Sean Hayes / Shaggy
February 17, 2001

All right tonight's show marks a landmark for Molly
Shannon. In the past few years she has been participating
in about 118 episodes of SNL. Well the record for women
on the show is 113 episodes for Victoria Jackson. Molly
beat her out in a margin of 5 episodes. So even though
her effort this season on the Recurring Characters has
been pretty bad, but you got to look at how long and hard
she has been working on the show. If any fellow reviewer
mocks her tonight, well they must be messed up in the
head, cause I can admit that she's not been good this
year, but tonight is her last show and you can't mock
somebody that has put in 100% over the past 6 years. So
tonight or whenever you read this review I will not mock
Molly Shannon. From here on in: No Mocking Molly.

So a lot of non-funny stuff so far, very sorry for that.
Oh yeah have u noticed that during February Sweeps SNL
puts on the worst shows. Last week was the worst of the
season. Last season was terrible with Alan Cumming and
Juliana Marguilees put on 2 crappy episodes, but there
was the Ben Affleck episode that was almost the best of
the season, but fell short. So this episode could end up
being crappy or great, but no matter what at 1:01 tonight
I have a feeling that with the departure of Molly an
empty hole will be in the cast which I have a feeling a
featured cast member will be promoted to a cast member.
My guess is Update Anchor Tina Fey. Mark my words, next
week we will see 3 featured players and an addition to
the line up of stars.

Okay I'm really siked about the show; here's what my
thoughts are.
And Now Greg's Thoughts. Yes that was rip off of Jack
Handy's Deep Thoughts.

Pre Thoughts: Sean Hayes plays Emmy winning Jack on Will
and Grace. That show is literally hilarious and if you
haven't checked it out yet, something's wrong in your
head. No offence Matt. Oh yeah my good friend Matt is
here again. Its hard to call Sean Hayes well Sean, cause
I'm used to his name being Jack on the show, but I guess
I'm that big of a fan of the show.
Matt: Aren't you going to mention he plays a gay
No Matt I will not, but lets see how you like man, what
if I called you the Notorious F-A-G. You wouldn't like
that, so.. uh.. Oh yeah Shaggy's playing the musical
guest and I can admit now that in the beginning I did not
like Shaggy 2 years ago, but he just came out with a new
c.d. and he has quite a few hits- It wasn't me and Angel.
Well he does play those songs in the show, so.. They're
ya go. And onto the review.

Opening: Aren't these openings getting a bit old
Well ever since the date of October 7th we have seen
George W. Bush in every show. Well I can admit that its
funny, but these openings are getting so old. Even a
Cheney opening would be atleast different than this.
So-so opening, that part near the end with him mixing up
the tagline was pretty funny.
Grade: B-

Monologue: Sean Hayes
I liked this mono for so many reasons. #1- He didn't say
I'm part of Will and Grace like all the other hosts say
to promote their shows, neither did Lopez.
#2-He actually had something that was funny to do, rather
then dreaming of cast members in weird dreams.
(coughMenaSuvericough) #3-He sort of took his character
from the show and in a way played him that phone stuff.
Grade: A

Skit: Delicious Dish (hey this should be the last one
since this is Mollys last show)
Unless she hosts we have to see these characters again.
As you can tell I really do not like this skit. It's very
slow paced and the only one I thought that was remotely
funny was the Alec Baldwin episode. This didn't measure
up to that.
Grade: C

Comm: Homocil
Will Ferrel is probably the only guy on the show that can
start a comm. acting serious then have it be so funny.
Remember the Ecstasy Cereal one, same format, but then
something big happens and it's funny. Tracy was good in
it, wait mark my words. I said Tracy did something good.
Grade: A

Skit: Hardball
This was hilarious during the Tom Green show and its
better now. Funnier now actually. You know I was flipping
through the channels and I came across his show, the guy
has a loud voice and is so close to mocking the guests.
Oh yeah does anyone know who Parnell, Kattan, and Ms. 5th
Amendment Molly was playing. I know Darrel was Chris
Matthews, but the others I didn't know.
Line Alert: "You're a Virgin, aren't you Bugula."- Darrel
as Matthews to Kattan's Character.
Grade: A

Interlude: by me
Only low score of the show so far is the Delicious Dish

Misc. GE Smith is here. If you don't know who he is, he
was the old bandleader from mid 80's to 95, then for 5
years nobody took the role. Now Lenny Picket is the main
guy. What a band history in 3 lines.

Skit: Jeffrey's
Man, Jimmy and Sean look a lot alike. They could be
twins. Hey Molly's really chipping in this episode. I
like how they make fun of the customer and the customer
gets the joke like 10 seconds later. Pure genius.
Wayne and Garth: Not.
Grade: B

Music: Shaggy
Good song, the name of it is It wasn't me.
Grade: B

Weekend Update: Fey and Fallon
Well every show this season has had a good update by far,
they're doing better in 6 months then he did in 2 1/2
years. Saw some jokes, but missed most cause I was
writing emails to Annie about my position on the site.
The commentary I did like was Sean Hayes as the kid from
Billy Elliot. That was great and I liked how he went
crazy dancing though the set, I think that was Maya and
Kattan that he hit in the face. I think that movie is up
for Best Picture what are the Oscar people smoking.
Matt: Oh I think I have an idea.
Grade: B

Skit: Hey go back to frickin syndication, cause u guys
frickin suck
This wasn't funny really. Not much to say about it.
Reminded me of 'Dog Show' in the way that they want you
to hit the mute button. Hello Dolly, heres a D.

