Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Greetings, all.

It's late. I'm tired. I have a big-ass history paper, a big-ass English essay, and a big-ass chemistry paper all due on Friday AND in addition to that I have play rehearsals every day after school till 6:00 PM. So basically I'm gonna die this week. Anyhoo, seeing that I really don't have much time this week, I'll skip the lengthy intro and keep the review short. I promise. I'm not lying. I know you don't believe me, but I'm being serious. I really do not have time to pound out a review that's as long as mine usually are.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, here's my review for this week's episode:

[Pre-Show Thoughts]
I love Dana Carvey. He's a comic genius and one of the most talented people to come out of SNL. He's hilarious. He lives in the same town as me, north of San Francisco. I haven't run into him yet, but I'm bound to at some point. It's not a very big town. Anyhoo, I love him, he's great, he should do a great job. And of course I'm expecting a large amount of his Georgie Bush Senior impression.

Oh, and the Wallflowers are cool too. So all in all it should be a fantastic show.

[OPENING] Bush/Gore Debate #3--George Senior Tries To Help His Son
Chris Parnell's Lehrer impression has improved slightly.
Will Ferrell's Dubya impression has not.
Darrel still doesn't look a whole lot like Al Gore, but he sure as hell has that voice down.
Dana's George Senior impression was fabulous as usual, but he didn't really look much like Bushie tonight for some reason. They didn't get the hair quite right. I enjoyed when George Senior attempted to be Mexican. And when he attempted to impersonate Barbara. Ya gotta love that. I was hysterical by that point.
This was a fairly pointless sketch, though, and it just seemed like an excuse for Dana to do a lot of his Bush impression. Not that I mind. I've loved this impression since I first saw it, way back in the early 90's. Did I mention earlier that I think Dana is a farking comic genius?
But stillit got a little predictable after a while. So

Grade: B+

[MONOLOGUE] Dana Carvey
What was up with his hair? Hee hee hee.
A good old-fashioned monologue FOR ONCE. No audience interruptions, no cast interruptions, no songs, no dances, just a few minutes of just Dana telling us what he thinks of the election. Wow. I was in farking heaven. Why can't more hosts do this? Oh yeah. They aren't COMIC GENIUSES like Dana here (I'm gonna have to stop with this "Dana is a comic genius" thing---it may be true, but I can tell it's gonna get REALLY boring if I keep repeating myself).
Anyhoo, great monologue, it was funny, I laughed (wow, what a brilliant statement).

Grade: A

[COMMERCIAL] Magic Mouth
Oh lord. After that PERFECT monologue they had to ruin it with this stupid bit.
This was just a blatant excuse to make a whole lot of fart noises in 30 seconds.
It was idiotic, juvenile, way below the standards I hold these guys to, and not funny in the least. I hated it. Dammit, this was dumb.

Grade: F

[SKETCH] Delicious Dish
I thought they'd retired these two characters. Oh well.
I've never liked this sketch. It gets really boring and pointless and they always drag it on for too long. The only time I've laughed at this sketch was when Alec Baldwin appeared on it two years ago and they did that BRILLIANT "Shweddy Balls" segment. That was just priceless. I loved that.
The only thing that made me laugh at this sketch was Dana's voice. Other than that, it went on far too long (as usual) and it wasn't that funny.

Grade: C+

[SKETCH] Church Chat
The return of the Church Lady, quite possibly Dana's funniest character and one of my most favorite SNL characters of all time. I LOVE the Church Lady. I notice that they still used Phil Hartman's voice to announce Church Chat. That made me kinda sad. He was another comic genius, too, and I honestly think that he was the most talented and versatile performer that has ever been on SNL. *sigh* I miss him.
Back to the sketch. (Dammit, I gotta remember that I don't have much time this week and have to keep my sidetracks from getting too long.)
Ana sounded a bit more like Hillary this week than last week.
Chris Kattan as Anne Heche ("someone who likes to bob for apples AND bananas"-- oh lordy that shouldn't have cracked me up as much as it did, right?) was painfully funny, although he didn't even attempt to imitate her voice.
Chris Parnell did an okay job as Eminem.
But the highlight of this sketch was "The Real Church Lady" song. That was priceless. Brilliance like that doesn't get seen often on Saturday Night Live. I'm glad I taped it. I LOVED THAT!!! Did anyone happen to write down the lyrics? If anyone did, PLEASE email them to me, I'd love to have them. That song just made my day.

Grade: A+ (the Hillary, Anne, and Eminem bits were okay, but that A+ is just mainly for that "The Real Church Lady" song. Who didn't LOVE that?!)

