Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

[opening sketch] Odd Couple
I've never seen that show or whatever it was so i didn't really get it. But it was funny anyway.

[opening monologue] Allie and Calista
This was really good. I loved the joke about going to the ATM and voting for Buchanan. It was also great when Calista told Allie to eat a cheeseburger!
Grade: B+

[sketch] comercial
I really liked this, oat bran and ex whats not to like? Will Farrell was especially funny in this.

[Sketch] Gore 2000
The Culps are just so funny everytime they are on. Althought this was not the best one ive seen. I liked the Gore whore comment,
Grade: B

[Sketch] Nick Burns
This was my favorite of the night. Calista was really funny in this. The best part was when the made fun of Kattan's lap top by saying it was form 1998.

[Sketch] Al's popular
Derrell is just funny as Al Gore so I like this. It was great how he kept slipping in that he is popular.

{musical guest] Ricky Martin
i don't care
Grade: N/A

[Weekend Update] Jimmy and Tina
definetly the best one yet! I loved Tina describing the phone convo b/t Gore and Bush described by Tina was great. I like Janet Reno's appearence. The best comment was Jimmy saying his grandfather is afraid of his answering machine.
Grase: A-

[Sketch] Crocodile hunter
Well it was better than the one with Julianna Margulies. But still really dumb
Grade: C+

{Musical GUest] Ricky Martin
I only like this because of Chris Kattans impresion,
Grade: A

[Sketch] Old ladies
This was so much funnier than i expected. Calista was great in it. She was actually a great host! Jimmy was funny too1
Grade: B+

[Sketch] some basketball thing
I didn't like that
Grade F

This was a really good show, much better thna i expected! Calista was great. But i think Tom Green will be even better!
Overall: B

Episode Review written by Rachel

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