Comedy Central Tampers with Smigel's 'Funhouse'

by Aaron Barnhart,
TV Barn

A segment with the title "Porn for Kids" went a little too far over the top for squeamish executives of Comedy Central.

Sometime after the bit was telecast last week on Robert Smigel's Comedy Central series "TV Funhouse" -- but before the encore re-aired over the weekend -- the bit was removed from the episode.

TV Barn reader John Carney, a reporter for the Shelbyville (Tenn.) Times-Gazette, writes: "Wednesday night's episode of 'TV Funhouse' on Comedy Central included a segment entitled 'Porn for Kids' which opened with the title, written in colorful kids-show lettering, over a background of children running through a field. The joke was that we then saw what appeared to be a 70's-style porn movie -- with all of the dirty parts edited out. It ran about 20 seconds. Then they showed the 'Porn for Kids' logo again.

"On Sunday, I was watching the repeat of the episode to catch a couple of other segments that I'd missed. Over the past five days, they had gone back and edited the title sequence. The segment was now called 'Porn for Everyone' and the footage of the children had been removed."

Smigel, the gut-bustingly-funny comedy writer who traded lawsuits last year with now-defunct Internet retailer over its "spokespuppet," is no stranger to the red pencil. Three years ago, his animated segment for "Saturday Night Live" (also called "TV Funhouse") featured a vicious cartoon attacking General Electric, owner of NBC. After it aired, "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels had the piece deleted from the repeat episode.

"TV Funhouse," incidentally, is rated TV-MA -- meaning kids shouldn't be watching it anyway.

Source: TV Barn

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