Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Hi, I'm Jordan Davidson, and I must apologize. The rumours that I was going
to marry Allison Lowe during the course of this review were completely

Anyhoo, I'm not gonna waste too much of your time.. I've got quite a bit to
do on Sunday, and I want to get this done before I go to bed. Little did I
know it would be 2:20 before I got started, but that's been normal for me
lately.. University is tiring.

As we move to Reviewer Spotlight, please keep in mind that now that the
first couple have been posted and people are now aware of it, its popularity
has skyrocketed and everyone seems to want a piece of it. Therefore, so it
doesn't look like I favour anyone, all of the deserving requests and my
personal picks will now be placed in a hat and drawn. It also works so I
don't have to make a gruelling decision.

Anyhoo, this week I drew the name of Paul Buxton. Paul's got some great
stuff in his repertoire, including the LFNY commentaries.. an interesting
idea that not many would think of. Also, the look back on the past sketches
is a nice twist, cuz it not only matters which of the current sketches a
reviewer likes, but past sketches as well. It's a good way to see into the
reviewer's past and get some more perspective on what kind of stuff they
like. Anyhoo, kudos to Mr. Buxton.

Anyhoo, this review ain't gonna write itself. Wouldn't that be something,
though? Sean could write "Episode Review written by itself" at the bottom
of the page. But, since the review has virtually no writing skills, it
needs my help. Therefore, with Jolt cola in hand, I trudge through this
night to tell you what I thought of this episode.

Overview - I wasn't expecting much of this show.. A: It was following two
pretty good shows. B: It was Tom mofoing Green. I thought it was entitled,
after some great effort so far this season, but was hoping for a glimmer of
hope. I heard David Gray for the first time this week, and didn't think he
was bad.

I Got You Boneheads - The song was pretty damn funny, as was the dialogue.
I think this sketch deserves a good grade. Why? Cuz. B

Monologue - Drew's there, Tom's there, Tom's parents are there.. why not
have a wedding? While the dialogue was very fake, I was very convinced that
this would be the real deal. I ICQ'd about four people about it, too.. So
many disappointments. Oh well, while not funny, at least the monologue was
quite entertaining. B+

Magic Mouth - Again? Already? You'll have to see my Carvey review to get
my two cents on this one.

Didn't I See This On The Discovery Channel? - Wouldn't this have been a cool
night to attend the show? "See SNL, get your face licked!" Knowing Mr.
Green, I'm surprised he didn't poop on them. B-

Rap Street - Maybe it's a bit premature, but I can see Grandmaster Rap and
Kid Shazzam being SNL's next movie characters. There are just so many
situations these guys could get into.. Tom's "performance" was pretty
entertaining.. Question.. I could be wrong, but was Maya doing an impression
of her late mother, Minnie Riperton? Was it Minnie who sang "Midnight at
the Oasis?" Help me out here, folks. B+

Lorne and Tom in a Tub - Not so much the "Ducky ducky ducky" that got the
laugh, but Lorne's unexpected "That's funny." Still not a huge laugh, but
worth it. B-

Decision 2000 - This was just kinda stupid. A few good lines, with
Darrell's "I'm going to raise the sound of my voice.." and stuff like that.
But other than that, nothing really impressed me. C-

And Last, But Not Least, Sodomy! - Had its good moments, although I couldn't
help thinking I had accidentally switched to the Nashville Network. The
chicken threesome thing was funny. B-

Dog Show - After that last cartoon, I was a bit nervous about seeing a
sketch with animals. And Dog Show, again, was pretty much the same old
thing, with a Tom Green twist. Did anyone notice how bloody scared those
animals were? I guess even the animal kingdom knows the dangers of Tom
Green. C+

Weekend Update - Update was fantastic this week! Everything about it was a
winner. Even Molly's character, not so freaky. The cameo by Geyneth was a
nice surprise as well. Good job, gang! A+

David Gray - Nice relaxing song. Couldn't find a thing wrong with it. A

Oprah - I've actually seen this Dr. Phil guy, and he does come off as a bit
of a buttinski. They had the right idea, just not the right jokes. Maya's
Oprah had me longing for Tim Meadows in drag. Not in that way, of course.

Storytellers - Had a few chuckles, cuz Air Supply is one of my favourite
bands... to make fun of. I was a bit surprised to see a homosexual kiss
that didn't involve Tom Green. I guess everyone needs a rest. B-

Rock Around the Clock - Very weird. Also pointless. C+

Drew? Where Are You?!!! - I had to think long and hard about this, cuz
there were many mixed feelings. On one hand, this probably was all a big
hoax.. I don't think Drew would be mean enough to do that for real on live
TV, and thinking from that perspective, it was funny. On the other hand, I
really kinda wanted to see a bloody wedding, is that so wrong? I mean, it
would have been an amazing piece of history. Plus it was kinda like Tom was
saying "Screw you, SNL, you thought I was gonna share my special moment on
this show! Well, this show isn't good enough! So screw you!" I wouldn't
be surprised if this story even carries over into the headlines, whatever
happens.. anyhoo, since it was really tough to decide, B-.

Overall - Not the drudge of a show I was expecting. Tom kept his behaviour
in check, and didn't really do any real damage. B+

After a two week vacation, we're back on December 9 with Val Kilmer and U2.
That brings my Guess the Hosts total to... something. I wish I hadn't lost
my list.

It's 3:30 am. I'm tired. Sorry if this review stunk. I'll try to do
better next time.

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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