Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

Today So Far:Didn't wake up to 1130AM.Less time to wait for the
show.Probably will be the most anticipated show of the season.Wtched some
hockey, World Series, Madtv was delayed like three hours.Didn't watch it

Debate III-Return of Bush and Lock Box:Grade A
Well I wasn't expecting Carvey as Bush(saw on the site, that there would be
a father and son sketch), but wasn' that surprised.The first debate sketch
is the funniest by like 0.1%.Bush as himself, a Spanish man, and Barbara B.
was funny. Gore mentioning the lock box again! George W. saying to that
woman to vote Gore.Great stuff.In every debate sketch, Chris' face makeup is
never the same."Thats an excellent question.And I thank you for asking
I tought George Bush would go after that "Gore Operative", after saying all
that bad stuff about him.The best part was when he and Jim were arguing if
he was an undecieded voter. I was leaning to A+. Watch me lean.

Monologue:Grade A+
Finally a good monologue.Lowe's was crap(all monologue's with 'unrehearsed'
questions suck)Hudson's was okay(not old enough to even know about "laugh
in") Carvey was just great.Impersantaions of Gore and how he distances
himself from Clinton,Bush on how he looks, Bill Gates on how he looks, and
Jonny Cochrane on defending Microsoft."Everybody knows Monopoly is a board

Magic Mouth:Grade C+
Good idea.Little laughs. My friend Jared and i came up with something
simliar. Excelerate Your Ass. Place something similar to gum and when you
fart, it is muffled and a mint scent is releashed, from the presure.

NPR-Dilishious Dish:Grade A+
It was no 'Sweaty Balls', but it was great.Carvey's voice was excellent."Do
you think my relegious beliefs are cartoonish?" - "Stealing electronics and
stereo equipment and looking for cheap thrills." - "Is that a joke about my
scratched cornia?" - "I'm going to take a few Black Draculas with me"

Chuch Chat:Grade A+
Nice to hear Phil Hartman's voice. Is that Church Lady's old hairstyle or is
it a new one? Funny with Hillary Rodham Clinton"We love our three names.We
only call ourselves New Yorkers when its convienent."
With Anne Heche-e, "So what is it? Weiners or tacos? Then with Emeniem,"I'm
the real Church Lady ... please stand up, please stand up."

George and W:Grade A
Could've been better."sorry Rudolph, but the govenor doesn't get you a
reprieve."Then W is playing with antlers, and George smacks him.The George
goes on how he is not that smart and its probably delexia, but him and Bar
called it retardation.Then George considers killing W."No, shouldn't even
think about that.First its against the law.Barb wouldn't like that."

Who Let the Dogs Out:Grade B-
Why were they here?

Weekend Update:Grade A-
Not even DeNirp himself could make this a Grade A+.Funny bits were the
French whores faxing, On the Streets" I just wanted to take your daughte in
the van film her while she talks about Bush", and DeNiro"I'm not gong to do
that" - "I'm Tina Fey and (DeNiro in wuss voice) I'm Jimmy Fallon"

The Wallflowers:Not Rated
Watched Canucks/Coyotes and Mets/Yankess

VH1 Fashion Awards:Grade B-
Could have been better. Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch were funny.Carvey as
Rudy from Survivor was funny.Minor was Morgan or Meadows.And Morgan is no

The Millionaire and the Chinese Chicken Man:Grade B
What the crap was this? Stupidiest sketch in a long time.Dana Carvey and
Haratio Sanz were funny arguing.That was it.

The Wallflowers:Not Rated
Don't like them anyway.Watched Mets/Yankees.

Overall Show Rating:A-
With Dana Carvey hosting I thought this would be way funnier.
there could have been a Celebrity Jepordy! with
Regis(Carvey),Connery(Hammond) and Jimmy Fallon(DeNiro).Where was the


Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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