Ferrell Tidbits for October 5, 2001

By Sean Bradley,

Plans for a Bush Return

During an interview on the NPR program "Fresh Air" Thursday, "SNL" cast member Will Ferrell revealed that his impression of President George W. Bush may return to the show this weekend.

Host Terry Gross asked Ferrell if his portrayal of the President as being unintelligent and fratboy-like is still appropriate.

"So much of our approach is taking what the perception is and turning it back around and regurgitating it to the audience," Ferrell said. "Obviously we don't think that [Bush as a dimwit] is so much the perception anymore so it will probably be changed somewhat. I know the piece this week actually is more of a take-charge Bush and playing more off of that. At least initially, that might be the new angle."

Ferrell also shed some light on his role in Monday's Jerry Seinfeld-organized comedy benefit at Carnegie Hall. He says he will be serving as emcee of the event -- since he doesn't consider himself much of a stand-up comedian -- and it won't be so much his job to be the funny one. He may do a song as Robert Goulet.

Ferrell a College Burn-Out

Will Ferrell will guest star on FOX's new college-life sitcom "Undeclared."

Ferrell will appear on the episode as college burn-out Dave, who longs for the good old days. In the episode titled "Addicts," Steven (Jay Baruchel) convinces Rachel (Monica Keena) and Lizzie (Carla Gallo) to let Dave ghost-write their term papers.

"Undeclared" will air the episode featuring Ferrell on Tuesday, October 9 at 8:30 p.m.

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