Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Hello everybody, if you don't know my name its Greg. Even though on the
site it says Doug Haledjian, my name is Greg. Long story, you really
don't want to hear it. Okay I hope everybody had a quick week, like me.
You see the week went so fast for me cause next week I don't have to go
to school, cause I am going on a trip with the middle school in my town,
to this camp where I get to be a counselor. It might seem boring, but
atleast I get to miss all 2 1/2 days of school this week.

Okay I am going to be a little serious here. For the past few weeks I
have been reading my reviews and well they just are not good. So as I
always do, I read other peoples reviews for the same show. The best
review that I have been reading for a long time is Mark Polishuks. He
has the best review every week, since about '97. Even though there is a
4 year difference between our ages, with him being older I feel like he
teaches me something every week when I read his review. There is 1 major
difference between Mark and mine review, which I feel is very cool on
his part. I like making fun of the cast members when they do something
weird or disgusting and Mark doesn't do that at all, unless I missed
something. So from now on on my reviews I will not totally make fun of
the cast members, I won't write obscene jestures about the music
guest(see Ricky Martin for that), and most of all I won't talk about
something then go to a different subject. So I hope that from making bad
comments that you, the viewers of the best SNL site on the web, will
read my reviews or just take a glimpse of my opinions that I like to put
down onto my computer every week.

Well before my last paragraph goes into effect I have a joke for
everybody that will not offend 49 states, except 1. Here it is. Enjoy

How do floridians celebrate Thanksgiving?
They count there thanks, then they recount them again.

Wow I messed that up. Okay tonight on Saturday Night Live is the funny
man on MTV Tom Green. I saw his show a few times and I liked it. Tom has
been in a few movies lately, Charlie's Angles and last summer you could
have seen him in Road Trip. For music we have David Gray. No offense to
Saturday Night Live, but I sometimes they get these musical guests that
I have never heard of (2 season ago SNL had about 9 of them and thats
why music is not always the highlight of the show.) Well this is
probably going to be the nicest thing about this guy, lets give him a
chance. I don't even know what type he plays. Rap, Rock, Pop, or Folk,
what is it. Even after seeing the show I couldn't figure it out, but it
did sound like what Paul Simon did 2 weeks ago. Anyway lets get onto a
new review, this will be my 3rd in a row, god bless sweeps month. Now
onto the review.

Opening: Decision 2000 Breaking News
Now we can all guess here after 5 episodes of a presidential related
theme that we would see another one tonight. Good opening. The part with
Parnell was not that funny, but good idea of the breaking news thing.
Will was again funny with that weird talking and I finally was not
irritated by Darrels' Gore voice. You know I guess SNL is back to making
the opening so fricking dam long. I think that judges thing with Gore is
actually true. I mean come on he wants this to go to court so he can win
this. Bush you better kick his ass.
Grade: B+
Line Alert: "That ballot confused the Jews"-Will Ferrel as George W.

Monologue: Tom Green
Alright Tom Green is hosting, should be a weird and funny night. Hey Tom
Greens parents are here, I think this is the first time parents are in
the monologue since the great Chris Farley episode. Drew Barrymore is
here, great. She was funny when she hosted a while ago. Anyway, *Classic
SNL Moment*-Live Marriage at closing, lets hope.
Grade: B (Not really funny, but very well, cool. Good luck Tom.

Comm: I missed it, but I know it had a fart theme.
Grade: N/A (by N/A I mean No answer)

Skit: Bald, but extremely hairy Eagles
Okay I thought this would suck in the beginning, but after 3 minutes of
birds we are back to Tom Green antics. I have never really seen anything
like this before with 2 people going throught the crowd.
Grade: B (slow in the beginning, sick in the end)

Skit: Rap Street
Okay, you weren't funny on Update in Rob Lowe episode and you ain't
really funny here, unless you like crap. Well Horatio finally got a
recurring character, its a shame it sucks. Jerry Minor, looks just like
Tracy with the hat and moustache.
Grade: C-

Skit: Lorne and Tom in a tub
So 12:00 programming has come to this. You know this reminds me of the
skit going back 8-9 years with Mike Myers and Danny DeVito in a tub.
This was really short and weird, but very original for SNL writers or by
original I mean it has been 3 straight weeks of thinking up material and
the past 2 episodes were hilarious so thats why the show might have been
a bit weak up till now.
Grade: B (weird grade, I know)

Interlude: by me
I feel the only good thing about my reviews are that I can remember
episodes going back till '88. Thank god Comedy Central shows these
reruns or my reviews would suck.

