Lara Flynn Boyle / Bon Jovi
May 12, 2001

[OPENING] An Address from Dick Cheney
A so-so opening sketch, the idea was funny; having Cheney conserving energy by
having no personality. Pretty funny idea, but eventually this sketch became
alittle slow. Doing Cheney seems to be the only reason for having Darrell
Hammond come back for another season, but just his luck, Cheney will drop dead
in November, leaving Darrell will nothing to do for the rest of the year but
staying for the rest of the season. Anyway, this wasn't too bad, but not as
strong as the last few openers from the past weeks.
Grade: B

[MONOLOGUE] Lara Flynn Boyle
This seemed pretty similar to last season's monologue with Tobey Maquire,
which also had Adam McKay as a loud mouth audience member, he even appeared to
be seated in the same spot - probably to make him seem more like a real
audience member, and ironically that monologue also aired towards the end of
the season. Adam McKay sure seems to get alot of airtime for a writer, kind of
like Tom Davis appearing in alot of sketches during the late 80s and early 90s
without being credited. I'm a fan of most of the stuff McKay does, but this
wasn't too great, like in Tobey Maquire's monologue, he was way too loud and
obnoxious here, but I'm sure it could have been worse. Lara Flynn Boyle wasn't
funny at all and just seemed to play off McKay, rather badly and the fake
stomach was just plain stupid.
Grade: C+
Funny lines: "I get it. Your doing Jack Nicholson." "I think you're the one
who's doing Jack Nicholson." -- Lara Flynn Boyle and Adam McKay

[COMMERCIAL] Cornchip Nailtips

[SKETCH] Cough Please
This sure was an odd little piece, and I'm surprised it aired so early on in
the show considering it wasn't all that funny. I guess my expectations were
alittle high since I saw Ferrell enter early on, and expected something really
bizarre and funny to occur. It wasn't too bad, but it just wasn't all too
funny after awhile. It was a pretty simple sketch, and the twist ending was
quite funny, and it didn't bore me, so it's got that going for it.
Grade: B

[SKETCH] The DeMarco Brothers
I'm still not a very big fan of this sketch, it seems that whenever SNL has
musical guests on who can slightly act, they instantly think of doing a
DeMarco Brothers sketch. But I do find them pretty funny at times, as long
they don't overdue it. Plus Horatio's crazy dancing in the beginning made me
Grade: B

[SKETCH] MTV Cribs: Robert Downey, Jr.
Pretty funny concept, very short and got right to the point. One of the
brighter moments of this episode. It was very short, so I don't think I'll
give it a grade.
Grade: N/A

[SKETCH] Save the Starving Actresses Foundation
You just knew they'd end up doing a sketch about Lara Flynn Boyle's weight, or
lack thereof, but I found this to be pretty dull and predictable. No laughs
from me. I really disliked Boyle's delivery, she came off like she was really
amusing herself more than anyone else. It was a good premise, but she handled
the material rather poorly, and it seemed to run abit too long.
Grade: C-

[SKETCH] The Scarlet Letter
Another pretty unforgettable sketch for me. I would have probably found this
funny about five or six years ago, but most sexual humor has gotten to the
point of being overused way too much, and it always seems to be the same old
jokes anyway. I remember reading The Scarlet Letter in my Junior year of high
school, too bad I didn't see this around the time I was reading it, I may have
enjoyed this sketch more, but probably not too much more. There were some good
moments such as Will Ferrell who's appearance alone was pretty damn funny, and
they did bring back the "Sweet Sassy Molassey!" phrase they used on
SportsCenter afew seasons ago, and it was also nice to see Darrell in another
sketch, and I noticed Michael Delaney from the UCB Theater was one of the
extras in this sketch, he was also the man who got a cake dumped on his head
in the Roberto Benigni sketch with Ray Romano. An okay sketch, I guess I just
couldn't appreciate this like a good Clinton.
Grade: C+
Funny lines: "At any moment I fear I may drop to my knees." -- Lara Flynn

