Dana Carvey / The Wallflowers
October 21, 2000

My name is Anna and I am a big fan of SNL! I do think that so far last
year was better. But who knows, maybe the show will progress as the
season goes on. You may notice I didn't rate the musical performance by
the WALLFLOWERS because I don't usually watch them. Well, here is my

{THIRD DEBATE} This was pretty funny. It had people asking the president
stupid questions which were replied with stupid anwers. I still think
the first one was the best. B+

{MONOLOGUE} I thought Dana Carvey was pretty funny! He talked about the
presidents and impressions of them. I give it an A for the best
monologue this year. A

{MAGIC MOUTH} This was a hilarious commercial advertising a product for
gas passers! It was soooooo funny! Whenever someone passed gas the Magic
Mouth would speak for them! A+

{Delicious Dish} I like this sketch. Although not my favorite it is
pretty funny. Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer are of course the stars of
this sketch. The theme for this Delicious Dish was Halloween. Dana
Carvey was the person who played the guest on their radio show. A

{CHURCH CHAT} Dana Carvey played the church lady. Ana Gasteyer played
Hillary Clinton whom the church lady kept making her mad. Kattan was the
he/she and then they had a mock Eminem who wasn't played that well. Too
conclude Church Lady makes a song that sounds like the real slim shady.

{GEORGE BUSH AND SON} Basically George Bush and his son are hunting.
George Bush the son keeps wanting to kill a deer which he is obsessed
with. It is kind of stupid with a couple jokes here and there. C

{WEEKEND UPDATE} They did a pretty good job! Guests on the show was Anna
Nichole Smith (Molly Shannon) and the real Robert DeNiro. I liked this
one. A

{CHICKEN PLAY} This was just stupid. All it is, is about a guy who
raises chickens who he wants them to be on Broadway. I didn't find a
whole lot of laughs. D+

Episode Review written by Anna

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