Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Hey everyone, this is my first ever review, so if I screw
anything up, please bear with me.

First off, let me say that I do like Dana Carvey, even
though I don't think he's as funny as he thinks he is. But I
was looking forward to this episode regardless.

Third Debate: I love Darrell Hammond's impersonation of Al
Gore. This was pretty funny, but the Dana Carvey as Bush Sr.
thing was a bit overdone. I think it would have been much
funnier if they made fun of the actual third debate more
instead of using it as an excuse for Dana Carvey to redo his
Bush impersonation, which wasn't even as funny as it used to
Grade: C

Dana Carvey Monologue: Darrell Hammond and Will Ferrell do a
better job at making fun of the candidates, so he should
have left it to them. It fell flat especially after they had
just done their impressions. The Johnnie Cochran thing was
pretty dumb too.
Grade: D-

Magic Mouth commercial: I laughed my ass off, no pun
Grade: A

Delicious Dish: Stupid. Some of these have been pretty
funny, but Dana Carvey playing a character exactly like Ana
Gasteyer and Molly Shannon's? Why did we need a third one?
He wasn't funny at all in this, but Ana Gasteyer made me
laugh a couple of times.
Grade: D+

CHURCH CHAT!!: I was hoping they would do this! This was, in
my opinion, the only sketch where Dana Carvey got to shine.
When the Church Lady interviewed Chris Kattan as Anne Heche,
especially the part where she had to decide between a hot
dog or a taco, I loved it. Chris Parnell's Eminem
impersonation was great also. But I still can't believe the
Church Lady didn't say her "Hmmmm...could it be...Satan?!?"
Grade: A

The Bushes Go Hunting: We get the point.
Grade: F

--What the hell were the Baha Men doing there? Weren't the
Wallflowers the musical guest? And haven't we been beaten to
death with that song enough?

Weekend Update: I like Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey in this
spot alot. Molly Shannon as Anna Nicole Smith was kind of
funny, but as an impersonation it sucked. They should have
made fun of her being injured by a dumbbell last week. The
Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown joke was great. The "Man On The
Street" segment was really stupid. And Robert DeNiro showing
up was a great suprise, but it wasn't really funny at all.
Grade: C-

Wallflowers Song #1: Uh, is the drummer afraid of being
assassinated? What was up with the Farrakhan-style shield
around him? Were they afraid that hearing the drums better
might cause one of them to MOVE? Boring, boring, lame,
boring, dumb, boring.
Grade: F

VH1 Fashion Awards: There are only two things that saved
this skit. First, Rachel Dratch singing on Sting's song was
great. The other one was Dana Carvey's Rudy from Survivor
impersonation. The rest of it absolutely sucked. "Cuba
Gooding Jr." couldn't even say his own name!
Grade: C-

Chicken Salesman: Who the hell wrote this piece of crap?
Chris Parnell has WAY more talent than this. Were they
trying to create some new catch phrase with the "Chickens
make bad house pets" line? You know, in order for that to
work, the sketch must be FUNNY.
Grade: F

Wallflowers Song #2: Just when I thought they couldn't have
been more boring, they proved me wrong. You could hear
viewers all across America falling asleep by the second.
I've seen more excitement at funerals.
Grade: F--

Did anyone notice the credits? What the hell happened there?

This is the SECOND time out of THREE SHOWS they have
mentioned a Robert Smigel cartoon at the beginning and never
showed it! Wake up people! Anything by Smigel couldn't have
been near as bad as the last part of the show!!!! Either
show us the cartoon or don't say it's going to be there!

Best Sketch: Church Lady, by a mile
Worst Sketch: Do the Wallflowers count as a sketch? If not,
the Chicken Salesman one.

Overall grade: D

Still waiting for a Miss Cleo parody,

Episode Review written by Ryan Harrison

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