Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

[INTRO] Presidential Debate

As I've said before, I'm not a big fan of political sketches, but this one
wasn't too bad. I loved Dana's George Bush impression. It was also funny
when him and his bodyguards dressed up in different costumes in order to
fool the moderator guy just so Bush could ask more questions. Not to bad,
but SNL needs to slow down on the political aspect of life and maybe
concentrated on other things, such as ANYTHING ELSE.
=3 out of 5=


Good monologue. I do enjoy the improv monologues. It's usually only the
stand-up comedians that do the monologues such as past cast members or
guests like Ray Romano. Dana Carvey, no matter what he says or does, makes
me laugh. Great monologue.
=4 out of 5=

[COMMERCIAL] Magic Mouth

Best idea ever! The magic mouth, which you stick in your ass and it, talks
when you fart so the sounds of flatulence don't embarrass you. Great idea,
which in my mind is classic SNL. Will Farrell seems to be in all the
commercials. Hmmm. He must be that good, just like this commercial. One
of the best commercials I've seen in SNL history. It still doesn't beat the
Assjet commercial though.
=4.5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] The Delicious Dish

I love the Delicious dish, it's delicious! Dana Carvey was freakin'
hilarious. From his girly soft voice to his gang slang and gang names, the
whole sketch was one of the best. It will definitely make my top sketches
list of the 2000-2001 SNL.
=5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Church Chat

Best sketch so far. Holy did I ever laugh my ass off when I watched this
one. I am glad they brought back Church Lady for this episode. I guess
what would a Dana Carvey episode be without Church Chat? Anne Heche or in
Church Lady's Words: Anne He-She, Hillary Clinton, and Eminem were the
guests on church chats. Great impressions on their part if I may add. What
else could I say but classic SNL?
=5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] the Bush Father and Son Hunting Chat

Boring. A big let done for the show. Who wants to listen to George Bush
and his son talk about whatever it is that they were yapping about? I
thought it was terrible.
=1 out of 5=


As usual, the show was great. I mostly enjoyed the part when they went to a
correspondent in the streets who went around, dressed like a punk, in a van
with big black guys talking to people about Gore and Bush, and how they
should get in the van with them. When they went up to the kids and asked
them to come in the van and bribed them with candy. That was classic.
Overall, it was wicked.
=4 out of 5=

[MUSICAL GUEST] Wallflowers

Although it was a vast improvement from the past two musical guests, they
still weren't that great. Jakob Dylan, front man of the Wallflowers, has
got a boring voice. Music wasn't that bad though.
=2.5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] 2000 VH1 Fashion Awards

Very funny. Impressions were great, except for the Cuba Gooding impression.
That guy was loud ands annoying. Hope he's not on the show next year.
Nothing else really I can say but the impressions of Macy Grey, Dylan
McDermott, and others were excellent. I could go on forever about this
sketch. Oh yeah, Dana Carvey as Rudy from Survivor was freakin' hilarious.
This sketch is a must watch.
=4.5 out of 5=


The writers ruined Dana Carvey on this one. They made him play a role that
completely sucked. I thought that not one part of the sketch was funny,
beside Horatio Sanz. It most definitely needed to be cut. It was stupid
and not enjoyable whatsoever.
=1.5 out of 5=

[MUSICAL GUEST] Wallflowers

Not any better than the last time they played. Actually it was worse.
=2 out of 5=

=37 out of 55= (67% GOOD)

I must say that this episode is the best yet. A 10% improvement from the
last episode. You always get those dumb sketches and ridiculous musical
guest that always bring down the score. I was hoping for maybe a Wayne's
World sketch just like the Heather Locklear episode when Wayne wakes up
beside Heather Locklear and he thinks it's Garth and then he's all in
Melrose place. That was definitely on of the funnier SNL sketches. I'm
looking forward to more previous cast members coming back to host the show.
That definitely makes SNL a whole lot funnier.

Episode Review written by Daniel Humenny

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