Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Segments are rated Excellent, Good, Average or Poor.

Opening Sketch: Tuned in late and missed it.

Dana Carvey's monologue: Excellent.
Took equally hilarious jabs at Bush and Gore.

"Magic Mouth" commercial: Poor.
If I want to hear fart jokes, I'll watch South Park!

Delicious Dish: Excellent.
I loved Dana's sadistic comments about stopping kids from burglarizing his house (razor blades in the windowsill, etc.) as well as the remark about scratching his cornea while putting up insulation.

Church Chat: Good.
Started off strong with Church Lady's interview of Hillary Clinton. Dipped into "cheap laughs" area when Anne Heche was offered a wiener or a taco. (At least they didn't use tuna!) Redeemed itself with finale rap of "The Real Church Lady."

George Bush and son hunt: Average.
Dana's George Sr. was more sedate than in his classic Bush sketches.

Weekend Update:
Jimmy Fallon: Average. Better than previous weeks.
Tina Fey: Good. More good stories than clinkers.
"Anna Nicole Smith": Poor.
Adam McKay street interview: Excellent.
Robert DeNiro: Average. I kept waiting for him to slug Jimmy for making fun of him.

Wallflowers: Good.

Vogue Fashion Awards: Average.
I thought Dana's "Rudy from Survivor" impression sounded a lot like his Dennis Miller impression.

Ching Change chicken shop & play: Good.
I tawt I taw a cue-card man! Horatio Sanz makes a great Chinese father (or a Kathy Bates-type mother). He reminded me of the lesbian Chinese restaurant owner in "Strip Mall."

Wallflowers again: Good.

Ending: Poor, thanks to the jerks at NBC cutting it off right after Dana said good-bye.


Episode Review written by John Ravetti

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