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October 21, 2000

Hey everyone, how's it going? OK here...

Well, on to the review....

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I have looked forward to this
week's show for several weeks...I think Dana is
hilarious (any SNL fan will have to agree with me; if
not, what kind of fan are you? J/K!)...I loved his
characters he did when he was on (oh way back when, I
was in high school when he was a cast member)....And
do you think he'll do Bush??

OPENING (3rd election debate): Did anyone watch the
3rd and THANK-GOD final debate? Yeah, that's what I
thought..I didn't either (I was too busy watching the
'Toy Story 2' video I had gotten @ the Disney Store
earlier that day)..But, yippee, it's the last one! I
thought this was the best debate installment out of
the three....For what reason you ask? Oh, so many,
where do I start? Let me begin with Ana..imitating
what the typical American thinks about the
debates...they don't give a care in the world about
politics...But Chris K. was even better! With his
well-DUH! question mentioning the Constitutional
requirements to be president. I loved Will's response,
which brings me to my fave quote of the sketch:'Well,
you're the perfect profile of a Bush supporter'. I
loved Jimmy with the mumbo-jumbo question, but Darrell
with the mention of the lockbox. At first, I thought
'OH NO! NOT THE LOCKBOX AGAIN!' (see my review from
10/4-I wasn't too fond of the lockbox), but it was
short and simple and made me enjoy it...But we come to
the cream of the crop..Dana as George Sr...What we
have been waiting for. He did excellent with the
George Sr, but the Latino version was OK; same goes
for Barbara Bush (I'lm sorry, but I don't think anyone
will ever do a better Barbara Bush than Phil Hartman).

MONOLOGUE: This was a decent monologue...I would have
despised this sketch if he left his political
impressions out. I mean, what type of monologue would
this have been without his take on politics? I had a
hard time deciding who does the better Gore or Bush
impressions? Darrell or Dana? Will or Dana?
Decisions...Decisions...I thought Dana's impressions
of Johnny Cochran and Joe Liebermann were OK. Other
than that, the monologue was fine. GRADE: A-.

COMMERCIAL (Magic Mouth): I enjoyed this commercial to
an extent...Jim and the girl (was that Tina) at the
outdoor cafe was the best. Chris & Ana at dinner with
an older couple was OK. Same goes for Horatio at the
job interview. But Will as the doctor, not as
good...GRADE: B.

SKETCH (NPR-The Delicious Dish): I don't remember the
Halloween theme used before...but not shabby here! Ana
and Molly as Margaret Jo and Terri, respectively, were
their usual bearable (Ana was a tad better than
Molly). But Dana was great as the pirate with a
high-pitched voice. He made the sketch more enjoyable.
FAVE QUOTE OF THE SKETCH: 'That's not part of the

SKETCH (Church Chat): One of the best Church Chat
sketches I have EVER seen! Phil's voice, what a
touching memory (if they ever replaced his voice, HOW
DARE THEY!)...Well, it's about time we get Church
Lady's opinion on Bill Clinton...OK Church Lady, let
Hillary Clinton have it! Chris as Anne Heche?
WONDERFUL! Loved Dana's pick-and-choose
comment...tacos or weiners (Chris's response: Weiner
taco?). And we couldn't leave out the 'ISN'T THAT
SPECIAL?'. Chris P. as Eminem...brief but amusing.
Brings me to the high point of the sketch, the 'Real
Church Lady' song. FAVE QUOTE OF THE SKETCH (I have
two): 'We just call ourselves a New Yorker when it's
conVEENient' and 'Welcome to the show Anne He-she'.

SKETCH (George Sr. & George W. Go Hunting): See, I
told you there would be a father-son thing somewhere
in the show...But this sketch could have been
better..Nothing really memorable, except for Will
playing with the Antlers. And the quote of the sketch:
'Sorry Rudolph looks like the governor will not grant
you a reprieve' (speaking of which, I don't think
there was a real execution in Texas this week. Once
again, a rarity). GRADE: B/B-.


WEEKEND UPDATE: OK...all of you who think Tina and
Jimmy are doing a lousy job...what are you doing? They
are getting to be better than Colin. Three episodes
down, 17 to go! Keep it up you two! Anyhoo, I loved
Molly as Anna Nicole Smith (I love it when anyone,
especially the good folks at SNL, makes fun of the
South)...And for those of you who ask, yes Molly
pronounced Mexia right (pronounced 'Muh-hay-uh'; it's
located between Dallas and Houston, in case anyone
wants to know). Loved the transition to Anna Nicole
Smith University. OK, and I will get to this before I
get to the best of the sketch...I didn't like Adam
McKay with his man-on-the-street commentary. Average
Joe wearing an Iron Maiden shirt? Yeah right, if it
was 1985...Totally boring...But thank god it was
brief! But I come to the cream of the crop, the creme
de la creme, The real Robert DeNiro and Jimmy. Yes,
let's overshadow Jimmy, shall we? But not too
bad!...Jimmy making fun of Robert with the real guy
sitting a foot away was, DUH, great. But DeNiro making
fun of Jimmy...'And I'm Jimmy Fallon'...I was ROLLING
OVER WITH LAUGHTER'....And before I forget..Fave three
quotes of WU: 3. 'Kiss my a** Mexia'; 2. 'Or as George
W. would refer to it, this many'; and 1. 'I don't know
whether to vote for you or hang my coat on you'.
GRADE: A (I would give it an A+ if it hadn't been for

MUSICAL GUEST: Didn't watch...

SKETCH (VH1 Fashion Awards): Another decent
sketch..Molly is improving on the likeability of her
characters (there have been a few that have lacked).
Her as Gisele was great. Jerry as Cuba Gooding Jr,
same thing. But Maya as Macy Gray...was laughing
because of her 'Academy Award' comment. And was it me
or did she sound a lot like Fran Drescher and/or
'Janice' from 'Friends' (yes, as in Chandler-bing)?
Anyhoo, Chris K. as Dylan was great ('And let's take
time to look at my package'..hey, I was close in
getting the exact words'). Tracy as Samuel L.
Jackson...if he wasn't yelling, then the impression
would have totally fizzled. Jimmy as Sting (is there
anything this man can't do?) was, of course,
hilarious..But Rachel as Cheb Mami, if it hadn't been
for her facial expressions I would have hated her
impression. Dana as Rudy was mediocre (I guess if I
were an avid 'Survivor' watcher, I would have liked
this imitation). Fave quote of the sketch: 'It is so
awesome to be me'. GRADE: B+.

SKETCH (Golden Ribbon): OK, so I guess it was a good
thing to have this sketch pre-empted by a Men's
Warehouse commercial...This sketch was stupid! Dana as
the owner (I have rarely dissed Dana's impressions;
this and his Rudy ones are the only one's I wasn't
enthusiastic about) and Horatio as the co-owner...Yawn
city! The only part I marginally liked was Chris P. as
the millionaire...No comment memorable enough to
deserve the honor of being 'FAVE QUOTE OF THE SKETCH'
(you know I hate a sketch when that happens). GRADE:

MUSICAL GUEST: Once again, no grade..

Well, except for the last sketch...it was a great
show! But with Dana, you can never be
disappointed!...Next show: Charlize Theron. I think
she's an OK actress...Sorta looking forward to it...
Til next time amigos! Valerie

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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