Sean Hayes / Shaggy
February 17, 2001

Here's how my Grading Scale works:
A-Potential to be a Favorite
B-this goes to skits that I LOL'ed at
D-okay I guess
F-a waste of time


(OPENING)Address from the President
Not once this year have they had an opening that made me go, "well that was a waste of time." They have all had something in them, making the worthwhile. This week it was "Live wait, two more things..." Im gullible to those type of things.
Grade: B


This frickin ruled. In fact, Im going to add it to my much unknown site as one of the best. I give it an "F" for being wait that's a good thing...

Grade: A


(SKIT)Delicious Dish
I should have expected this, but I still groaned. Needless to say, If I had to pick a best DD, this would be it.

Grade: D


Not bad, I had an Inner Laugh.

Grade: C


(SKIT)Hardball w/ Chris Matthews
To be honest, I didn't follow this one very well, my dog sucks.

Grade: N/A for now


(SKIT) Jeffrey's
A couple of character breaks made this really good. Okay so Im totally wierd like that. I love watching the cast members break cause it shows they are having fun. And Will's lil phone made this terrific.
Grade: B


As usual, another great WU...alot of it was thanks to Mr. Sean Hayes as Billy Elliot. Dance Billy! Dance my boy!

Grade: A


(SKIT)Hello Dolly (ies?)
This was horrible, no wait, Im "Jist Playin'". Chop Susie rules! I want one.
Grade: B


(SKIT) Sally O' Malley
This was not bad, and the audience seemed to enjoy it. But I have to give it a C for Cameltoe.

Grade: C

(SKIT) Clown Car Wreck
LOL. The very thought of this one was terrific. Way to go.
Grade: B

(MISC) Mary Katherine's Farewell
I was SO unbelievably happy to see her, I was hoping she'd show up being that this is the best thing Molly does. *wipes imaginary tear* Farewell MKG.

Grade: A


(SKIT) Brian Fellows Safari Planet
I tried to enjoy this...but that damn mink kept winking at me, it really freaked me out. =)

Grade: B


(SKIT) Talkin' Bout Ginas
This was so frickin funny. Yay, Rachel is working tonight! Kattan and Will made this entire sketch. I never realized the resemblance between Chyna and Will Ferrell...

Grade: A



OVERALL GRADE: I know my grades all seem low, but the show itself was really good. If that makes sense.
BEST SKETCH: Either WU or the wait those aren't exactly 'sketches' so its definetly "Talkin bout Ginas"
WORST SKETCH: Delicious Dish
HOST GRADING: A+ Sean frickin ruled. Nuff said.
MUSICAL GUEST: I really wanted to hear Mr. Boombastic..but that was a different day in time...
FINAL COMMENTS: I want to apologize for the really badly typed sentence on the host grading of the Lopez episode..I don't even know what I meant to say. Anyway, Thank God Katie is hosting cause I finally got a guess the host right, woo hoo! I know this is getting old but..Goodnight and Have a pleasant tommorrow!

Episode Review written by Marie Royce

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