Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Opening Statements
First of all, with all the rumors circling around about Tom and Drew getting married tonight, I was anxious to watch the show. I was also excited about the Mango sketch, which never occurred. Anyway, parts of the show were funny, and parts were stupid. Here is what I thought of the show.

Bush Public Statement
I saw the night where Bush did this. It looked like people were holding guns to his head while he did this. I really liked when Gore and Bush sang the Sonny and Cher song. Overall, good job again by Darrell and Will, but we need something new in the opening sketch besides Gore and Bush.
Grade: B-

Tom Green hasn't changed a bit. Still using those oral jokes I see. He still can make me laugh though. Drew looked great, and I hope they do get married. His parents played their appearance out good, too.
Grade: B

Magic Mouth Commercial
Seen it before, still gross.
Grade: C-

Bald Eagle Sketch
Tom sure acted crazy in this sketch. Molly and Jimmy had to improvise, which was funny. Will went along with the whole act too, which made it funny, still. Anyway, a different sketch, but it stilled played out funny.
Grade: B+

Old School Rappers
I don't really like these guys, except for the rap that they do. They are not really that funny. Even Tom Green couldn't save it.
Grade: D+

Lorne and Tom in a Tub
This was the best thing of the night. The longer it went on, the funnier it got. The stupidity of the whole thing, was what made it so funny. Very good little sketch.
Grade: A+

Election Analysis
This sketch was not very funny. The only thing it went out to show was that Bush is going to win, and that the Secretary can only wait to announce it. Not very funny.
Grade: D
Cartoon: Sex and the Country
This was just sick and not funny at all. I thought it had no value of comical at all. It was not good, and really made no sense.
Grade: F

Dog Show
This sketch was so-so. I thought what they did to that pig was so cruel. It was squealing so loud, that I think the whole neighborhood heard it. The dog was shaking so hard too. Tom in the wizard hat though was very funny. But, I didn't like all that squealing.
Grade: C

Weekend Update
Now, don't get me started on this Update. Kidding. Anyway, they had some decent jokes about the election today. I loved it when Gwyneth came on and was with Jimmy. That was priceless, and he is so lucky to have kissed her. Molly's stand-up idea was cute, but not funny at all. I think the update was short and could've needed some work.
Grade: C

David Gray Performing
It was a good song. It was called "Babylon." I had never heard of him, but I think he will go far.

A bad impression of Oprah, but a good impression of Dr. Phil. I have seen bits and pieces of him on the show, and I think that the impression was down. Good job, Will.
Grade: B-

Will and Chris Singing on VH1
This was okay, but I think they just wanted Will and Chris to kiss on television. Overall, short and not good.
Grade: D+

Rock Around the Clock
This was the second best thing of the night. I think that Will and Tom were really funny in this one. I liked the song too.
Grade: A

In my heart, I didn't really expect them to get married, but I think that they will someday.

Closing Statements
Okay show, Tom Green was great. I have to wait a while for the next episode, but I think that it will all be worth it.

Person of the Night: Tom Green (Rock Around the Clock and Lorne and Tom in a Tub)

Episode Review written by David R.

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