Sean Hayes / Shaggy
February 17, 2001

Well, it's Molly Shannon's last show. I have always thought that Molly was a pretty good cast member. Dont get me wrong, I have done my share of ripping her apart over the years. However, she has been pretty solid for the most part. If she had a downfall, it would be that in just above every thing she does, she starts to laugh. If I was ever on SNL, which i wont be, I would leave in the middle of a season too, so I could get attention for it being my last show. If you leave after a season, you dont really get a going away party.

I was watching a little SNL on Comedy Central today, and the one Phil Hartman hosted came on. I have decided to take up some space and just say that I never really appreciated Phil Hartman until was too late. I dont know how many of you like the show NewsRadio, but it is hilarious. Phil Hartman is just a funny guy, and it showed in that show. NewsRadio has a solid cast, with Dave Foley, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick, Stephen Root and Hartman. NewsRadio runs every weekday on A&E at 12:30 and 6:30. I would check it out if you are unfamilliar with this show.

OVERVIEW - I think that tonight should be a great show. One reason is that they better because last week was horrible. Another reason is Sean Hayes. Sean Hayes is the on the NBC show, Will and Grace. I think his style of comedy will fit this show well, unlike Tom Green earlier this year. I hope my assumptions are right.

COLD OPENING - After a week off from a political opening, Bush was back to start this show. And the way last week's cold opening went, maybe it is better this way. This was a pretty good shot at Clinton, as thats what he did when the Lewinsky thing first came up, he bombed Iraq. Maybe it was just me, but Will's impression seemed a bit off tonight. I liked at the end how Will had a couple of fake "Live From New York's." Hey, dont mess with Texas. Average opening in a year that has seen some good ones.

Live From New York......It's Will Ferrell
(I have to remember to start doing that, I always forget)

MONOLOGUE - I didnt know where this was going when they started it, with him dancing, but it was original. Good idea with the cell phone. I hate cell phones; they are annoying. They would be nice to have on occasion I would conceed. This monologue was short, and there didnt seem like there was a point to it. I still found it amusing though.

NPR DELICIOUS DISH - Never been a big fan of this sketch (and that wont be the first time I say that in this review). Sean Hayes seems like a perfect host to be in this though. This one had a nice little drug twist to it. That was pretty decent. This one was much better than when they did it earlier in the year when Dana Carvey hosted.

COMMERCIAL HOMOCIL - This was funny. Best commercial I have seen in a long time. Will Ferrell and Chris Parnell seem to be the best actors in the SNL commercials. Will's face when he was in the bleachers was priceless. Good idea for a commercial.

HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS - As previoulsy noted, I watch Hardball a couple of times a week, and I really like Chris Matthews. But again,if you dont know who he is or follow politics, you would most likely be lost here. Darrell goes a good job impersonating him. One flaw.. something was wrong with the background for Darrell. You could tell it was fake. Chris Kattan was good as Paul Begala, who I hate. It looked like Darrell was about to lose it a few times here also. The whole thing with Arlen Specter was weak. That was the lone downside of this. Good sketch.

Katie Holmes next second correct guess in a row for the "Guest The Hosts Contest."

JEFFEREY'S - Sean Hayes is a good sport for playing that role, because I think he is gay in real life. Horatio was poor here, but the joke about his jacket and the Joey Buttafucco garage sale was good. Man did Will look hilarious. It looked like he was about to laugh too. This was pretty funny.

MUSICAL GUEST SHAGGY - I am not a fan of rap, but I dont know if this is typical rap. This song, "It Wasnt Me," is pretty good.

WEEKEND UPDATE - Why does Jimmy always bang that pencil of his? I thought the jokes were just average this week. I would like to hear over to the studios and wipe that smirk off Tina Fey's face that is there after every joke though. As far as the kid from Billy Elliot goes, I didnt see the movie and I doubt I ever will. I remember the previews though, and Sean looked alot like him if I recall correctly. Update was fairly short tonight. Maybe it is better that way.

