Sean Hayes / Shaggy
February 17, 2001

Pre-Show Thoughts
Hosting Saturday Night Live this week will be the perpetually effervescent Sean Hayes! Sean is probably best known for his work on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace. I watch it time to time. It's cute...and yes, that is my professional opinion. You heard it here first... I'm told that Hayes worked as a stand-up comedian for a period of time. I'm not sure just how good he was at it...but in anycase, I find him delightful, and I expect good things from him tonight. Hopefully he'll be able to display some sort of acting range, unlike some other recent SNL hosts (who will remain seriously they will). Ah yes, Shaggy will also be performing. I'm not extremely familiar with his music. I think I've heard maybe one or two of his songs...To be honest though, my experience with reggae music pretty much begins and ends with the late Bob Marley. I'm always open to trying new things, however, and I look forward to learning more about the musician that is Shaggy. So, with out any further ado....

Cold Opener
This wasn't my favorite of the Dubya openers, but after last week I can't help but be glad to see the return of political
sketches. It was rather short, and at certain times funny. I thought Bush's hesitation when reciting "Live From New York..." was amusing. "Don't Mess With Texas!" hehe.
Grade B

I liked this. It reminded me a little of that Monty Python sketch where the escape artist is playing the piano while struggling his way out of a burlap sack. I thought Sean Hayes did a great job of introducing the show. More hosts should dance their way on to the stage.
Grade A

It has come to my attention that this will be Molly Shannon's last show. So, I think it's a safe bet to say that this is the first recurring character of many that Molly will be playing tonight. Sniff, will we never see the Delicious Dish again? This wasn't my favorite installment (There's just no beating "Schwetty Balls"), but I feel a final send off was in order. This particular sketch had it's moments...becoming down right strange at times. I'll miss these guys.
Grade B

I thought this was pretty damn funny. It's nice to see a good new commercial for a change.
Grade A

Hardball with Chris Matthews
My favorite part of this sketch was the interaction between Begala (Katan) and Matthews (Hammond). Good stuff. Katan's facial expressions were great. Shannon and Parnell did well also.
Grade A-

Was that GE I saw !?!

I wasn't too impressed with this scene. I thought Horatio's line about his looney toons jacket was funny. On the whole, these Jeffrey's people just aren't half as entertaining as the Gap girls once were. Ferrel's appearance at the end made this sketch worthwhile. Both Fallon and Hayes couldn't fight back laughter when they saw him.
Grade C

Musical Guest
Hey now, is anyone listening to the lyrics in this song? Hmm...well isn't that special. Shaggy's side kick's got a great voice. Infact, he sort of carries the song. Well anyway, I thought they put forth a good performance.
Grade A

Weekend Update
Some of these jokes weren't really top notch quality. Jimmy did a nice impression of the Count on Sesame Street...I don't know what I think of these two. They're a cute pair I guess, but I can't help but notice that when it comes to mock News coverage, The Daily Show reigns supreme. I enjoyed the appearance made by a disgruntled Billy Elliot at the end. He had the whole cast yelling "Dance Billy! Dance!".
Grade B+

Hello Dolly
Anna Gasteyer was real convincing in this...frighteningly so. Sean depended on the cue cards a bit much. This sketch had it's moments (I say that too often), but wasn't what I would call laugh out loud funny..It was more slight internal chuckle funny.
Grade C

It was! It was! GE Smith everybody! I missed him so.

Fashion Week
Kudos to Sean Hayes on his portrayal of Adrian Drake. I never was a huge fan of Miss Sally O'Malley, but it was Molly's last night, and I thought she did well. She seemed to kick higher than ever before.
Grade B+

Musical Guest
I didn't like this song as much as the first one. Where did that other guy go?
Grade B-

Action News
Let me just start off by saying that Clowns scare the hell out of me, and Horatio was just all too frightening in his goofy garb. I thought this was a funny sketch nevertheless. Just the thought of a hundred singing Bigmouth Billy Bass fish mangled and wriggling on the clown stained pavement had me in stitches.
Grade B+

Mary Catherine Gallager's Farewell
This was sad. I her leaving is for the best however. Timing is everything. Staying to long on SNL could easily make people forget how much they appreciated Molly during her stronger years. She'll be back though...someday.

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
Personally, I'm real partial to animal humor. I always have been. I thought this sketch was hilarious. Tracy Morgan doesn't often make me laugh the way that he did in this sketch. Anna made for a convincing PETA person, and Katan kicked ass as Brian Fellow's day dreamed bunny rabbit.
Grade A+

Corn Chip Nail Chip Fun

Takin Bout Ginas
This wasn't too terribly funny. Chris Katan was good as Farrah Fawcet though...Will was also amusing. He was so attached to his Chyna costume that he neglected to change out of it during the commercial brake.
Grade C

Show in Review
I thought this was a good show. Certainly superior to last weeks anyway. Sean Hayes is just so darn endearing. He openly expressed what seemed to be a genuine esteem for the program, and it's cast. In that respect, he did an excellent job at hosting. This whole Molly's last show thing has me worried. I certainly hope that none of the other experienced cast members decide to follow her example. I'm convinced that if Ferrel was to leave SNL, the show would consequently fall into shambles. Infact, from now on I think I shall refer to him only as "the glue". Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that he's the only important cast member. Quite the contrary. The absence of Katan, Hammond, or Gasteyer would be devastating I'm sure. So, let's just appreciate them while they're around...Yes,well, I think I shall give this show a B+, an A- if you factor in the return GE Smith.

Next week Katie Holmes and The Dave Matthews Band. I don't know much bout the host, but I'm always glad to see DMB.

Until then.....this is Juanita Badger saying TTFN!

Episode Review written by Juanita Badger

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