Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

Gore And Bush Plan: This was really good. I liked when Gore was talking about women throwing their panties at him.
Grade: A+

Monologue: Rachel is absolutely hilarious! Her facial expressions alone are funny. I like when Calista said to Rachel's Alley Mc Beal "Go eat a burger!".
Grade: A+

Ecstacy Cereal: One of their better commercials.
Grade: A+

Culps at Gore Headquarters: I was getting tired of these two, but this one was really good with Bobbi screaming "Who let the votes out?".
Grade: A

Nick Burns and Computer Girl: This was allright, but I'm not a big fan of this character. Reached the point of being on too many times.
Grade: B

Gore's Speech: This was really good. I liked when he ws talking about the voters towards the end of the sketch.
Grade: A+

Weekend Update: Bill Clinton and Janet Reno were hilarious! Loved when Janet said "Come on! I'm tense! Let's go to the batting cages!". And Jimmy and Tina are better anchors than Norm or Colin ever were.
Grade: A+

Crocodile Hunter: This was kind of weak. Should have been the last sketch.
Grade: C

Old Women At Bar: This was great. Molly and Will were great in this with the sexual terms.
Grade: A+

Dan Rather's Sports Projections: Wonder if they got the idea for this sketch from David Letterman poiting out Dan's bizarre analogies all week.
Grade: A+


Overall: Pretty good show. They had plenty to work with.
Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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