rep (forgot exactly what
position he had) was great. Loved him saying 'That's
really none of your business', smiling while reacting
to Darells (aka Chris Matthews) questions about his
sexuality. Best line: 'Blah (pause) Blah (pause), Blah
blah blah you're done'. GRADE: B.

SKETCH (Jeffrey's): This is the '90s Gaps Girls sketch
revisited but with a same-sex oriented twist. Loved
Jimmy and Sean as the sales clerks, especially with
their sighing. Horatio as a shopper was OK, but Chris
K. as the other one was better. Will rocked as the
manager, especially talking on a cell phone the size
of a kitchen magnet. Two (yes, two) best lines:
'Diesel's hip-yeah a hip that needs to be replaced' &
'So you're check came back from being on Springer'.

MUSICAL GUESTS: Hear 'Wasn't Me' a kazillion times a
day. What was I doing? Looking through my JCrew
catalog I got in the mail. Yup, no grade.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Short and Sweet...again! My initial
reaction was 'BUMMER' but almost 24 hours later, I
guess it wasn't that bad. Sean was good as the 'Kid
from Billy Elliot' especially Jimmy's reaction with
the accent. But what I busted a gut at were the Best
Lines...#3: 'He wants to send a clear message that he
knows exactly where Iraq is'; #2: 'News was brought to
the workers by the letters F & U'; and #1: 'Sixty! 65
workers..Ha! Ha! Ha!' (Loved all the Sesame Street
jokes here..Yes, I am a Sesame Street fan, so I am in
my mid-20's, big deal). GRADE: A-.

HELLO DOLLY: This sketch wore off after about 30
seconds...Ana was sort of annoying as the host but
Sean was mediocre but better as the co-host. No best
line. GRADE: C-.

FASHION WEEK: At first, I thought NO! Not another
horrid 'Veronica Show' sketch. But nope, was
surprised. OK, I may have hated some of the 'I'm 50'
sketches before but this wasn't too bad. Sean as the
designer was awesome. I loved this sketch so much, I
have three best lines. #3: 'I thought this was the
Adrian Dante show..not The Price is right'; #2: I like
to scratch..belch...scratch'; and #1: '5 reasons:
chin, boobs, hip, hair, can'. GRADE: A.

MUSICAL GUEST: Once again, a song I hear a kazillion
times a day. What was I doing this time? Clipping
coupons (yes, what sorry life I lead). No grade.

SKETCH (Action News): The collision with a clown car
wore off after a while. Ana, Will, and Sean as the
reporters were OK. Horatio as the clown was not as
good. The best part was Tracy petting the Big Mouth
Billy Bass....No best line. GRADE: C+.

FILLER: Last show! Let's bring MKG out for one final
time! Loved it! Grade: A.

SKETCH (Safari Planet): I was totally bored to death
by this sketch. Not laughing...GRADE: D.

COMMERCIAL (Corn Chip Nail Tips): Part of me says 'Oh
not again' and the other part says 'I guess third
time's the charm'...GRADE: B-.

SKETCH (Talking 'bout ginas): This was the 10 minute
curse to an extent...Some of the impressions were OK.
I liked Molly as Anna Nicole Smith and Chris as Farrah
Fawcett with their 'YALLS'. The others were not so
good. GRADE: C.

So, this was better than last weeks. Yes, it seems
like every sketch had a 'Just Jack' ring to it. But it
wasn't annoying...

Next week, Katie Holmes. I don't even watch 'Dawson's
Creek' and I haven't seen her in any movie she's been

Til next time amigos...

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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