Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Pre-Show Opening:

I thought SNL did a great job satirizing the everchanging news concerning
the post-election events. Will Ferrell and Darrel Hammond continue to
impress as their portrayals of Bush and Gore respectively. Funniest and
most memorable line: Bush reading his so-called acceptance speech, "Daddy
please help me, I didn't think I would win." How true that could be.


Well we all know how crazy Tom Green can be based on his own show so he
did bring some of his antics to SNL. Was that really his parents? And if so,
did his "father" mind having his "son" lick his face? What a cool idea for Tom
and his fiancee to get hitched at the end of the show.


Don't we all wish there could be a way we could somehow cover up those
unexpectly "embarrassing moments?"

Watching Eagles:

Well this may be a first: Interaction with the audience during a sketch.
Gee, how did Tom's tongue taste Will?

Old School Rap:

Sanz and Minor do a good job portraying old school rappers (remember how
clean rap was back then?) Green was hilarious in his role especially his
"funny undies."

Sex and Country:

Simply put, it was one of the most disgusting cartoons (or anything else)
I have seen on SNL. I think they just may have crossed the line on that
one. One other note, I had no idea that Fey was the head writer. I guess
she caught the acting bug as did former writers Al Franken and Norm
MacDonald did. Thanks.

Dog Show:

Why do they keep doing this sketch? I hate it and it is never funny. We
know Ferrell's character is gay and that the dogs are cute. Was it Tom's
idea to use the pig?

Tom and Lorne in a Bath Tub:

All Tom's idea. Sums up his type of crazy offbeat humor.

Weekend Update:

I like the fact SNL has decided to go back to having two newscasters, it
worked in the 70s and using new faces to boot. What a thrill it must have
been for Fey when she was told she got one of the jobs. (Does anyone else
notice that deep scar at the side of her face?) Was Ben Affleck watching
when his girl Gwyneth was smootching Fallon?


Hammond was awesome as Chris Matthews. (Matthews even asked his
colleagues the very next day if he really was that bad) and Gasteyer
could have been a deadringer for Katherine Harris.


Not funny at all and why did Tom agree to even be a part of this sketch.
You thought at one point he was going to do something nutty but nothing
happened which kept the audience hanging.

Air Supply:

Boy did Will have a night? Exchanging tongues with Tom and now smootching
with Kattan. Is Ferrell really gay or was it just a fair assumption that
Air Supply was?

Rock Around the Clock:

Another crazy sketch idea by Tom. Made no sense and ended in a weird
fashion. Typical Tom Green.


You would think Darva Conger would have followed Drew's lead?
Funny we saw during the commercials of his fiancee in a wedding dress
getting ready for the wedding so why did she leave him at the altar? Well
real or not, it was simply hilarious seeing Green screaming for her in
the fetal position. One of the most unusual endings to date on the show.

Episode Review written by Howard Cutter

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