Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Pre-Show Thoughts- Dana Carvey! One of SNL's best alumni and a really talented guy. This should be an excellent show.....finally! MADtv comes on at 11:30 b/c of the World Series.....how convieeeeenent! Gee..do i sense competition?

Opening- 3rd Presidential Debate- Once again Darrell did an excellent job w/ his Al Gore impression. George Bush Sr was a funnny addition to the skit. 7/10

Monologue- One of the best stand-up monologues since Chris Rock! 10/10
COMM- Magic Mouth- Kind of silly...but funny. 7.5/10
Delicious Dish- I love this sketch! Molly's character is hilarious. Best Quote: "Count Chocula...now that's a black Dracula?" 9/10
Church Chat- Haven't seen this classic in a LONG time. The Church Lady's Slim Shady was so funny! 10/10
Father & Dubya Go Hunting- This is funny especially Bush's (W) focus on killing the deer. I still think it could have had more potential...but still really good. 8.5/10
Weekend Update- Robert DeNiro's appearance was just as funny as the Rob Lowe one from 97. The jokes were good. 9/10
The Wallflowers- Finally and enjoyable musical guest. I couldn't understand the lyrics but they were good. 9/10
VH1 Fashion Awards- The impressions were funny. Maya could work on her Macy Gray a little more. Good sketch. 8.5/10
Chicken Play- Perhaps the only low-point of the show. Dana could have done something funnier like the Italian Restaurant guy...Carlo... i think. 6/10
The Wallflowers- Good song. Good Group. 9/10

Overall Grade- I'll say around on A-. This was a really, really good and very funny episode.

Let's hope the Charlize Theron episode can keep the ball rolling.

Episode Review written by Steve Audrey

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