Misc. GE Smith is really playing the guitar tonight.
Where was he during Hello Dolly, he could have totally
tuned them out or hit 'em over the head with his guitar.

Skit: Fashion Weekwith a 50 yr. old
The only recurring character of Molly that I think is
funny is now in retirement.
Molly: Yeah right, I am not retiring cause I can kick,
stretch, owww, hamstring.
Call the ambulance and please keep her long red thing on.
Okay I have always liked this skit, even though most of
the reviewers hate this skit. Isn't this her second
recurring character this show. Good skit overall.
Grade: B

Time is now 12:38 and I'm making a prediction. Molly
Shannon will somehow reprise her Mary Katherine
character. This is a prediction might I add.

Skit: Good Morning type of skit
Sorry missed the title of the show. Highlights of this
skit were the parts when the clowns would see either the
runners or some other distraction.
Grade: C

Misc. Mary Katherine hits that tune
Well like I said that was a prediction and suprisingly it
came true. How many times have we seen her panties over
the years?
Grade: A (first time I could actually stand it.)

Skit: Brian Fellows, Safari Journey
Man as much as I laughed maybe all of once, this deserved
to be at about 12:56 in the show. Maybe they could have
cut him off like they did to Lenny Kravitz, 2 shows ago.
The only funny part was him seeing that bunny write
stuff. That's it.
Grade: C-

Comm: Repeated 2 times this season. Gets less funny

Skit: So this is what 12:55 programming has come to
You know this was not funny for about 90 reasons, but
only actually one thing was remotely funny. Will Ferrel
as Va oh wait Chyna.
Grade: D

Closing: Sean had about 20 seconds to say his good-byes
and thank you's. What's up with that. Did u hear what he
said then everyone yelled Molly, I missed it?

After show thoughts at 1: No I'm not watching the Apollo,
so I had so time to think of some things about the show.
Here they are:

Shaggy was really good in the 2 songs he played. I think
some of his band was in the Good Morning type of skit
with the clowns.

Molly left in a way that she put all her good recurring
characters in her last show. Maybe if she comes back and
hosts they will come back from the dead.
I'm 50 lady: Hey who said I was dead, I can still kick
not punch though. My arms are getting tired, please knock
me out.
Matt: Okay what do u need, I got the entire knock out
drugs in my locker.
(Police sirens) Oh crap I'm outta here, see you next
week, or maybe not, the cops are on my tail.

Sean Hayes was really good, he should come back, and I
could totally see him as a possible regular host like
Hanks or Martin.

Best Performers of the show: Molly Shannon and Sean Hayes
(I put him in cause he in a way blended in most of the
cast taking a non-leadership role like past hosts
(Jennifer Lopez) do in most shows and I liked that.

Skit of the night: Hardball with Chris Mathhews (actually
it was the best skit in the November episode of Hardball

Comm: of the night: Though there was only 2 comm. and 1
was a repeat it was the Homocill one. I would have put it
under best of the night, but I wanted to spread out the
review a little more.

Totally non- funny that the crowd must be on laughomatic
Hello Dolly

Mediocre- Jeffrey's and Brian Fellows, Safari Planet

Alright just to put something in here to think about till
next week: Who's next? This answer can not be solved by
me cause there are so many conclusions to say. For
Example: Will is in his 6th Season and might say quits
soon, but he's the president. Darrell is a definite shoe
in for the next 2 years cause this guy is like the center
of the show now, minus being the president. He may not
have the best characters, but he looks like so many
politicians out there, its scary.

Those 2 were the closest to leaving in my opinion, but
here are some others:
Chris Kattan- Also a veteran of the show, but no strong
characters to take him into the next few years, besides
Mr. Peepers and Mango. Tracy Morgan- Hasn't contributed
much, except some women characters that are really funny.
My guess is him after Will/Darrel leaves.

Now in my opinion I have been viewing the talents of this
next cast member. He has not really put in a lot to the
show, thought this is his first season. Remember that 2
cast members were fired in 95-96 and I think Jerry Minor
might be on that list. No offence to the Jerry fans out
there, but I don't see him doing more of that Rap Street
and political character anymore. Okay the rest of the
cast I can guarantee will definitely be here for a while.
Even the sole survivor of the talented trio of women from
96-99, Ana Gasteyer who will be entering her 6th season
next year I think will maybe break Mollys streak of the
longest women cast member on the show in the next few

Okay February 24 there is a new show for SNL with the
very talented Katie Holmes from Dawsons Creek on the
show. Actually I picked her for my guess the hosts
contest and I think that's actually the first so lets
hope Goodmans coming back again. Also Dave Matthews band
will be returning for there 3rd time on the show. Big
show coming up, looking forward to it.

Okay till the 24th peace out everyone

Episode Review written by Greg Haledjian

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