'SNL' Tidbits for October 3, 2000

by Sean Bradley

'Weekend Update,' with...

The head-honchos at "Saturday Night Live" have finally settled upon anchors for the revamped "Weekend Update," which commences with this Saturday's season premiere. That's right: anchors (plural).

Insiders tell me the fake news segment, which has been a weekly staple since "SNL's" inception, will be anchored this season by Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. Not since 1982 -- with Brian Doyle-Murray and Mary Gross at the helm -- has there been a duo behind the news desk. The last "Update" anchor, Colin Quinn, is leaving "SNL" in pursuit of a film career.

Fallon enters his third season on the show this weekend. Fey has been a writer for the show since 1997, and last fall became the first female head-writer in "SNL" history.

Carvey Date Set

As previously reported at SATURDAY-NIGHT-LIVE.com, former "SNL" cast member Dana Carvey is expected to return to the show this season as host. According to a source, he has been penciled in for the October 21 broadcast, with musical guest The Wallflowers.

Carvey last hosted "SNL" in 1996, a year before he was forced to temporarily drop out of the limelight and undergo two sets of open-heart surgery operations.

He is back on the big screen November 10 in "Little Nicky," a new comedy starring former "SNL" castmate Adam Sandler.

Ferrell on 'Late Late Show'

Will Ferrell will guest on CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" next Tuesday, October 10. Also appearing on Kilborn's show that evening is musical guest Eve 6. "Late Late Show" airs 12:35 p.m., ET.

Myers the 'Supermodel'

Former "SNL" star Mike Myers is developing a comedy inspired by fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's three-part comic book "The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel," reports "Billboard."

Should the film come to fruition, DreamWorks and Universal Pictures likely would partner on the project, allowing the studios and Myers to fulfill the settlement commitment that resulted from lawsuits surrounding the would-be feature film "Dieter."

The comic book series follows the exploits of a 5-foot-9-inch platinum blonde beauty who is discovered in a New York coffee shop by a famous designer. The movie project is being tailored for Myers, who would star as the Mizrahi-like lead character.

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