Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Hey everyone!
More Pre-show thoughts
1. Excited. Dana Carvey is a definate good episode coming up.
2. Hope he will do Church chat if anything else. I don't look at the sketch spoilers section because the suprise is lost.
3. This is Judgement night for Weekend Update. Tina and Jimmy have to prove to me Tonight they can handle update. I have a decision, but it won't be final till after I see this Episode.
Well, here it is!

(Opening) Debate 3
Best out of all 3 debates. Liked the George Bush by Carvey, but how can you go wrong with him. Liked the Dumb questions asked by Kattan. And W saying I think you should vote for Him.
Grade B+

(Mono) Dana Carvey
Okay, but could have been better for Carvey. Liked the thing about the many faces of George W. And the Numbers from Al Gore was funny. Had the George Bush hair, little freaky! But good Mono.
Grade B

(Comm) Magic Mouth
Good for a Commercial product. Not as good as Corn Chip nail tips. Let's see what other products SNL can produce in the next 17 episodes.
Grade B-

(Sketch) NPR radio
Always funny! This one is no exception. Carvey as That guy was funny. The eyepatch was good as well as the Black Draculas. Very funny! Can't wait till thenext NPR.
Grade A

(Sketch) Church Chat.
4 Words! Rolling on the floor!!!!!!
Very awesome. The real Church lady!
The Tacos or Wienner thing was great!! Dana at His best!!!!
Grade A+++

(Sketch) George Bush and Son.
Okay, not the best George Bush sketch i have ever seen. Liked the line about making all the children in that clump of durt! Son I know your not right in the head.
Good, but could have been better!
Grade B+

(Weekend Update) with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Alright! here it is!!!
Tina- You are awesome! I will continue to watch Weekend Update because of you! You have great tallent. You are as good if not better than Colin Quinn. Even though Colin will not be forgotten! (Just do something soon man!) Tina keep it up. Your 9 years as head writer is paying off good!h
Jimmy- You also have great tallent! But Update is just not your thing. Don't get me wrong, your great on the show. But you are not right sitting behind the desk. save your tallent for the rest of the show and those damn good impressions!!!! But keep it up and prove me wrong!
Liked Update this week. DeNiro made it fantastic! However, the guy in the van brought the grade down 2 points. So sorry, but you didn't quite make a B this week Update.
Grade C+

(Musical Guest) The Wallflowers
Not a big fan of there's like last week. But the song kicked!
Grade B+

(Sketch) VH1 fashion awards
Not the best sketch of the night but it did Okay.
Best impression: Mya Rudolph as Macy Grey
Worst Impression: Jerry Minor as Cuba Gooding Jr.
Liked Fallon and Dratch's imprssion of Sting.
Grade B

(Sketch) Chicken Store
What the hell was this??? I am still crinkling thinking about it, just Terrible!!!!
Grade F (first of the season)- if you don't count the entire Robe Lowe Episode!!!

(Musical Guest)
Not as good as the first song.
Grade C

OVERALL: No damn Cartoon like it said again!!! But was a damn good show liked i said it would be!
Best Sketch: Church Chat- still rolling on the floor!
Worst sketch: Chicken Store- What the hell!!!!!
See yah in two weeks on 11/04/00
Host Charliez Thermon
Musical Guest: Paul Simon

Episode Review written by Medmaster2001

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