Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

OVERVIEW - I know everyone is expecting a good show tonight due to the host. I was not a big fan of the show when Dana Carvey was a regular, so I wasnt that much more excited than usual. The Wallflowers are pretty good.

COLD OPENING - Ok, this is getting old now. It got old last week too. Thankfully there are no more debates. This one didnt have alot of punch to it. The question by Chris Kattan asking them if they were qualified to be President was the only funny part I thought. I was not impressed with the whole bit with Dana Carvey as George Bush and his other costumes. Enough already.

MONOLOUGE - This was the exact same thing he did on Conan OBrien earlier in the week. It was more of a stand up routine than the usual monologue. It was decent, I thought the best of the year so far.

COMMERCIAL (MAGIC MOUTH) - Ahhhh I dont know about this one. Well it was alot better than the corn chip commercial from the Rob Lowe episdoe. But I didnt think it was all that great.

DELICIOUS DISH - This has never been one of my favorite sketches. But this one was better than the average Delicous Dish. Molly and Ana were funnier than usual. I like eye patches, so that was funny Dana Carvey had one on. All in all, his appearance here wasnt all that great. I dont know.... this kind of died I thought. I have been pretty unimpressed with the show so far.

CHURCH CHAT - Things getting a little better now. I thought all the guests were funny (Hillary Clinton, Anne Heche, Eminem). The Clinton/ Lewinsky references were funny like when Church Lady asked Hillary Clinton about what Bill was going to be doing with his free time. Chris Kattan as Anne Heche was hilarious. The whole thing with her being a bisexual was quality entertainment. This wasnt Chris Parnell's best Eminem impersonation. Usually he is pretty good at doing him. Good sketch.

GEORGE W AND DAD HUNTING - You knew there would be a sketch with these two. I thought it would have had something to do with the debates though. The life saver part was funny. It looked like Will was going to laugh a couple of times. I didnt think it was cool to call George W. Bush retarded, clearly he is smarter than most people. Great Line when Gov. Bush said he wouldnt give the deer a reprieve. I dont really think Presidnet Bush would really think of shooting his son. The show is making a turn for the better.

WHAT THE HELL - I hate the song "Who Let The Dogs Out." As far as I know they are not the musical guests tonight. I guess that is far as they will get. I cant imagine they would have a second song to perform. If this was graded it would get a nice F.

WEEKEND UPDATE - Joke wise, this was probably the weakest update yet with this duo. My favorite joke was the one with Pat Buchanan appearing on a Walgreens security camera. Molly's Ana Nicole Smith was better than in the past, but I am still not sure if she was laughing on purpose or not. The whole bit about her buying a school was dumb though. The next joke about Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns concert was funny too. Then there was Tina Fey's little speech about the French Prostitute. Just do the news. I dont want to watch your standup during Weekend Update. I do like it better when she doesnt wear her glasses though. Next, the thing with Adam McKay was plain stupid. He should go back to writing bad short films (excpet The Heat Is On). Dont want to see him on Update anymore. Then the big surprise. Robert DeNiro. Jimmy had to be nervous as hell. I couldnt believe he was on the show. It was classic when DeNiro said "And Im Jimmy Fallon" at the end. This surprise saved a miserable update. Bas

ed on the DeNiro bit this will get an A- instead of a low C probably.

MUSIC (WALLFLOWERS) - Their new song is alright, and I know their new album got really good reviews. This song was pretty good actually. It had been a while since they have had a new album.

VH1 VOGUE FASHION AWARDS - Molly Shannon did a much better Gisele than Jerry Minor's Cuba Gooding Jr. He looked nothing him. When he said "Show me the money" I thought that it was pretty funny. Macy Gray is so annoying in real life, even though I do like her music. Maya did a very good impression of her. Chris Kattan continued to have a solid night, as he did a good job as Dylan McDermott. Tracy Morgan's only appearance of the night in this sketch. Rachel Dratch did a good job if she was trying to look like a mutant.I dont know if Dana Carvey's impersonation was good, because I didnt watch Survivor.

CHICKEN SKETCH - Ouside of Horatio being funny, I didnt get very many laughs out of this one. Maybe the cartoon that didnt air could have aired here instead. The thing with Chris Parnell and buying his play or whatever was dumb.

MUSIC (WALLFLOWERS) - I fast forwarded past this.

-- Well after this my tape cut off, so I dont know if there was anything else, but I am assuming there wasnt.

This show was just average. It had its moments, but there was alot that wasnt laugh out loud funny. I dont think it was as good as last weeks. This show will always be remembered for the DeNiro appearance. Its time for some reruns until November 4 with Charlize Theron and Paul Simon??? Paul Simon. Anyways thats it for this week. I hope my tape didnt run out too early. Where was the cartoon again?

WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - That Chicken Garbage

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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