Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

Hello all. You know I have been having one f-ed up afternoon here. It
first started when I got home and began typing my first edition of
tonights episode review. I was up to the part of the Chris Kattan and
Ricky Martin singing. Then all of a sudden my comp. like froze out of
nowwhere. So after getting my comp. I remembered I hadn't sent out my
SNL review yet. So my review will be way shorter this week. I was a
little iffy about writing a new review cause it hadn't been saved. Wow I
just typed some stoff I don't even know what means. Damn I am a little
pissed off at myself now. Well enough for the jibber jabber and cursed
words, onto another SNL review. Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you enjoy my
short presentation, cause I really a writing it half assed and if you
notice a difference in the middle of the review, its because I will be
stopping in the middle of the review cause I am getting tired of writing
for one afternoon. And finally onto Saturday Night Live.

Ahem, tonight being the second episode of Sweeps we should be viewing a
very good, funny episode. You know last year about the same time we all
viewed the Garth Brooks episode. That was a pretty good episode. As for
tonight, Calista Flockhart and Ricky Martin are the guest and musical
guest. Calista does that show "Ally McBeal" and Ricky Martin does music
and can't define his sexuality. You know everyone says its good he
doesn't define his sexuality so everyone will love him. Well Ricky I got
one word for ya, and excuse me to all people that might be of the other
sexuality, "Flammer." I had to get that of my chest. Don't hate me
America, I love his music. I think he banged good into the music world,
but come on. Well sorry to all, or all of the 3 people or less who read
this stoff I read. Now as I said about a paragraph ago, I think this
will be a great show,
Now onto the Review.

Opening: Decision 2000
Will was very good here and Darrel sounded again like he a stick up his
ass. His voice doesn't go good with all the sketches. I really will be
pissed of if I have to hear his voice like that for the next 4 years.
What was that on Will's face? Good premise for a tv show. Maybe NBC can
think of a fast thought up tv show and get it ready for Mid season, but
it will probably get cancelled. That name of the show is what we all
like to call "Whatever any costar of the tv show Roseanne" does next.
Okay, best beggining of the show so far this season, those debates got
old after a while. Funny.
Grade: A+

Monologue: Calista Flockhart
The first word that came to my mind when I saw her was, Got food. Man
she is getting pretty old and she doesn't look like she gained a measly
little weight. If she gained something it would maybe lose some of the
press and stoff. Come on. Rachel Dratch is like Jimmy Fallon horny this
season. Rememeber update last week, the whole dress thing.
Grade: B

Comm: Ecstasy Cereal
You know this comm. would not have made any sence to me unless my friend
Sean, not the one on the site, told me what Ecstasy was. Thanks. Very
Grade: A+

Skit: Bobbi and Marty
I have not seen one of these skits all the way through yet, so I am
going with a clear mind on this sketch. Well its not like I am clear
minded, we had a 4 day weekend. Go New Jersey public schools. Okay, who
was Calista supposed to be, she got annoying. Hey old people mwho drive
firey cars are funny. Nice singing Ana.
Grade: A-(minus for Calista and the dry humor.

Interlude: by me
Mandy Moore is on MadTv right now. Damn she is hot. Whoops go back a

Skit: Nick Burns: Your company's computer guy
Where did Kattan and Horatio go? You know you can tell the skit going to
be bad sometimes when you first see it. Well lets check this out.
Calista went from 18 to 48 in 5 minutes. Computers to Labtops, thats
what SNL has changed this year, the theme song and labtops. Oh theres
Kattan, but I like Horatios part in the office better. Jimmy was good
and so was Calista, not Parnell.
Grade: B

Sketch: Al Gore
How does he do that f-ed up voice. Not laughing here Mr. Gore. I can
smell a crappy grade. He likes bringing that picture of the old lady
around. Remember the Debate.
Grade: C+

Music: Ricky Martin
"She Bangs." Good Song, sorry Ricky thats all the writing I'm doing
Grade: A

Interlude: by me
As I was checking out my upstairs, becuase I watch the show in my
basement, I saw my dad a fan of the show since 1975 sleeping. You know
what that means, SNL has got to get hotter girls on the show like Mandy
Moore. Thanks. Now back to the review.

Weekend Update: Tina and Jimmy
You know whats funny about ol' Colin Quinn, he's funnier on repeats on
Comedy Central than he was on the show. Clinton is back, awesome. Darrel
is rebounding from his own Gore sketch. Reno, awesome. Kick his ass.
Kattan and the 3 lesbos were good.
Grade: A+(and I have never been a huge update fan since Norm)

Sketch: Crocodile Hunter
Can't take animal sketches. Sort of good, if you like crap. Tracy and
that other guy make there first appearance of the night.

Music: Ricky Martin and Chris Kattan
Hey Ricky, I'm not a 15 year old girl and an old Alabama man, so zipper
up your shirt please. Good song sort of, but music is early again.
Chris' dan was classic when he was just dancing to Livin Lavida Loca and
Ricky just told him to get off and Ricky really endorsed his cd when he
told what he was singing and told about the cd.
Grade: A

Skit: (no title) enter title- "What the Hell"
Old ladies hitting on new guy and Jimmy. Reminds me of the episode with
Cheri Oteri hitting on co-workers in the latest John Goodman episode.
Not bad skit for 12:45 programming.
Grade: B+

Interlude: by me
Pretty good show. I mean, come on, recurring characters, ecstasy, and
Charlie's Angels. Screw MadTv, oh wait Mandy Moore was on there.

Skit: CBS Sports with Dan Rather
What is this and Where is this going, but its the last skit of the night
so not so bad.
Grade: B+

Alright, okay and some highlights including Presidental Couple, but
average show. The Culps were good, but Nick Burns was totally run by
Calista. Jimmy should say the ending line. Update, best this season.
Everything else was pretty good. The words perfect season might be so-so
season if next weeks guests Tom Green and theis guy named David Gray,
who I have never heard of, are doing the Thanksgiving show.

Ok, I would like to thank my dad tonight for inspiring me with some of
my comments on the review. And the first of many times I will say, my
name is Greg and on the site it says Doug Haledjian, and thats because
this is his email address which he doesn't use and I can't change it
because everyone who knows me knows my email. So this is the first in my
future writings of telling all of Sean's viewers that my name is not
Doug, but Greg.

Alright, Review #3 is over. Have a good week everyone. Till next week,
folks. Peace Out.

Episode Review written by Doug Haledjian

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