Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

COLD OPENING---KInda funny, considering what happened on the show later

MONOLOGUE---Pretty stupid, although I'll admit I cracked up when Tom licked
his father's face. (5/10)

MAGIC MOUTH---Didn't like this one the first time. (0/10)

EAGLES---This was pretty good. I like how Molly Shannon isn't playing as
hyper characters this season. Tom was funny. (6/10)

BET---It's great Horatio & Maya are being used in skecthes. Tom's bit was
pretty dumb, but Maya's part in his song kinda saved it. You can tell she
can sing. (7/10)

LORNE & TOM---I'd rather not recall this "sketch". (0/10)

HARDBALL--I wasn't watching this one (N/A)

CARTOON---This one either (N/A)

DOG SHOW---How the pig kept on making the noise was funny. (4/10)

UPDATE---The weakest Update so far (7/10)


OPRAH---Well, Maya LOOKED like Oprah. Otherwise, nothing was special
here at all. (5/10)

AIR SUPPLY---Didn't catch this one either. (N/A)

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK---Were the writers of this on drugs????? (0/10)

GOODNIGHTS---This was dumb, they should have married Drew & Tom. (0/10)

An F-er. Not a big deal, usually one episode a season gets an F...
1. Rob Lowe A-
2. Kate Hudson B+
2. Calista Flockhart B+
4. Dana Carvey C
5. Charlize Theron D
6. Tom Green F
BEST SKETCH--Cold Opening
WORST SKETCH--Rock Around The Clock
LIVE FROM NY IT'S................Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond
The next live episode of SNL is on December 9 with Val Kilmer & U2.
Sounds interesting, and the musical guest is U2, someone who should
have been on SNL for the first time when Mary Gross & Eddie Murphy
were castmembers. See ya in December!

Episode Review written by John Fitzsimmons

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