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October 21, 2000

How is everyone doing? I'm writing this review on Thursday the 26th so that officially means I'm late. I should make a new year's resolution to write them on the day after.

OK, since I saw a lot on tv this week, I will tell you some details on the new shows.

The Fugitive- This new version of the highly popular sixties show is certainly a gem this season. If you haven't yet watched, please, do yourself a favor and watch it.

The Michael Richards Show- Seinfeld With A Twist. That is what I call it. Just imagine Kramer with a job.

Bette- The much hyped show is kind of a disappointment to me. Not enough laughs. Also, I'm not a big Bette Midler.

As for the rest, I can't put many more down so I will just give you my top five new shows and the worst three of the season.

5. The Geena Davis Show.
4. Boston Public
3. Daddio ( just newly cancelled too)
2. The Fugitive
1. The Michael Richards Show

Worst Of The New Season

3. Bette
2. Deadline
1. Freakylinks

So there you have it. My review of the new season so far.

(The Host) Dana Carvey

If you have been a fan of SNL and have seen some of the older shows, you gotta know who Dana Carvey is. Garth on Wayne's World. The Church Lady. George Bush. The list is endless of who this guy can be. Since I heard he was host I have been counting down the days of his appearance on SNL again and now it is here.

(COLD OPENING) The Bush Debate

* Finally, out of all three debate sketchs, here is the best. Dana Carvey actually makes this so hilarious. From George B. to Barbera B.
* Is it just me or is Darrell Hammond making Al Gore look like a complete idiot?
* Chris Kattan's questions for Bush and Gore were so funny. I was so sure he was going to crack up at any minute.


(MONOLOGUE) The Many Faces Of Carvey

* Why is it that Dany Carvey can impersonate anyone. This guy is so gosh darn rootin' tootin' funny(oops, kinda lost it there with the tootin').
* His Bill Gates impersonation was a real hoot. I thought I was gonna crap my pants I was laughing so much throught out this monologue.


(COMMERCIAL) Speaking Of Tootin'

* Just when you think that SNL can't make anymore funny commercials, they pull this one out.
* Why does the looks on Kattan's and Fallon's face crack me up?


(SKETCH) The Delicious Dish

* Is there any sketch where Dana Carvey won't crack me up?
* This sketch was way better than last year's Danny DeVito one. But nothing will beat his balls (Alec's that is). If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then maybe you should forget it.
* The voice Carvey used was funnier than his Bush impersonation. Good times, good times.
* Every time I see this sketch I always crack up at the way they talk. They all deserve credit for not cracking up while talking.


(SKETCH) The Real Slim Shady Is The Real Church Lady

* YES! My favorite SNL character returns. In this sketch I will look at each guest he had.
* Hilary Clinton- No matter what happens, Church Lady always makes her guests look like idiots. I liked the line where Church Lady said something like who is going to look after Bill's little rocket.
* Anne Heche- Anne Heshe. Oh, Church Lady, you do know how to crack me up. The wiener-taco thing was kind of stupid but it still got a chuckle or two out of me.
*Eminem- The look on Dana Carvey's face alone could give this one 10/10, but when he sang "The Real Church Lady" that was definitely the best.


(SKETCH) Hunting With The Bushes

* How many times will SNL writers make George W. Bush look like a complete jackass. The antlers were the final straw. Not that I didn't find it funny as hell, but...
* Aw. I really thought that Bush sr. was gonna "take care" of Bush Jr. Rats! Maybe next time.


(Interlude) Who Really Did Let The Dogs Out?

Why are these guys here singing that song that I have stuck in my head?

Weekend Update With Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

* So, finally I see the face if Adam McKay. His part was definitely hilarious. This guy seems pretty sick to me.
* Tina's french whore line was so funny, I can't even remember the whole thing. All I know is that it was funny.
* The funny and unexpected appearance by De Niro was certainly unexpected.


(SKETCH) Carvey's Rudy Impersonation Made This Funny

* (Please Read Title)

5/10 for Carvey's Rudy

(SKETCH) Silly Chinese Guy's Broadway Show

* Why does the late sketches never fail to make me sick. This was certainly the worst sketch of the year so far. It went nowhere. It wasn't even funny. The whole sketch was just to show everyone Carvey can talk like a crazy chinese person.


The musical guest I didn't review because I didn't watch them.

Actors Of The Night: Jimmy Fallon, Dana Carvey, Tina Fey
Sketch Of The Night: Magic Mouth, Church Lady, Weekend Update
Worst Sketch: Chinese Guy And His Broadway Show
Busiest Cast Member: Chris Kattan, Ana Gasteyer (4 Sketches)
The Not So Busy Cast Member: Rachel Dratch (0 Sketches)

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

Afterward: One of the best skits so far with the worst skits so far. Still this episode was pretty funny with Dana Carvey. Next week is the halloween show. Most likely I will watch it but I definitely will watch November 4th with Charlize Theron and Paul Simon. Although I can't wait for Tom Green.

In Case I Don't See Ya, Good Afternoon, Good Evening And Good Night.

Episode Review written by Joey Mac Queen

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