Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

Another day, another review. I shall now use that line to lazily skip the intro and go straight to the review.

OVERVIEW Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
Once again, I am very disappointed that Adam Sandler's not hosting. Calista, despite being the star of a comedy show, always seems uncomfortable. Maybe because she's the size of a seven year-old, or maybe not. Ricky Martin. Hmmwell, he's not bad. I actually like "She-Bang." But I guess this show will have to work in spite of its guests.

[COLD OPENING] The Presidential Couple
- I've seen many Odd Couple parodies, but this one was definitely the funniest.
- I loved the part when they were comparing Gore's diplomatic relations to Bush leaving dirty socks around.
- I had to wait until Weekend Update to find out why Will had a bandage.
Rating: **** 1/2
Quote: "It's called rock-paper-scissors. I learned it in college." Will Ferrell as George W. Bush

[MONOLOGUE] Calista Flockhart
- Here Calista helpfully shows how wrong I was about her personality. Turns out I was confusing her with her character, Ally McBeal.
- Except for Calista telling Ally to eat, and them both having their heads in their hands, this monologue was pretty unremarkable.
Rating: *** 3/4

[COMMERCIAL] New Cracklin' Oat Flakes with Ecstasy
- Will Ferrell made this sketch. Everybody knows he's perfect at playing crazy people.
- Ecstasy? I thought they were talking literally. Shows what I know.
Rating: *** 7/8

[SKETCH] Gore Recount with the Culps
- Well, the set-up sure didn't indicate a Culps sketch, now did it?
- Calista's part was decent, Ana and Will came through, and the medley was good.
Rating: ****

[SKETCH] Nick Burns and the Tech Support
- This seemed less polarized. Nick Burns need his co-workers. Well, at least Kattan was there.
- Frogger?! That was a great game!
Rating: *** 3/4

[SKETCH] Al Gore Should Have Won
- Sure, it got off to a slow start, but it had an explosive second half.
- There was a great line about an old couple eating their ballot, but I didn't write it down fast enough. Sorry.
Rating: ****

[MUSICAL GUEST] Ricky Martin
- I like this song.
- I liked the recording better, but it was still good.
Rating: *** 7/8

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey w/ Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Chris Kattan, and the Charlie's Angels
- That opening tagline isn't coming back, is it.
- The news portion was a little down, but still very good.
- I was thinking, "Hey, they just did a Clinton editorial a couple of episodes ago," but then Reno came on the rest is history. Or something.
- The Chris Kattan part reminded me of the old Weekend Update from the '70s. It was just so innocent.
-The Charlie's Angels part was okay. I thought they were going in some direction (if you were watching, you would know), but thankfully they didn't. Rachel's Drew Barrymore was bad, although she wasn't trying, and for good reason, since her part wasn't big. Maya's Lucy Liu was decent, and Calista's Cameron Diaz was pretty good, I guess.
Rating: **** 1/4
"Three executions have been delayed in Texas for next week. Governor Bush felt it nesccasary to postpone the executions until after the election is decided so he could really enjoy them." Tina Fey
"There's a time to keep calm, and then there's Reno time." Will Ferrell as Janet Reno

[SKETCH] Crocodile Hunter
- A little bloody, but funny
- Calista seemed a lot like Amanda Bynes in this sketch. Mostly looks.
Rating: *** 3/4
Quote: "Being stabbed by Iraqi paramilititaries is the highlight of my life!" Chris Kattan as the Crocodile Hunter

[MUSICAL GUEST] Ricky Martin
- I thought Chris would be around the entire performance, but okay.
- What was with Ricky's microphone.
- Oh, decent song.
Rating: *** 3/4

[SKETCH] Ladies at Cocktail
- This was like that woman who was bad at sexual innuendoes sketch from last year, but worse.
- I actually liked Jimmy and Jerry's parts, and Will was okay, but the rest was :pppphhhtttt:
Rating: *** 3/8
Quote: "I'm gonzo with an o and a z." Will Ferrell as a middle aged man

[SKETCH] CBS Sports with Dan Rathers
- Good that they end on a good sketch.
- I liked the part where Dan Rather called who would win the championships months in advance.
Rating: *** 7/8
Quote: That's gotta be your birthday, fourth of July, and your first hand-jive all rolled into one.

-Horatio Sanz was apparently supposed to be in a Babar sketch we never saw. Too bad.


Actors of the Night: Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan
Best Sketches of the Night: The Presidential Couple, Weekend Update
Worst Sketch of the Night: Ladies at Cocktail
Busiest Cast Member: Will Ferrell (5 sketches)
Least Busiest Cast Member: Horatio Sanz (0 sketches)
Average Sketch Rating: *** 7/8
Overall Episode Rating: ****

Better than I expected. Calista did a very good job as host, and Ricky didn't disappoint as musical guest. Also, this show was heavily political, and I think that helped. Well, next week is Tom Green [grits teeth] and David Gray, whom I never heard of. See ya next week!

Episode Review written by Mikintosh

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