Colin Quitting ... on Good Terms

By Sean Bradley

Thursday's "New York Post" broke the news that "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Quinn won't be returning to "SNL" this season.

Quinn, who had been with "SNL" since fall 1995, is leaving to pursue a movie career. He's already set to appear in the tentatively titled "Irish Curse," a film he wrote which is being developed through ex-"SNL" alum Adam Sandler's production company.

An "SNL" insider assures that Quinn's decision to leave was his own -- stressing the situation does not echo that of the mess from January 1998, when Norm Macdonald was shoved from the "Update" desk against his will.

Quinn is considered, amongst "SNL" cast and crew, one of the nicest and most well-respected cast members; and his split from the show is on very good terms. According to the source, Quinn had always planned to do just 2.5 years of "Update." He is expected to return several times next season in cameo appearances.

"It was the most amazing experience of my life," Quinn told the "Post." "It's every comedian's dream. You feel like, 'Now I can die.'"

No replacement at the "Update" desk has been decided upon at this time.

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