Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Tim Meadows

March 15, 1999

BigStar_Host: Enjoy yourselves!
BigStar_Host: Here we go!

BigStar_Celeb: I was discovered for SNL while I was performing at Second
BigStar_Celeb: Lorne Michaels and Jim Downey saw me perform and I was
performing in the same cast as Chris Farley and they brought me out for
a meeting in NY and hired me about two months later.
BigStar_Celeb: So, I guess that was my big break.


nice_to_all_the_ladies asks: Do you like being on the SNL cast?
BigStar_Celeb: Yeah, I enjoy it.
BigStar_Celeb: The .. it's a lot of work.
BigStar_Celeb: But, it's fun because I work with a lot of funny people.
So, six days out of the week it's a lot of laughs and very creative.
BigStar_Celeb: And, I still enjoy it .. it's challenging.


Slim_shady_what asks: Will you be working on any upcoming movies?
BigStar_Celeb: We're working on "Ladies Man" .. the movie, now.
BigStar_Celeb: We wrote a script over the summer, and we hope to shoot
it over this summer.


BigStar_Celeb: It's pretty .. well, I've heard the jokes all week long,
so I know what to expect.
BigStar_Celeb: But, once in a while, we'll do something different and
that will make me laugh.
BigStar_Celeb: If it's something unexpected, like in this past show,
Horatio Sands grabbed my crotch at the end of a sketch and then I
started squeezing his fake boobs.
BigStar_Celeb: We started laughing cause we knew it was over.
BigStar_Celeb: He just looked hysterical and I wasn't expecting him to
grab me like that!


eastcoastcanuck asks: I love your ladies's man bit. Do you take the same
approach to dating as your character.
BigStar_Celeb: Not any more.
BigStar_Celeb: Since I got married.
BigStar_Celeb: I"ve been married for a year and a half.


Lana421 asks: If you could meet anyone else who ever lived, who would it
BigStar_Celeb: I think ... who would I wanna see?
BigStar_Celeb: I think .... wow.
BigStar_Celeb: I'd love to meet someone like Plato or .... somebody
who's just way ahead of his time.
BigStar_Celeb: And, I would love to meet somebody like .. I guess it'd
be kinda cool to meet, you know, like George Washington.
BigStar_Celeb: Lincoln would be pretty cool, too.
BigStar_Celeb: I'd say "Thanks, Lincoln."


JAMES_BONDPA asks: What stars have you met, and who is your favorite
BigStar_Celeb: Who was cool .. well it was cool to actually meet Paul
and Linda McCartney.
BigStar_Celeb: Cause the Beatles were really popular when I was very
young and I'd heard of them all my life.
BigStar_Celeb: The week they were on the show, I used to write promos
for the show and the host and musical guest would perform them.
BigStar_Celeb: I'd written some for Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin and
Paul started laughing at the ones he was reading and they were all mine!
BigStar_Celeb: I thought, "Paul McCartney's actually laughing at
something I wrote!"
BigStar_Celeb: It was a big moment for me.


Lana421 asks: ok what is the one questiong you never get asked, but want
to get asked?
BigStar_Celeb: "Can I believe that this is happening to me?"
BigStar_Celeb: That's the question that I find it hard .. no one's ever
asked that.
BigStar_Celeb: I'd answer "No, I can't believe that this is happening to
me .. that I've been able to do the things I've been able to do."
BigStar_Celeb: I was just a poor kid in Detroit, and I never expected
all of this to happen.


Slim_shady_what asks: What was your favourite childhood game to play?
BigStar_Celeb: I used to love whiffle ball, like baseball but with all
plastic instruments ... plastic ball and bat.
BigStar_Celeb: I hit home runs everytime I went up to bat.
BigStar_Celeb: Then we started playing with real balls and bats and I
wasn't quite as good.


zeb_35 asks: How long do you have to prepare between episodes?
BigStar_Celeb: Well, we actually only have Sundays off.
BigStar_Celeb: We just did the show Saturday and we have another show
this coming Saturday.
BigStar_Celeb: So, we had yesterday off and we're already back today
talking about this week.


Jordan_D_SNLFAN asks: Any word on "Ladies Man" co-stars? Even if it's
just rumours now, I'd love to hear something.
BigStar_Celeb: It's too early to tell what's going to happen or who
we're going to be able to get.
BigStar_Celeb: We'd love more SNL cast people from the past/present to
be in it.
BigStar_Celeb: There's a lot of roles for women so we hope to get some
very funny actresses to play a part in it.


