Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

Hello everyone, well Bush is not President yet. He will be soon. I am getting pretty sick of all of it anyway. I am going to go to the Inaguration in Washington January 20 or whenever. In sports news, the Buffalo Bills won again yesterday, but it came with a huge price. Antonie Winfield is out for the year. Also, Rob Johnson was the "hero" of the game. He played pretty bad all day, but made a play at the end. He should have been intercepted about 5 times. No need to worry though, because he will soon be hurt again and Doug Flutie will be back at the helm.

Also , I seem to have gotten the reputation as the most negative reviewer on this site by a few others. I apprecaiate it. I call it the way I see it; if the show is bad, you'll know about it.

OVERVIEW - Tom Green is very funny. He seems to have recovered from his cancer. This is his first big appearance since the "Cancer Special" earlier this year. This will be the third week in a row for a live show, which more often than not spells disaster. I have never heard of David Gray, so I cant make a comment on him. Hopefully he is decent.

COLD OPENING - I seem to be the only one who doesnt think Chris Parnell's Tom Brokaw is all that great, and I really like Chris Parnell. It was no big surprise to see Bush and Gore in the opener. Will's Bush seemed a little off this week for some reason. I still get upset with all the bashing of Bush's intelligence. You had to figure Gore was going to pop in during the speech, but the part with the Florida Supreme Court Justices was unexpected. Great when Gore set up the telepromter for his talk with Bush, and Bush just kept saying "cause." I didnt think the two of them singing at the end was funny. The writers have to be running low on ideas. All in all, this opener continues the streak of very solid openers this season so far.

MONOLOUGE - I have read about the marriage plans for this show. Tom coming out in the tuxedo does nothing to dispell that rumor. It has been a while since Tom Green had a haircut. Great to see his parents; anyone who watches his show knows them by now. Im not sure how or why Tom's dad agreed to let Tom lick him. It would be terribile to be Tom's friend in real life. He would just embarass you in public and make you look stupid. I knew that they wouldnt get married during the monolouge. They had me going that they were going to get married at the end of the show. Decent.

COMMERCIAL - MAGIC MOUTH - I gave this a C when it ran the first time - about a month ago. I think it is a little early in the season for commercial reruns.

EAGLES - One, this sketch should not have been the first one of the night. While I was watching Jimmy and Molly watch birds, I could not see this coming. There was really no one other than Will to do this sketch with along with Green. This sketch was bizarre. I think it would have been pretty funny if you were in the audiance. This just wasnt really that funny. Sometimes when I go back and watch a sketch for a second time, it gets better. This one didnt. I am not sure if Tom and Will touching tounges at the end was sick or funny yet.

RAP STREET - These two were awful during "Weekend Update" on the season preimere. No change tonight. Horaito just looked plain stupid. Jerry Minor seems to have some potential, but I still cant tell. Back to the sketch, the song that Tom sang sounded like something he would have sang on his show. Maya Rudloph came in handy here; you can tell she used to be a singer. She sounded pretty annoying though. It seems that at the end of these type sketches, they always say who it was fake sponsored by. This skit didnt do a whole lot for me.

LORNE AND TOM IN TUB - I kept waiting for Tom to knock it off with the ducks but he never did. I guess that was the whole sketch. Guess what? It was really really dumb. I did not come close to even cracking a smile. This sketch is in the running for the end of the year " Worst Sketch of the Year." I will defently say that is probably the early favorite. This would not have been funny on the Tom Green show or any other show for that matter. Just plain bad.

HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS - For this to be funny, you really have to be a watcher of the show Hardball and know what is going on in Florida. Thankfully, I have found myself watching Hardball alot lately. Darrell does a great Chris Matthews. Chris Parnell didnt look to much like Bill Daley, who really needs to shut his mouth and go away in real life. Ana Gasteyer looked alot like that Katherine Harris. Great when Darrell just announced he was going to raise his voice. This sketch was short, but funny. However, there was no way it should have been sketch of the night.