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Even Weekend Update seemed kind of shaky this time around. None of the news
bits were anything great, so I guess they have an excuse. They did have some
good jokes here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning. Getting Lou
Reed seemed kind of desperate and he really didn't do anything. On the plus
side it reminded me of a funny joke Norm MacDonald did on WU about a listing
of where the best tasting and worst tasting water comes from, I don't remember
where he said the best tasting water came from, but the punchline was; "and
the worst tasting water.. Lou Reed's bongwater." By the way, I recall a music
video Lou Reed had that involved him ripped his face off, I always thought
that was a cool video, anyone happen to know what song that was? Anyway, for
me this was one of the weaker Updates in quite a long while. On the plus side,
Jimmy Fallon didn't screw any of his lines up, which is good.
Grade: C+

[SKETCH] Moulin Rouge
This sketch was quite funny, especially for something that was basically a one
joke sketch. The soundtrack for the movie is quite ridiculous, but I wouldn't
be surprised if some people may have been lost during this sketch because the
movie isn't out yet, and hasn't really been advertised too much, but it was
pretty clever that they had the actual commercial for the movie, and then came
back which this sketch. One of the better sketches of the night.
Grade: B

[SKETCH] MSNBC Investigates: The Golden Girls
I really enjoyed this sketch in a strange sort of way. This would be this
weeks "out there" sketch, almost every show has one, and it usually airs late
in the show. The more ridiculous a sketch is, the more enjoyable it is more
me. This was a brilliant take on these fools who are imitating Jackass, a show
which is as equally bad as The Tom Green Show. Very funny sketch that was
pulled off well. They probably could've had Rachel Dratch play Estelle Getty,
but Ana Gasteyer did an okay Bea Arthur though. Just like last week, I'm
noticing this is the second week in a row where the more memorable sketches
seemed to come on after Weekend Update.
Grade: A

[SKETCH] Wake Up Wakefield
After having this fairly funny sketch originally done during the Julia Stiles
episode, its brought back but not nearly as good, mostly due to the fact that
it was basically the exact same thing as the last time. They did this last
week too with Jeffrey's, is it that hard to come up with new material? This
seemed to drag on forever and Lara Flynn Boyle wasn't too great either, even
the mustache wasn't funny, that joke has been overused to death with women gym
teachers. Once again, Rachel Dratch was the highlight in this sketch, and
really the only reason for watching it this time, and Horatio's dancing made
me laugh too, hes a funny dude.
Grade: C

[SKETCH] A Message from Shaquille O'Neal
This wasn't too bad for this late in the show, pretty good Shaq impression
too. I wonder if this is Tracy Morgan's way of getting back at Shaq for
flattening him in the sketch they did in the Kelsey Grammer episode. I liked
the attention to detail by making all the furniture small to emphasize Shaq's
size. Not too bad, and its good to see Tracy finally play someone besides
Grade: B-

[SKETCH] The Bloater Brothers
I didn't think we'd see these guys on the show again. I always found them to
be pretty annoying, but they seemed worse than ever tonight, mostly due to the
fact that their distinctive laugh seemed louder and more overused tonight than
ever before, even to the point of becoming more irritating than Beavis and
Butthead. I'll admit, some of their one-liners were worth a grin or slight
chuckle but nothing more, the constant laughing is way too irritating to enjoy
this, plus it really wasn't any different than the other two Bloater sketches.
Poor Chris Parnell, hes really talented, but his recurring characters really
suck. (DeMarco Brothers, Bloater Brothers, is that it? I see a long line of
brother characters for him.) I think this may have been cut off early, but I'm
not positive.
Grade: C

Pretty crummy show for me. I don't remember laughing too much tonight. What a
let down after last weeks great episode. Lara Flynn Boyle did absolutely
nothing for me, I guess comedy isn't for everyone. There were a few good
points on the show, but I think the mediocre and bad ones clearly outnumber
the good. Lets hope we get something good for the season finale next week with
Christopher Walken. I guess anything has to be better than last year's final
episode with Jackie Chan.

Episode Review written by Emmanual Goldstein

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