Calista Flockhart / Ricky Martin
November 11, 2000

1. Opening sketch: Brokaw/Gore/Bush

The more I see of Chris Parnell, the more I like him. I think his Brokaw
imitation is right on the money. I think that if someone had just been
flipping the channels, without knowing they were watching SNL, they might
have been fooled into thinking it really was Brokaw. (the whole
map/number/red and blue schemata also added to the skits realism)

A) I have to agree with Mario when he says that Will Ferrell may just be
the most talented cast member of the last 10 years or so. His Bush
impersonation gets better every week. And I was hoping they'd do
something with the band-aid!) The whole rock/paper/scissiors thing was a
hoot, as was the comment on the "unificators". As for Hammond (Gore) he
just kills me. Have you noticed as how the weeks go by, Gore's speech
gets slower and even more drawn out? Talk about hiperbole. But it works
so why change it? I didn't care for the whole "Presidential
Couple" thing. Despite that one weak link, they wrapped up the sketch on
a strong note by rehashing the whole concession/de-concession thing. (I
loved the "you don't need to get snippy/I hate to tell you this but your
brother is not the ultimate authority on this.")

Grade B+


2) Opening monologue: Calista Flockhart. First of all, let me say that
I love Ally McBeal and I love Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal. But I
saw right away that taking her out of that context just didn't work for
the SNL format/mindset. (more on this later). However, I did like what
they did here with Rachel Dratch. For the first time EVER, I actually
enjoyed her performance. Her imitation of Ally was great, especially the
facial expressions! I was happy to see too that they pointed out her
near emaciation with "Eat a burger!" (on an unrelated note, and despite
what popular opinion reflects, I don't think she is anorexic. Look at the
woman's chest, for God's sake. She's flatter than a washboard! I think
that's just how she is: skinny)



3) Commercial for Cracklin Oat Flakes. I didn't really like this one
until I thought about it in retrospect. (plus the fact that Will Ferrell
is in it made it all the more better) When you think of the concept, "new
and improved", you have to ask yourself "what have I been eating all this
time, old and bad?" And by turning Will's innocent breakfast cereal into
a drugfeast, the notion of "new and improved" takes on a whole new
meaning. I'll never be able to watch another cereal commercial, or any
commercial about a "reformulated" product, in the same way.

Grade B+


4. Abby Worthington. Didn't like this very much. Going back to a
statement I made earlier on, Flockhart is funny...on Ally McBeal. But in
this sketch she is like a fish out of water. Luckily, Marty and Bobbi
saved the day. These two kill me, really. I have to admit, though, the
whole "got a hot one michrophone..."/"testing testing" is
getting a bit old. They need to invent some new opening phrases. But the
song part was really funny. I was entertained by the renditions of "Say
my name", "Maneater/Ralph Nader", "Soy un perdedor" (my personal favorite
because of its appropriatness as well as the Spanish).

Grade: B


5. Nick Burns, your company's computer guy

I like this sketch but only for like 2 minutes then it literally makes me
feel like vomiting. This time it was worse because not only was there the
computer guy but Flockhart and Parnell acting as accomplices. That's too
much geekiness for me, someone who is surrounded by them at a university
that reeks with engineering. I did enjoy, however, Fallon's "MOVE!" as
well as the "SexyMan48" part. I think that the sketch works much better
with Fallon as the lone nerd. But that's just my opinion. (PS-anyone
notice the chemistry between Fallon and Flockhart or was it just my
imagination? I'm not talking specifically about this sketch but several
of the other ones? They even made reference to Fallon at the shows onset:
"Wonder if Jimmy Fallon is too young.."

Grade: C+


5) Al Gore: A nation in crisis.

I was just WAITING for this one. The whole ballot thing. Very well
done. Very funny. The whole part about the dots ("should we color them
in, if so what color, what about the arrows, do we write the name on the
arrow, next to the arrow...") was hilarious. And of course, the
redundancy of "I won the popular vote" was to be expected...and
appreciated. Hammond's request for a revote, simplified by instructions
in Hebrew and via Ebonics, was great. The skit was nicely wrapped up by
Hammond calling for a revote in ALL of the states he lost. Overall, very
nicely done.

Grade: A


6) Ricky Martin: SHE BANGS.

I've been listening to Ricky Martin before 99% of the people knew who he
was...when he sang in SPANISH, the language he should STICK to. What in
the hell does "She bangs" mean anyway? And the whole performance was so
exaggerated, so much so that I felt like Ricky Martin was parodying
himself! Too much energy for a song that is mediocre at best. He should
have just sung "La vida loca".

Grade: D


7) Weekend Update: Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon

This was funny. I'm beginning to really get used to these two. They
compliment each other nicely. Some highlights: Fallon: "Some people
suggested that if voters in Florida had used the internet, this never
would have happened. Yeah...old people using the internet...that would
have solved everything. My grandfather is still afraid of his answering
machine!" Bill Clinton: "Let's just have no president. Afterall, all
they are going to do is mess up what I made good!" I think that Hammond's
Clinton is by far the BEST impersonation I have ever seen. Tina Fey was
funny also with her take on the Gore/Bush phone conversation: "Oh no you
didn't...then Gore was all yes I did...and Bush was all hanging up and
then Gore star 69ed 'em..." I was lauging outloud! The best part of the
fake news was the Charlies Angels parody. How funny was this? The way
they spoke and the whole touchy/feely/hand holding thing was spectacular.



8) Animal planet. i've been waiting for something like this for a long
time! Finally! Still, the sketch could have been better. And I didn't
like the way they ended it. (they should have stuck to
animals). Kattan's accent was really good and I think this really made
the sketch funny. It would have been more interesting to see him get
attacked by a few animals, though.



9) Chris Kattan doing Ricky Martin: This was fabulous! I had a preview
of it on the Rosie ODonnel show on Thursday. They should have just let
Kattan continue or at least perform with Martin. Once Kattan left the
stage, Martin once again disappointed me. I'm telling you, he's 100%
better in Spanish. (the lyrics to these songs really suck)

Grade: A+ for Kattan, F for Martin


10) Shannon/Flockhart anachronic bar scene (from the 70's I guess).
This had a few (and very few) funny lines but for the most part, it made
me want to vomit like the Computer guy sketch. The new african american
cast member seems to have some talent, however. I hope to see him in more
stuff. Getting back to the issue at hand, Flockhart just didn't fit here.
Shannon on her own would probably have been funnier.

Grade: C-


11) Dan Rather
Short and to the point. Funny also. "Suns are beating the Heat
as of right is projected that the Suns will also beat the Heat".
After a week of all this political mayhem, this was a fitting closing
sketch. This sketch supports an idea of mine: GET RID OF THE PROJECTION
CRAP DURING ELECTIONS! And they wonder why voter turnout is so low!

Grade: B+

That's it, folks. Time to go to the gym.

Episode Review written by Bonnie Gasior

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