Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

Bush-Gore Press Conference
This was pretty funny, I like alot of stuff Lemmon and Mattheau have
done. Putting the Texas Rangers in congress is clutch. (By the by, I
missed the first like four minutes because I got caught in traffic
coming home from a party.)

This was a little worse than I imagined, but there were a few funny
things. Calista is too damn thin, the only people that are ok on her
show are jane krakowski and lucy liu, sometimes portia de rossi.

Cracklin' Oat Flakes
This was funny! O my God, funny, funny funny.

The Kulps sing! (yet again)
The United States of AmeriFunk was clutch. The Gore Whore by Calista
was funny. I love all those songs, but the characters themselves can be

Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy!
This has become the automatic A. This one in particular was a little
odd, but always enjoyable. SexyMan48 was super funny. By the by, how
many of these have there been? The Jennifer Aniston one, Jackie Chan,
Calista Flockhart...I no I'm forgetting one more.

Al Gore talks to the nation
This was good. Don't forget, it is the single most confusing,
bewildering, indecipherable document ever produced. One lady ate her
ballot. O my God that's funny, (say it like Adam Sandler in Billy
Madison right before the principal says he was bribed to pass Billy.)

Ricky Martin
sucks. Why waste all of our time and put these piece of shit
"musicians" on? I'd love to see Everlast, Stone Temple Pilots,
Everclear again, Weezer (in April when the record hits), or Incubus. At
least they will have David Grey on next week and U2 on early December.

Weekend Update
This was funny, but so far they all have been. Will Ferrell's JAnet
Reno impression was so good it crossed the line. Charlie's Angels was
good too. Did anyone notice Maya and Calista kissing? That was pretty
sweet. As I brought up earlier in a review, Denise Richards would have
made a better Charlie's Angel. I enjoyed all the jokes, especially the
banter between the candidates by Tina.

Crocodile Hunter
This wasn't as good as the first. Why make this a recurring character.
The African militants were great though. Tracy Morgan is crowded out by
Will, Jimmy, Darrel, and Kattan, which is a shame.

Ricky Martin again.
I missed what I believe to be half of Chris Kattan's impression, because
I just didn't want to see Ricky Martin. I hate this guy.

Middle Aged women at the bar
Pretty funny but thoroughly disgusting. Ow man them innuendos were too
much, some were funny, others I groaned out loud. Was Will trying to be
Robert Goulet again?

CBS Sports with Dan Rather
I hate this guy, and I love it when Dave Letterman makes fun of him.
Naming the Jazz as the NBA champions was funny, but why couldn't they
say the sixers? They're 7-0, the knicks arent undefeated, neither are
the Lakers. They're a good team, and it's great they have Pepe Sanchez
on the team too. Not bad overall.

Overall, a whole lot better than I thought. Tom Green is next week.
Unfortunately I don't have cable, so I don't get to see too much of
him. I think he's hilarious though. Road Trip was a great movie.
David Grey is a folk hero, and Babylon will be an excellant song live.
If anyone reads this, I again hope that these will improve over time.

Episode Review written by Mike Morrone

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