Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Hello, I'm Paul Buxton and this is my second episode review for SNL.com! Hopefully I can make it three in a row next week! This time, I was able to watch the whole show, there was no date dance or San Jose Sharks game to delay me. I'm adding a couple of new things to my reviews after seeing how bad my first one was. (I'm just one rookie in a field of over 150-200 SNL reviewers!) First of all, I'll be going with tradition and adding a "Live From New York" section, plus listing all cast members in each sketch, even if there's only one member in it. I'll also add "Looking Back" which takes a look at some sketches of the past, and Looking Ahead, which will preview the next live episode. With further ado, here's the second review from Paul Buxton, and for God's sakes kill the drum roll!

Looking Back ­ October 23, 1999: Celebrity Jeopardy
It was the funniest Celebrity Jeopardy sketch ever on SNL. It featured former cast member Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds, Jimmy Fallon as French Stewart, and Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery. But Norm was hosting the show! Just like this week's episode, a former cast member came back to play a recurring character he abandoned. The Celebrity Jeopardy idea was pretty much done after the Chris Kattan-as-Hillary Swank episode, but it's definitely a classic recurring SNL sketch, and pretty much every Jeopardy sketch was funny!

Foreword ­ Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
Wow, the first former SNLer to host this season! I'm definitely looking forward to the Church Lady, which is my all-time favorite sketch! The Wallflowers are somewhat my type of music (alternative) but I've never really heard them enough to know exactly, so this will be the first time I've actually seen them on TV. This looks like a great episode!

(OPEN) ­ Presidential Debate
Dana Carvey, J. Fallon, Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan, Chris Parnell
Not again! Not another debate sketch as a cold opener! I expected this to be stale and repetitive because they did the same thing the last two episodes. This ran a bit long, but it was pretty good overall. The accents were acceptable, and Dana Carvey was funny as usual, what a treat to have George Bush back on the show! I'd say this was a great opener.
SNL Quotable: "Well, Dan, I admire your skepticism, and to be quite honest, you're the perfect profile of a Bush supporter." --Will Ferrell as George W. Bush
Rating: 8/10

(LFNY) It's Dana Carvey
Finally, someone other than Jim Lehrer, I mean Chris Parnell. It's great to have Dana Carvey saying those seven famous words again.

(MONT) Opening Montage
Jerry Minor's back as quickly as he left! The music for the opening is a lot different, I'm not used to the new score, but I'll be used to it by the next few episodes or so.
Rating: 10/10

(MONO) Dana Carvey
Dana Carvey
A stand-up comedy monologue, eh? Well, Carvey was certainly funny. The Gore and Bush voices were great, especially the George W. Bush faces he made: the last one he did was a dead-on impression! The Johnny Cochrane imitation was pretty good too. Some stuff got repetitive, and he overdid it just a tad, but overall it was entertaining. Great to have him back on SNL for one episode!
Rating: 8/10

(COMM) Magic Mouth
Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Kattan, Horatio Sanz
This commercial was crap. Other than one semi-funny quote, this sucked major cojónes. It was funny for about 10 seconds, then afterwards it was crap. I'd say the target age group of this is somewhere around 10-12. Jeez, I'm an immature 16 year old and still don't find this funny. SNL needs to get better commercials!
SNL Quotable: "It's like having a professor up your butt!" --Will Ferrell as Dr. Richard Ludwin
Rating: 2/10

(SKCH) Delicious Dish Halloween Special
Dana Carvey, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon
This sucked Schweaty Balls. The jokes thrown around by the hosts of the radio program were really corny (reminds me of corny puns my religious studies teacher used to torture us students with.) Yeah, Dana Carvey put in a few remotely interesting quips about how he's gonna get those A-holes from the Black Dracula gang, but compared to the classic Alec Baldwin edition of this sketch, it was horrible. This reminded me of the Airport Bar snoozer from the season opener. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
SNL Quotable: "I remember dressing up and going door to door collecting for UNICEF." --Molly Shannon
Rating: 3/10

(SKCH) Church Chat
Dana Carvey, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Kattan, Chris Parnell
Now this is a great way to make up for those crappy sketches! My favorite recurring character of all time is back! Sure, the hair looks a bit different than before, and Dana did break out of character a couple of times, but that doesn't matter. It was the best sketch on this episode, hands down. The Hillary Clinton part was great, especially the translation the Church Lady gives of "Chappaqua." Chris Kattan did a great Anne Heche, and the "Taco or Weiner?" question was hilarious! Then the best came last. Parnell showed up as Eminem, and the Church Lady's reaction to Eminem's handshake was cool. The audio example of one of Eminem's "love songs" was funny too, they could've played some lyrics from "Criminal", the last song on the Marshall Mathers LP, which is the epitomy of violence and language. Finally, the Church Lady rapping was the best thing on SNL so far this season. It's awesome to see this sketch again!
SNL Quotable: "Maybe if you've performed your Christian wifely duties, your husband wouldnt've had so much skin hunger!" ­Dana Carvey as the Church Lady, scolding Hillary Clinton.
SNL Quotable: "Welllll, isn't that special?!" ­Dana Carvey as the Church Lady.
SNL Quotable: "I'm the Church Lady, yes I'm the Church Lady, all you other Slim Shadys are headed straight for Hades, will the real Church Lady please stand up" ­Dana Carvey as the Church Lady.
Rating: 10/10

