Alec Baldwin / Coldplay
April 7, 2001

Hi-de-hi-de-hi! It's JK again with more JK's SNL.
Brought to you by "Los Angeles Tap Water": Want pure
Refreshing water? Get a job fool!

Before I begin, I want to explain my February/March
Absence. See, I was looking at past editions, and I
thought to myself... Sarcastic Quips is the way to go,
not listing just what's good or bad. So effective
tonight, I'm going back to just ranting about the

Let's not waste time, heeeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeessss...
Bush on China: Ah, that Tax refund thing was going to
make you my friend George, but this kinda takes things
back. No one wants to mess with texas because it's
nothing but Arkansas' "Wacky Neighbor". Even though
Will is unquestionably accurate to the real deal, He
know how to make america hated. As for the sketch, I
found it humorous.

On the Scale: B+
Monolouge: Number 9... Number 9... Number 9 for Mr.
Baldwin. All this plus the REAL prsident... CLINTON.
(I'm sorry, but it's going to take me forever to get
used to G.W.) As good as he may be, he shouldn't have
dumped on AB's divorce.

On the scale: C+
Bank Commercial: I would do the same thing If I had
that kind of job.

On the scale:B
Delicious Dish: At first I thought that it wouln't be
the same without Molly. But as soon as I heard "Pete
Schwetty", What I thought ment SH**! Aside from the
whole "Wieners" thing, was the guy getting off on the
Action. Unfortunately, This is going to mean "DD"
sketches through 2012.

On the Scale: A+
Hostages: Yet another Sketch ment for 12:50 aired by
mistake. I quote Chris Issak when say that it's a
"Bad, bad thing."

On the scale: F(Bomberman #1)
Actors Studio: You hopefully know my position on these
by now.... But this one made me feel different. I
happen to be a fan of the "Match Game", in fact, I
just recently wrote an article for about
the Creators of "MG7X", as well as other shows. Go
there and check it out sometime. As for the sketch, AB
was 100% percise to the man himself. as for his looks,
I have seen CNR on "Drew Carey", and he doesn't sound
that fruity.(No offense CNR)

On the Scale: (Believe it or not) C+
Update: Ah update, how could you go wrong? How about
that dis on Darryl. I mean I know he's in trouble and
everything, but he is human after all. But that was
the only problem with it. The rest of it was smooth
sailin'.(Was Kid Rock and David Spade Really
Necessary? It was ok and everything, but still...)

On the Scale:A-(For Darryl's sake)
Coldplay: Maybe someday I'll appreciate SNL's Music
acts ...Just not today
Red Ships of Spain: I only like "Goulet" when he
screws up Rap songs... This on the other hand was
disturbing. The only good parts were the reviews.

On the Scale: D+
Tax Cut: Bombs awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy.....(KABOOM!)

On the Scale: F (Bomberman #2)
Mob Photos: These people have got to watch more than
"The Sopranos" This is your OTHER 12:50 sketch,
complete with charm. But give it credit, it didn't
completely suck.

On the Scale:D+
On the OVERALL scale: B-
'Weakest link' woman: "You are the weakest link,

JK: Uh-Oh, that's my cue to get out. Rene Zelweiger
next week...

"WL": I said 'you are the weakest link, goodbye!"

JK: Pipe down, I going... Geez, don't you say anything
else? I'm outta here, see ya round.

Episode Review written by JK's SNL

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