RubberNeck667 asks: YOU KICK @$$ MAN!! LONG LIVE SNL!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigStar_Celeb: RubberNeck rules!
BigStar_Celeb: :)


pixi37 asks: Tim,which musical guest has been your fave? Tracey S.C>
BigStar_Celeb: It was really cool to see Bruce Springsteen.
BigStar_Celeb: Because I had ... I had never really .. I was never
really into him .. I'd heard his music, but never seen him in concert.
BigStar_Celeb: Then once I saw him live doing rehearsals in the studio I
thought, "Oh, this is what it's all about!"
BigStar_Celeb: He's really that good and charismatic .. everytime he
rehearsed a song, he did it at full throttle!
BigStar_Celeb: It was great to see.
BigStar_Celeb: And, also N'Sync.
BigStar_Celeb: I'm joking.
BigStar_Celeb: I've seen a lot of cool people .. it was cool seeing Tina
Turner do "Proud Mary."
BigStar_Celeb: It was great seeing Paul McCartney.
BigStar_Celeb: It was great seeing Snoop Doggy Dog and Tupac.
BigStar_Celeb: Nirvana .. and Pearl Jam.


Senza007 asks: Who would you want to play you in a movie about your
BigStar_Celeb: Don Cheadle.
BigStar_Celeb: Or, Sinbad.


quick_sketch asks: Where did the idea for the ladies man come from?
BigStar_Celeb: I used to do the voice of the crank phone call to radio
shows and TV shows in Chicago.
BigStar_Celeb: And, one day I was telling some of the writers here ..
two of my friends, Andrew and Dennis, and they thought it was really
funny and they wanted to write the sketch.
BigStar_Celeb: They thought the voice was really funny.
BigStar_Celeb: A few hours later they said, "Do you wanna do it in the
BigStar_Celeb: They had the idea for the Ladies Man Talk Show and they
asked me questions and I started riffin, doing that voice, and then we
created this character ... that's how it happened.


bluecheese14_99 asks: Tim in school were u "the ladies man'?
BigStar_Celeb: I um .. I've always been in serious relationships .. but
in between I had periods where I was The Ladies Man.
BigStar_Celeb: But, I think I was always happier when I was in one


xXk8LinXx asks: hey i just wanted to say that i love the ladies man, and
your character on "jingleheimer junction," also you did a great job on
the recent episode of SNL, where you played the sportscaster
BigStar_Celeb: Oh, thanks!
BigStar_Celeb: I had fun working with Ray Romano in that sports sketch.
BigStar_Celeb: It was fun to get to do that type of thing .. that type
of sketch.


IndustrialStrengthChickMagnet asks: what kind of music does tim like?
BigStar_Celeb: I like all kinds .. I play the sax and I was in bands and
love music.
BigStar_Celeb: I listen to classical, jazz, a lot of rap, some country
music, very little country ... Lucinda Williams I loved her album this
BigStar_Celeb: I also loved Lauryn Hill's album .. Beastie Boys, R.E.M.
Talking Heads, Dinosaur, Jr.....
BigStar_Celeb: A Tribe Called Quest ...


RayneeFace asks: So, what advice do you give to up and coming comics??
BigStar_Celeb: Well, Raynee Face, I would say no matter what people say,
keep doing what you're doing .. don't let people talk you out of it.
BigStar_Celeb: And, if you're funny, people will know it and they'll
find you.


bjorn917 asks: Mr. Meadows, you are a main element in snl. no doubt
about that. duluth, mn.
BigStar_Celeb: bjorn, thank you very much.
BigStar_Celeb: I try to do my small share to make the show the funny
thing that it is.


OmieDude asks: This is OmieDude from Manteca/California, What was it
like to touch Cameron Diaz' bootius-maximus, in the ladies man sketch?
BigStar_Celeb: Well, I was so focused on doing the sketch that I really
didn't have time to pay attention to how it felt.
BigStar_Celeb: But, she was a very good sport about everything that was
going on in that sketch.
BigStar_Celeb: She was very funny .. I love Cameron Diaz.


Slim_shady_what asks: At what age were you interested in comedy?
BigStar_Celeb: No. I mean .. I think I ...
BigStar_Celeb: I've always loved comedy on TV .. always watched comedy
shows .. that was always what I was drawn to.
BigStar_Celeb: But, I didn't know I was gonna do this until I got older.
BigStar_Celeb: I took some improv classes and found that I liked it and
it was something I could do.
BigStar_Celeb: I decided to see how far it could go if I pursued this as
a career.
BigStar_Celeb: And, that was it ....


