Tom Green / David Gray
November 18, 2000

LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S time for some changes with these reviews

Now that all the recent reviews are up, I think I should change a few things in my reviews. First, all of the good reviewers discuss sports in their openings. Tough, I am not going to do that because I don't follow sports that much. Second, most of the reviewers made jokes that Chris Parnell said his screename was Sexyman48 in the Nick Burns sketch last week. So I have to remember to make jokes about little details that no one will remember. Finally, I shouldn't call the Calista Flockhart episode the worst of the 2000-01 season. Apparently the other reviewers think it is the best yet and 19 million people watched at least a part of the show (the most since The Rock hosted).

Anyway, Tom Green is odd, funny, Canadian, and tonight's host. I expect Drew Barrymore, his fiancé, will make a cameo. I guess that some sketches will be about Florida. Also, we should keep in mind that this is the 3rd live episode in 3 weeks and the writers have a history of not having a great 3rd episode. Now on with the review.

Cold Open: Battle for the White House
Cast Members: CP, WF, DH
- NBC is preempting its shows too much, I'm glad SNL called them on that
- WF's impression is great, I've seen the Presidential Couple sketch on several programs this week
- Good Line: "Daddy help me, I never thought I'd win this thing and I want out" ­ The wrong victory speech from GWB (said by WF)
- "They are not only justices, they are ninjas" ­ Al Gore (from DH)
- This is the 6th consecutive political opening this season which means that all the openings have been political
- "I Got You Babe" will be on every news program for the next week
- 6:25 ­ a little long but quite funny

- Be afraid be very afraid
- That camera person is getting quite a workout tonight
- Those poor parents, if Tom Green was an accident they should be very sorry
- Tom Green doesn't call Drew "Pooh"
- If I make negative comments about Tom Green it's only because it is too easy. His show is great and he is really funny.
- Will they get married?? You can't trust Tom Green, remember when he went to Canada with Monica Lewinsky? Who am I asking these questions to?

Ad: Mr. Mouth
- Reviewed on 10/21 Grade: B
- This Grade Will Not Be Counted in The Final Grade

Sketch: A Sketch for the Birds
Cast Members: MS, JF, WF
- Has SNL used up its costuming budget already? You can see the zippers on the bird costume
- Tom Green is already attacking the audience, I'd hate to be in the studio tonight
- Tom Green is acting like Mr. Peepers
- GRADE: B + (This just proves that incredibly dumb sketches can be funny)

**Side Note** They've used the same picture after the commercial twice now

Sketch: Rap Street
Cast Members: JM, HS, MR
- Didn't they realize that this bit failed on Weekend Update
- Being named Dorito, ouch
- Maya Rudolph is a great addition to the cast, very funny
- Congratulations Tom Green, you saved a sketch that seemed like an instant failure

Dear Lorne,

Please don't let "Rap Street" become a recurring sketch, it was not funny on Weekend Update a few weeks ago. Don't you have any ability to recognize characters that suck? These guys are horrible, you are lucky you had Tom Green and Maya Rudolph save this sketch. Also, don't even think of making this into a movie, it will flop.

Adam Wager

Sketch: Lorne and Tom in a Tub
- Lorne is drinking apple juice
- GRADE: A ­ (How do the writers come up with this crap?)

Dear Lorne,

I just saw the "Lorne and Tom in a Tub" sketch. I am so sorry I said those mean things in that last letter. Your life is too screwed up for me to make it worse. I'm sorry you had to be naked in a tub with Tom Green. Please forgive me for what I said. I love your show and you do a great job with it. Once again I'm sorry.

Adam Wager

Sketch: Hardball
Cast Members: DH, CP, AG
- Good Line: "Hey lady, shut that surgically altered mouth of yours" ­ Darrell Hammond as Chris Matthews
- Katherine Harris should consider herself lucky that she was portrayed by a woman

Cartoon: Fun With Real Audio: Sex in The Country
- This is soooooooooo screwed up
- This is one of the better Fun With Real Audio cartoons

Sketch: Dog Show
Cast Members: WF, MS
- Who is the guy with the gong?
- The dogs are so drunk
- It makes sense that they robbed a liquor store
- I guess they forgot to drug the pig
- The ASPCA will be on Lorne Michael's ass so soon
- Do I even have to discuss the problems in this sketch?

Weekend Update
Cast Members: TF, JF, MS
- The news segment was great, the talent corner wasn't
- Please kill Molly Shannon, Don't get me started
- Molly Shannon looks like Rosie O'Donnell did in her stand-up days
- Good Line: "Hillary Clinton arrived in Vietnam she immediately bought a hut and ran for Mayor of Hanoi" ­ Jimmy Fallon
- ERROR: Late sound effect on Jimmy's entertainment piece
- Gwyneth Paltrow?? Where do these celebrities come from?
- This was a weaker WU

Musical Guest: David Gray
- His band looks like the cast of "That 70's Show"

Sketch: Oprah
Cast Members: MR, WF, AG
- They got the look of the show right
- ERROR: Tom Green and Ana Gasteyer entered in front of the camera
- What horrible thing did Tom Green do to be in so much trouble?

Sketch: Air Supply on VH1 Storytellers
- Hey the audience is on the same drug that Mr. Bojangles and Rocky Balboa are on

Sketch: What the Clock?
Cast Member: WF
- ERROR: Tom didn't know that the commercial ended
- ERROR: Producer visible on camera on lower right

Sketch: Ending, Wedding, End to a seriously screwed up episode
- I have no idea what this was but I'm going to give it an A ­ because it was very funny

The ending sums it up; the writers took the week off and let Tom Green's staff write the episode. It was a very funny episode, but odd. Several of the sketches had very little dialogue and managed to be funny anyway. Although Sean said that there would be a Mango sketch, there wasn't. Yet again this season, Rachel Dratch was nowhere to be found. Now for our awards for the night:

Final Wrap-up:
BEST SKETCH: The ending of the episode wedding thingy
HOST: Tom Green was funny but brought many odd jokes to the show. He should host again sometime.
PROBLEMS: Pig was loud on Dog Show Sketch, Wrong Sound effect on Weekend Update, Tom Green didn't know that the sketch was starting for the Rock around the Clock Sketch, Producer was visible in Clock sketch
AVERAGE GRADE: B (Tom Green: "I demand a recount")

Anyway, there are no live shows for 2 weeks so you have to amuse yourself until December 9. Val Kilmer is the host. I know very little of him, so I can't predict how it'll be. See you then and enjoy your turkey, except for the Canadians who read this review, you'll have to amuse yourselves by laughing at our screwed up election.

Episode Review written by Adam Wager

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