(SKCH) George Bush and Son Go Hunting
Dana Carvey, Will Ferrell
The voices, as usual, were perfect but otherwise this sucked. SNL, we get it: George W. Bush is retarted. The antler clomping by Ferrell got repetitive after the first time.
Rating: 2/10

(MUSC) The Baha Men
OK, this was very random. This really escaped Sean's Sketch Spoilers. The song is annoying, and it was a surprise.They had to put something in to make up for that crappy Bush and Son sketch. Again, not my type of music, and this song sometimes gets on my nerves, but it's better than some of the crappy sketches so far
Rating: 5/10

(WKUP) Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Adam McKay, Molly Shannon, Robert DeNiro
Tina Fey was awesome as usual. Jimmy's Al Gore on the cover of Rolling Stone joke was funny in a disgusting way. Molly Shannon was quite good at impersonating Anna Nicole Smith, the college profile was very appealing to me, until the oral sex part with the old guy, that killed it. Adam McKay's bit was pretty funny, especially when the dad went psycho. Also great was the appearance from Robert DeNiro. Overall, not the best WU so far but stil good.
SNL Quotable: "This just proves what my boyfriend always says: That I am dumber than a French whore." --Tina Fey
SNL Quotable: "And I'm Jimmy Fallon!" ­Robert DeNiro, mimicking Jimmy Fallon at end of WU.
Rating: 8/10

(MUSC) The Wallflowers
The Wallflowers are great, they sing a ballad-style of alternative music, which is OK. They sound a lot like the Counting Crows, and this particular song (I don't know the name of) was pretty good. I might even get it off of Napster.
Rating: 9/10

(SKCH) 2000 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards
Dana Carvey, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Jerry Minor, Tracy Morgan, Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon
Is Jerry Minor dyslexic? Well, he seemed to botch up "Cuba Gooding Jr." at the beginning of the sketch. This sketch had its ups and downs. First of all, good job by Chris Kattan of looking NOTHING like Dylan McDermott. On the other hand, there was some good shiznit here. Rachel Dratch's character was hilarious just to look at, Sting's voice was well done by Jimmy Fallon, and Carvey as Homophobic Rudy from Survivor was a good touch. Overall, more good than bad here.
SNL Quotable: "Why bring in all these beautiful women when you've got an audience filled with queers?" --Dana Carvey as Rudy from Survivor
Rating: 8/10

(SKCH) Ching Change
Dana Carvey, Tracy Morgan, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz
First of all, the stupid NBC Bay Area station, KRON-4, cut off the first fifteen seconds of this sketch with a dumb newsbrief. YOU IDIOTS, WE DON'T GIVE A SH!T ABOUT HOW THE ELECTION'S GOING! With that said, I guess I didn't miss much. This one was crap. Mike Myers' Chinese Fortune Cookie Message-making factory was way way funnier than this Chinese store sketch. The chickens weren't funny, the dialogue sucked, and even the camera work wasn't great. There was one part of the sketch where the cue cards appeared on the screen a bit, it looked really fake. This crappy sketch belongs on Hype or MadTV or other crapass SNL wannabe shows. What a waste of time!
Rating: 1/10

(MUSC) The Wallflowers
Nothing like a musical performance to end a so-so show. The Wallflowers are a great group, and I believe this is not the first SNL episode they've been on. This song was not as good as the first one, but had the same great music.
Rating: 8/10

Quick Shots
Best Cast Member: Molly Shannon
Busiest Cast Member: Ana Gasteyer and Chris Kattan (4 sketches each)
Laziest Cast Member: Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph (1 sketch each)
Best Sketch: Church Chat (10/10)
Worst Sketch: Ching Change (1/10)
Host Rating: 9/10
Musical Rating: 9/10
Sketch Rating: 5/10
Overall Rating of Show: 6/10

This show had some great sketches and some crapass ones too. It seemed like there were really good sketches, really crappy sketches, and no average sketches. It was either hilarity or sh!t. I'm just glad the Church Chat was good, otherwise this show would suck majorly. This show was average, certainly not what I had expected for a show hosted by Dana Carvey.

Looking Ahead
November 4, 2000: Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
Charlize who? And Paul Simon? Well, I know which button I'll push on the remote when the musical guest

Episode Review written by Paul Buxton

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