Skit: MSNBC Decides
More presidential stoff for SNL great, not. No really this was really
funny, this should have been the opening instead of that other thing in
the beginning. Chris had his moments with Darrel interrupting him.
Darrel was funny with his quick replies. Okay Ana Gasteyer is like the
Jan Hooks of politics. Ana and Jan both actually played Hilary Rodham
Clinton, but when Jan was on the show she was the only women in that
cast to be in most politics sketches, and thats the same for Ana now
cause she is the only women on the show to be in politics sketches( no
offence to Molly Shannons' Monica Lewinsky)
Grade: A- (best skit of night so far)

Cartoon: Sex and the Country
Weird and very scary, but original Mr. Smigel. It looked like in the
credits that Ambiguosly Gay Duo were going to be on, but they got some
animals instead. Funny without the guys #%^^&*& the animals.
Grade: B-

Skit: Dog Show
Oh those poor animals they have to be around such dry humor. This skit
would actually be better if it was in the 12:30 portion of the show. I
would like to be invisible like
Mr. Rocky Bawbowa for the future dog show sketches.
Grade: C+ (the only funny part was Will and his dog)

Interlude: by me
The show is half over, 12:15 right now in my basement, and there is
still 1-2 performances for David Gray, Weekend Update, and a wedding for
Tom and Drew. Should be a very interesting 45 minutes.

Weekend Update: Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon
Hmm, Update before music, first time this year that has happened. I like
Tinas' hair curly, this week was not a good hair day and Jimmy's hair I
tried doing, but my hair is just really long to do it like that. Oh
Hollywood Report, reminds me of David Spades' Hollywood Minute. Hey
Gwyneth, one word Schwing. Oh to be Jimmy Fallon and kising her. Why
don't they get Chris Kattan to do the Reporter thing he has been in 0
sketches tonight and Mango was cancelled I'm guessing. Okay as for
Update, very dry humor on both of there parts. Molly was just not funny
and Gwyneth was hot.
Grade: C+

Music: David Gray
Latest music start since Blink 182, back about 10 months ago. SNl has
really got to get some big name rock groups on the show (Limp Bizkit,
Korn, Green Day-they were good in 1994 bring them back) *This had better
be only 1 performance.
Grade: N/A (prediction made at 12:33)

Skit: Oprah
When I heard Oprah on the commercials I immediatly thought Tim Meadows,
but no they got Maya Rudolph to do it. Dammit. She looked more like
Jenny Jones than Oprah. This is a comedy show people not daytime f-in
Grade: C

Skit: VH1 Storytellers
I never saw the show on VH1 cause I only watch MTV, no offence. I don't
know whats the difference between VH1 and crap anyway. Finally
Thanksgiving gets mentioned tonight. Instead of that Hollywood Reporter
crap they could have had Jimmy play the guitar. Chris Kattan, first
appearance of the night. Hes becoming the Tracy Morgan of the white.
Grade: D (I was flipping betwwen this and the Cindy Margolis show)

Interlude: by me
Now I am getting a bit pissed off by how weak this Tom Green hyped
episode has been tonight.

Misc: Will and Tom singing
What the hell is this? They should have put this instead of that Rap
Street thing. Oh yeah finally they put in some Tom Green stoff to be
appreciated by his MTV fans.
Grade: B+( you can tell I was still on the Cindy Margolis show now,

The Big moment
Hey Tracy made his 1, 15 second appearance of the night. And we all
thought this would have been SNL history here, but of course no wedding
for Tom. Also first time since 1995 when Bob Newhart hosted when I
laughed during the credits( Bob Newhart ended the show while waking up
saying to his wife from 1 of his series that he dreamed he hosted SNL)
Poor Tom, I thought it was hilarious when all the crew took all the
weeding stoff away. First time that I laughed since MSNBC thing.

After Show thoughts: Okay, average episode. Ruined the perfect season.
Decision 2000 and
MSNBC were the best skits of the nights. Cartoon and Music were just
plain bad and David Gray wasn't even thanked from Tom in the credits.
Looks like he ain't coming back. Oprah, what a disappointment.

Also even though this is 5 days after the show you are reading this, but
on Showtime at the Apollo is the musical guest Nelly. I don't like them
at all, but don't worry there appearance here was not better than MTV
Video Music Awards. Grade for them was a C (of course they played
Country Grammer)

Now for other TV past 1:00, ER is on ABC. Why wouldn't NBC have the
right s to reruns of that show, thats the only good drama on NBc right
Okay besides eating turkey on Thursday there is a football game in
Montvale, New Jersey between my school Pascack Hills and our rivals
Pasckack Valley. Now I might be there to cheer on my team and to cheer
on my friends. Go Hills.

Alright before I get out a here for 3 weeks of no SNL, I have to wish
everyone a happy Thanksgiving. If you don't see a review by me on the
9th of December for the Val Kilmer and U2 episode it will be because I
might be attending my schools Holiday Ball dance. I am in the works of
asking a girl to the dance, but I don't know how to ask her so if you
are a person who asks people out occasionaly please help me and if you
are hot, can I have your number. No that was a joke. Sorry girls. Okay
its time for me to get out of here, have a happy thanksgiving everybody.
Hangovers galore teenagers who get another 4 day break. Episode Review
#4 is over. Good night Folks.

Episode Review written by Doug Haledjian

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