HELLO DOLLY - I have always hated this sketch. Just like in the Delicious Dish sketch, Sean Hayes was a good fit here though. I just dont like any sketch based on the premise of dolls.

SALLEY O MALLEY - This is certainly one Molly Shannon sketch I will not miss. I hate this this character. Sean Hayes was real funny here. This was the best Sally O Malley sketch yet, but it still wasnt that great. Ill be lenient though since it is Molly's last show. I liked how Sean told no one to take pictures of her because she wasnt part of the show. Of course, Molly started laughing as usual. Hasnt "Sally" turned 51 yet? This sketch saved by the great acting of Sean Hayes. If you dont watch Will and Grace, check that out too because it is a great show.

MUSICAL GUEST SHAGGY - I think this was the first single off his cd. This song is okay as well. Shaggy was a better musical guest than I thought he would be. Lose the red leather pants, though.

NO NAME NEWS SKETCH - At first, I thought this was going in the direction of the news skit from when Jerry Seinfeld hosted last years season preimere. I didnt think the whole thing with clowns was all that funny. It got better as it went along, with the Billy the Basses, the prison bus and the race for breast cancer. This just seemed to sort of drag a little. Chris Kattan was a funny news anchor, and Ana Gasteyer has gotten alot of airtime tongiht. Random observation.

MARY KATHERINE GALLAGHER - No real point, except for Molly to announce to those who didnt know that last night was her last show.

BRIAN FELLOWS SAFARI PLANET - The best part here was the disclaimer before the skit about the fact that he wasnt trained in any animal or science field. This was sort of like something they did when Sarah Michelle Gellar hosted two years ago. Sean Hayes was solid in this sketch yet again. The thing with the mink winking was funny. I dont usually find Tracy Morgan very humorous, but he was good here.

COMMERCIAL CORN CHIP NAIL TIPS - What the hell? This is the third time they have run this awful travesty of a commercial this season. They just ran it like 2 shows ago or something like that. It wasnt funny then or the first time either. I usually dont re-grade commercials, but I feel I would be doing myself a great injustice if I didnt get upset upon seeing the same bad commercial for the third time 12 shows into a subpar season. At this pace, we will proabably see it 2 more times before June.
GRADE F again and F if they run it anymore times

TALKIN BOUT GINA'S - This is something they could only run at 12:50. There is Ana Gasteyer again. Chris Kattan did a honorable Farrah Fawcett. Ahh...I thought maybe we could get through the whole show without Rachael Dratch. I'll settle for this though. Molly's last charcter ever played will be Anna Nicole Smith. Will was hilarious as Chyna. He has been great tonight in the small roles he has been in.

Chris Parnell seemed pretty pissed off during the credits. Sean Hayes was a great host as I thought he would be. I didnt give out alot of high grades tonight, but the show was fairly decent. Maybe I am just pleased after last week's bomb and I am partial to Sean Hayes. Either way, I was pleased with this installment.

Next week I hope for another good show, because Katie Holmes is one of my favorite actresses. Next week will be the third live show in a row, and thats not even including the Thursday night specials. That could spell doom for next week, but we will have to wait a week to find out. I think the appearance by Dave Matthews Band should bring in a few more viewers, so hopefully SNL can put on a decent performance.

Also, I would be remiss if I didnt express my deep dissapoinment that on ER this week, Carter and Abby didnt get together. I am getting sick and tired of her toying around with the "Clooney Impersonator," Dr. Kovach. I got mad last year when he thought he could get Juliana Marguiles and he better not get Maura Tierney now. NOTE : SHE SHOULD HOST THE SHOW THIS YEAR. I think Carter and Abby will be together eventually, but I am growing impatient. I will keep everyone updated on this developing situation. I doubt there will be any activity on this week's show because it is ER's 150th show, and the previews havent shown any thing about that subplot.

SKETCH OF THE NIGHT: Homocil Commercial, Hardball
ACTOR OF THE NIGHT: Not really, but Ill give it to Molly Shannon in my own little tribute.

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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