CARTOON - SEX IN THE COUNTRY - Where to start? This may have been the worst cartoon ever. There were some bad ones last year ( Friends, NRA, etc.) but this one makes those look very humorous. It was sick and stupid. Whoever thought of this should be fired. I can also guarentee this will be the "Worst Cartoon of the Year." They should only do cartoons with A-G Duo, Mr. T, and X- Presidents.

DOG SHOW - I did not expect to see Dog Show again. The last time they did Dog Show, it involved alcohol too, when Mr. Bojangles was drunk in the Alan Cumming episode last year. Another reference to the charcter of David Larry being gay. This is one of Will's better characters. Mr. Bojangles is clearly way better than Rocky Balboa. The thing with Tom Green being a wizard was not funny. That pig's squealing was ridicolus. The dogs looked so scared of the pig. I dont know why they were supposed to be invisible, its not like you couldnt see them. There has been better dog show sketches.

WEEKEND UPDATE - Obviously there were plenty election jokes. Again, more hanging and execution jokes on Bush. There has always been executions in Texas, not just under Bush. I am getting tired of these little things between Jimmy and Tina where she pretends she doesnt know what is going or Jimmy doesnt tell her what is going to happen...they have done it like every week. Molly's hair looked quite ridicolus. All in all, the thing with her was pretty funny. Okay here was somehting that bothered me alot. Who in the hell is Tina Fey to make fun of Katherine Harris's looks? I saw a rerun of a show from last year with Tina Fey asking a question as an "audiance member" and she looked absouletly terrible. She needs to watch it. The Hollywood Report was good with Gweynth Paltrow complete with the "Jimmy Rules" shirt on. Of course, Tina Fey was like " Jimmy we need to talk after the show." The crack on Michael Jackson was pretty harsh. I am starting to sour on Tina Fey and the new Weekend Update.

MUSIC - DAVID GRAY - This song wasnt half bad. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that was him in the "Dog Show" sketch.

OPRAH - Maya Rudloph doesnt look much like Oprah, but she will do. The show bottomed out here. I was pretty upset at the show by this point. This was not funny at all. I dont have really much else to say. This sketch kind of just dragged on and on and on. Tom Green has been a big dissapointment tonight.

VH1 STORYTELLERS - Was this a real band? I am not sure. It marked Chris Kattans only appearence of the night. He looked pretty funny. Will has been in like every sketch tonight, which is usualy a good thing. Not so tonight. He hasnt been that funny, but either has the show. Anyways, the song they sang was pretty good. I hate this show by this point, but Ill give this a low b i guess.

DONT KNOW WHAT TO CALL THIS ONE - Surpise! Will in another sketch. Serioulsy, what is going on tonight? This looked more like the Tom Green show than SNL. I think they figured most people had fell asleep by now or quit watching in disgust. It kind of ended abruptly too.

CLOSING CREDITS / "WEDDING" - I cant believe I fell for it. I really thought there would be a wedding. If i had know it was going to be a hoax, I would have quit watching long before this. I should have known better. Why would they get married on SNL? I saw Tracy on stage. I once again forgot he was on the show. For those fans of the Tom Green show, you may have recognized Phil Giroux and Glenn "Moneybags" Humplick on the stage for the "wedding" as well. Those two are hilarious. They should have been in some sketches as well.

This show had huge expectations. I highly doubt they lived up to anyones. After the cold opening, the show took a straight nosedive. The three weeks in a row could have been a factor in this poor show. Chris Kattan was only seen once, and there was no Tracy Morgan. On a positive note, Rachael Dratch was not seen tongiht. She could have easily made this show much worse. Thankfully there is a couple of off weeks for the show to regroup. Tom Green is a funny man. However, he was not funny tonight. He may just not fit in well with the kind of comedy that SNL does. I am not sure if this show was worse than the Rob Lowe one. It may have been. This show sucked.

SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Cold Opening, Hardball
WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Cartoon, Lorne and Tom in a tub
ACTOR OF THE NIGHT - Darrell Hammond

See everyone December 9th.

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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