Pierce Brosnan / Destiny's Child
May 5, 2001

Opening Statements
Well, we are now back to new episodes. Since the last episode of SNL (Renee) was good, I am not really excepting this one to be good, but you never know. About Pierce, I loved the Bond movies, but have really not seen much of his other material, so comedy for him will be interesting. So let's go!

Bush w/Daughter Opening
I am pretty sure that Julia Stiles played his daughter; but again I am not 100% sure. It was pretty funny. I liked the crack about getting the grades in school. It was a decent opener for the show, but I don't like when they OD on the political openings.
Grade: B

I was really happy when Sean Connery came out. He really wasn't that funny though. Yeah, he was vulgar, but I think that that only works well on the Jeopardy sketches. Oh, well Pierce makes a better Bond anyway.
Grade: C+

Homocil Commercial
It's been done, but it's one that I like.
Grade: A

MTV: Gemini's Twin
I HATE and the word is HATE these sketches. This one was not funny at all, and since I do not like Destiny's Child, I didn't like this sketch. This season they have done way too many of these sketches (it must be about 4 or 5). Anyway, this sketch was long and painful. Pierce sucked in it too.
Grade: F

The Weakest Link
Thank god that the show redeemed itself from that last sketch. I do watch this show and I think that this sketch was pretty well done with the exception of Rachel's impression (it was a little off). The crack she made to Tracy about his mama was funny, and also comparing Horatio's head to Fred Flintstone was funny, too. I liked this sketch, and I thought that it was true to the show.
Grade: A-

YES! I am so glad that they did another sketch. The first one with Sean Hayes was better though. I thought that Jimmy and Horatio made the sketch. When Horatio said that his jacket was "Members Only" took me back to the Loony Tunes jacket. Also, when he said "for your in-for-ma-ciones" was funny, too. Jimmy laughed during this sketch. He seems to do that a lot. Will was funny, as the boss again too.
Grade: A

Destiny's Child Performs
I do not like this group, and therefore no grade shall they receive.

Weekend Update
The jokes in Update were okay. The one that stands out to me is the one that Jimmy made about Benny Hill. Tracy playing a black James Bond would be funny. I like when he makes his little speeches on Update. Looking back at the Update, I can see that nothing really stood out as being that funny and it just ended up being mediocre.
Grade: C

Angry Office Guy
This sketch was great. I loved it. Will is so funny as an angry guy. This character he did reminded me of him doing John Rocker last season. When he said he was going to rape Chris Kattan, I think that they came close to crossing the line, but I don't think they did. I liked when he slapped that girl and called her a whore, and then told the guy to drink his piss. It was a very creative sketch, but still disturbing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though.
Grade: A+

The West Wing while High
I don't watch the West Wing, so I probably didn't really get all I could have out of this sketch. It was amusing, but not really funny. I liked the last sketch so much, that I was probably really critical of this one.
Grade: C-

Adam McKay Short: Dog Stealing
This short was better than his other shorts, but that's not really saying anything. At least this one had Molly Shannon in it. The idea was cute, but again his shorts aren't really that good, and I was expecting a cartoon tonight.
Grade: C-

Destiny's Child Performing (Again L)
No Comment

History Channel Special on World War
This was creative as well. At first, I thought that it would be boring, but the personal stories made it funny. I like the one about the guy being in the round room with no corner to sit in.
Grade: B

Vegas Stand-Up for Kids
This was okay. The only part of it I laughed at was when Pierce told that Chinese kid to give us back our plane. Other than that, I was probably waiting for the sketch and the show to end.
Grade: C-


Closing Statements
The show tonight was better than I expected. It had a couple funny sketches, and a couple bad ones. I think that next week's episode with one of my FAVORITE actresses from The Practice (Lara Flynn Boyle) is hosting. Bon Jovi is a good choice for a music guest, too.

Sketch of Night: Angry Office Guy
Worst of Night: MTV Sketch
Person of Night: Will Ferrell (Office Guy, Weakest Link, Bush)

Episode Review written by David R.

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