Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

Bonjour, tout le monde!

I guess that french immersion class is rubbing off on me. I am an avid reader of Mark Polishuk's review and hope I will beat his record. So far, this is my fifth straight. Let's go!

Did anyone see any good movies lately? If you want you can e-mail me and give me a good idea of what to see next. I can't wait to see The Grinch. I just saw Jim Carrey getting interviewed on a talk show and he was pretty funny. He always is.

[THE HOST] Calista Flockhart

I have definitely heard of Calista Flockhart and I sometimes watch Ally McBeal. It's not the best comedy but it is sometimes funny. I heard tonight that they will have to watch the cameras when she moves sideways because she will disappear! YIKES!

[COLD OPENING] The Odd Couple: Prez Style

* Someone was using the old noggin with this great opening sketch. A step up from last week's cold opening( the entire set of cold openings from this season for that matter). This was a funny and innovative sketch and definitely deserves a 10.
* Maybe next week they can make fun of some older tv with Bush and Gore. How about Gore as Archie Bunker and Bush as Edith Bunker and Ralph Nader as The Meathead in All In The White House Family.

Rating 10/10

[MONOLOGUE] I Am Seeing Double Of Calista, They Make One Normal Size Person

* How did I know they would have Rachel dress up as Calista or Ally? I read it on the site. Oh crap. I wasn't supposed to write that last part.
* It is uncanny how much Rachel looks like Calista. Maybe they are long lost twins. Note To David E. Kelley: write four part episode about Ally's evil twin that keeps stealing her love interests and killing them. Uh oh. I hope he's not reading this because he probably is behind a bit on two episodes of Ally McBeal, three of Boston Public and five of The Practice. Darn! There goes this year's Emmy.
* I kinda of drifted off the subject but it was pretty funny. Maybe the best monologue so far. After Dana Carvey....and Kate Hudson.....oops!

Rating 8/10

[COMMERCIAL] Can You Get His Lucky Charm's? Eew!

* Another commercial! Wow! They are on a role this season. But this one wasn't quite as funny. Although I like the ones that start out normal and end like the craziest commercial ever. An average commercial, as usual. Will does great acting though. Extra points!

Rating 7/10

[SKETCH] Who Let The Kulps Out......Again!

* Yet another comedic look at some new popular songs that are twisted into the one and only way Kulps know how to sing. CRAZY STYLE! Sorry about that sudden outburst.
* The Kulps always find a funny way to make me laugh and this is one of those times. But I do wonder whether they will be able to keep up the comedy with this skit. Hot treble! Oh that's gold.

Rating 8/10

[SKETCH] First Time- A Gem, Second Time-Funny, Third Time-So So, This Time-Not As Good

* Nick Burns was really funny the first time and second and possibly third time but this was not even really funny. It either was getting old or it is just not funny. But Jimmy Fallon is always funny. He is one of my favorite cast members along with Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey. I can't say much because it was a bit crappy.

Rating 5/10

[SKETCH] Al Gore--The More Popular Guy

* Yet another long repeating skit. Darrell is getting good work this year though. The show is going down a bit in this last couple of skits. This was a mediocre skit.

Rating 5/10

[NEWS] WU w. Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

* This new news duo are finally settling in for a long haul. A great weekend update with some great lines. Especially when she says "No, the other dude." The other dude LOL, oh that is so drole. There goes that french again! That is one advantage of being canadian.
* Clinton returns. An Ok skit with an unwanted appearance by Janet Reno.
* Lesbians? Never thought of that with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Oh yeah.......WOH! Got a little side tracked there.

Rating 10/10

[SKETCH] The Croc Hunter At It Again

* This skit is so stupid, it's funny. Hilarious. Extroardinary. Kattan's croc hunter impression is really funny and Calista Flockhart plays a pretty good role in this too. Let's hope for more crocodile hunter skits in the future.

Rating 9/10

[MUSICAL GUEST] Kattan! Oh Darn

* I wish this was Kattan who sung the song. Stupid Ricky Martin.

6/10, 5.999 for Kattan and .001 for Ricky Martin. Make that the whole 6 for Kattan.

[SKETCH] How Gross Will They Go

* First of all, how did they get Calista to agree to this. Second of all, does Molly Shannon always have to play mindless people like these. Third, why does Will Ferrell look like Robert Goulet from last week. And that powder stuff he was using. I think I am gonna throw up now after this skit.

Rating 6/10

[SKETCH] A Great Skit, But Too Close To Call

* So they can make a really good 12:50 skit. Good job! Darrell Hammond is hot tonight. I mean with the skits, and not in any other way.

Rating 9/10 Could be a best sketch but still too close to call.

Best Actors Of The Night: Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell
Best Sketch Of The Night: The Prez Odd Couple,
Weekend Update
Worst Sketch Of The Night: Nick Burns
Busiest Cast Member: Will Ferrell (5 Skits)
Member With Enough Time To Play Monopoly:
Horatio Sanz ( 0 Skits)
Host Rating: 9/10
Skit Average: 7.5/10
Total: 8.3/10

Afterword: A great night with a few foul balls but a few home runs and maybe a grand slam. Next week the very talented and gross Tom Green. Should be a great night. Tonight may very well be on my mid season classics but it is still too close to call.

This Is J Mac Queen Saying Good Night And Make Sure The Good Ol' USA Has A President By Next Week!

Episode Review written by Joey MacQueen

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