[SKETCH] Dubya and Bushie Senior Go Hunting
Dana looks more like Georgie H.W.B. with the hat on. Hmmmyeah, it must have been the hair that messed up his look in the opening.
I enjoyed the portrayal of Dubya as a young child (a toddler, to be exact) who quite possibly has ADD (that bit with the antlers had me in stitches). I thought that was very accurate (picture Dana saying THAT sentence in his Bush voice and see if you don't crack up. He said nearly that very same sentence as Bush [except describing something different] in an HBO special he did about 6 years ago that Comedy Central repeats on a monthly basis. It's funny, trust me. Does anyone follow me here? Does anyone care? I thought not, let's just move on).
Yeah, I'd say that Dubya is a victim of "retardation" (hey, Dana/Bush Senior's words, not mine, I'm just agreeing. Who the HELL wants this man to run our country? Does that concept not SCARE people?).
It was kinda funny seeing Will tower over Dana in this bit. Anyhoo.
Daddy Bush's contemplation of doing away with his son was almost a hearkening back to a sketch from Campaign 92, when Dana as Ross Perot considered abandoning his running mate Admiral Stockdale (played by the wonderful aforementioned Phil Hartman) by the side of a remote country road. Did anyone else make this connection, or was it just me? Oh well.

Grade: B+

[MUSICAL INTERLUDE] "Who Let The Dogs Out?!"
Dammit, I like this song. A lot. They shouldn't have cut to commercial. I wanted to hear the rest of it.
(I'm not gonna grade this, that would be pointless.)

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Al Gore was on the cover of Rolling Stone? That's almost funnier than his tight pants. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.
It's time for my obligatory I LOVE JIMMY: I LOVE JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, that was sad.
Molly FOR ONCE made me laugh as Anna Nicole Smith, although she slurred her words too much and that got irritating. I agree with her, thoughJimmy IS a baby doll in his suit*sigh*oh, sorry, got a bit sidetracked there
Adam McKay's (another writer/correspondent) bit was pretty funny. It was a bit Letterman-esque, if you ask me, and I do love Dave Letterman.
Dude, I CAN'T BELIEVE that Robert De Niro showed up!!! I LOVE HIM!!! (I love Jimmy, I love Dana, I love Letterman, I love De Niro, ah hell, I LOVE EVERYONE!!!) That was really funny. Jimmy doesn't do a bad De Niro impersonation at all. And I loved Robert's attempt at a Fallon impression at the end. That was just a great bit of comedy right there.

Grade: A-

Dammit, now I have "Who Let The Dogs Out?!" stuck in my head.

I like this song.
Need I say more?

Grade: A, I guess (I still don't know how to grade the musical guests)

[SKETCH] VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards
Hmmm, Jerry Minor sure did bungle Cuba Gooding Jr.'s name. He looked a lot like him, though.
Maya was not bad as Macy Gray. She cracked me up. Macy really does act like that. I saw a bit of the real VH1 Fashion Awards (and it is one hell of a stupid awards show, let me tell you), and what Maya did was basically what Macy did when she accepted her award. Hilarious, I tell ya.
Kattan as Dylan McDermott? I think not. This didn't quite work for me.
Tracy as Samuel L. Jackson was not bad, though.
Damn, Jimmy (did I mention that I LOVE HIM? sorry) didn't look much like Sting, but he sure as hell did sound like him when he was singing. Rachel just cracked me up as that random backup singer dude. I was hysterical. (What is the deal with that backup singer on Sting's Desert Rose song? I don't get the point of having him there. He just annoys me. Anyhoo.)

Grade: ehhB+

[SKETCH] Chickens
This was just surreal, pointless, and not funny at all. I so did not get this.
Weird-ass, man.
Caught a glimpse of a cue card there while Dana was talking to the chickens. Did anyone else notice that?

Grade: D (this was just strange, man)

I kinda liked this song too.
I don't think I need to say more.

Grade: uhA, I guess. (I wish someone would help me figure out how to grade the musical performances.)

And that's it. Seriously. That's all for today. I'm tired as hell, I tried really hard to keep this short (I don't think I succeeded, though) so I could go to bed, and now I really am gonna go to bed. I'm gonna pass out from exhaustion one of these days. High school is really detrimental to your health, let me tell ya that. I'm probably going to get sick again this weekend.

Anyhoo, overall, this was a pretty good show. The only really bad sketches were the Delicious Dish sketch and the Chickens sketch (which was just plain odd). Oh, yeah, and that STUPID Magic Mouth commercial. But the rest of it was great. I liked the Wallflowers, I liked Robert De Niro's cameo, I LOVED "The Real Church Lady", and Dana was fantastically hilarious as usual. Let me say it one more time: He's a farking comic genius. I hope he starts doing some more stuff soon, cause he hasn't been doing all that much lately. Maybe now that he's recovered from that hellish heart bypass mishap he'll be able to start working a lot more. I sure do hope so.

The next live show is going to be hosted by Charlize Theron with Paul Simon as the musical guest. I've always loved Paul Simon, and I predict that he'll appear in a few sketches as well. As for Charlize, well, I haven't seen much of her work, but I'll keep an open mind. She might do really well. (Does anyone else think that she'd look better as a brunette, though? She's a little too pale for that blond hair of hers. Maybe I'm the only one who notices these things.)

Okay, this is where I'm gonna wrap it up. It's Renee's bed time now.
Dammit, it's 1:40 AM.

Until next week, au revoir, mes chous.

THAT'S IT!!! THANK YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! GOOD NIGHT (or morning, as the case may be)!!!

Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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