Otaku_Gamer asks: What do you in your own spare time?
BigStar_Celeb: I play golf.
BigStar_Celeb: I read.
BigStar_Celeb: A lot.
BigStar_Celeb: I just started a biography of George Washington that I
can't wait to start reading in depth next week.
BigStar_Celeb: I just finished reading Al Franken's book which I really
BigStar_Celeb: I like to listen to music, see movies, hang out with my
wife a lot.


BigStar_Celeb: Of all time ....
BigStar_Celeb: If I had to say one, I'd be making a lot of people mad. I
really can't say one.
BigStar_Celeb: My all time favorite, I'd have to say is Bill Murray.
BigStar_Celeb: And, everybody else is right behind him.


hotandkinky asks: this is becky from ny, i was wondering how you got
people for you audience during snl?
BigStar_Celeb: The audience .. the majority is general public, people
that write in for tickets.
BigStar_Celeb: Cast, staff, and writers .. we all get tix for the show
to give to people.
BigStar_Celeb: Others are guest .. the host and musical guests.
BigStar_Celeb: But, the majority of people are the ones who write in for
BigStar_Celeb: I'd say write in right now for next season.
BigStar_Celeb: Or, give me a call. I'll see what I can do.
BigStar_Celeb: ;)
BigStar_Celeb: You can just write to NBC and I answer letters and send


MrMusicFanMan asks: What person would you like to do on the show that
you haven't?
BigStar_Celeb: Let me see .....
BigStar_Celeb: I really ... I don't know ... right now.
BigStar_Celeb: I mean, there's always somebody new that comes in the
news or sports, or the news in general.
BigStar_Celeb: I've been here so long that I've done everybody that I
wanted to do and could do.
BigStar_Celeb: The challenge is finding somebody new.
BigStar_Celeb: Johnnie Cochran dropped in my lap. It was great to have
the opportunity to do that character ....
BigStar_Celeb: I don't know .. I'm rambling now ..


Canadian_1999 asks: (Campbell River BC) Tim, How has stardom effected
your personnal life?
BigStar_Celeb: I think the only change really is that now when I go out
in public, I can't watch people like I used to cause they watch me.
BigStar_Celeb: So, that's changed.
BigStar_Celeb: But, I don't think I"ve changed much from the person I've
always been.
BigStar_Celeb: I've always been kind of shy .. it takes a little while
to sort of get to know me.
BigStar_Celeb: But, I don't know .. I think I'm the same guy I've always
been. I just ... I got a lot more dough.
BigStar_Celeb: ;)


BarenakedLadiesFan928 asks: DO YOU LIKE SOUTH PARK?
BigStar_Celeb: I can honestly say I saw the bootleg South Park tape when
that was around, but I've never seen the South Park TV show.
BigStar_Celeb: So, I don't have any comment on it ... I don't know if
it's good or bad.
BigStar_Celeb: I don't get to watch much TV and don't have Comedy
Central right now either.
BigStar_Celeb: So, I'm missing out on a lot of stuff.
BigStar_Celeb: I don't have a lot of time, and when I do I like to watch
sports and Biography or something.


charliemalarkey asks: What do find to be the biggest difference between
New York and LA?
BigStar_Celeb: I love visiting L.A..
BigStar_Celeb: But, I like living in New York.
BigStar_Celeb: There's no .. the biggest difference is mainly just the
weather and people seem a lot nicer in L.A..
BigStar_Celeb: And, people drive like maniacs in L.A., too.


ed_die_soon asks: who do you think will win the ncaa hoops tourney?
BigStar_Celeb: I've got Michigan State .. that's who I'm going for.
BigStar_Celeb: I'm gonna name my final four ... they are: Auburn and
Michigan State for the final two and am picking Michigan State to go all
the way.
BigStar_Celeb: Let me see ... I think maybe Connecticut and St. John.
BigStar_Celeb: I'm going to try to look at my list here, trying to see
who's still in.
BigStar_Celeb: Auburn, St. John, Connecticut, Stanford .. .. yeah.


Slim_shady_what asks: How long have you been in the acting buisness for?
BigStar_Celeb: About 13 years.
BigStar_Celeb: I was in an improv group called The Detroit Times Theater
Company in Detroit and it was a bunch of friends that all did improv
together a few places in Detroit.
BigStar_Celeb: We never made much money but kept the group together.
BigStar_Celeb: Then I moved to Chicago and did improv there .. The
Improv Olympics and with Second City.


pumba2_29 asks: Tim, I am VERY eager to get on SNL.....where to I start?
BigStar_Celeb: Producers couch?
BigStar_Celeb: No!
BigStar_Celeb: I don't know!
BigStar_Celeb: I would suggest .. you know .. if you're out there
performing in the comedy community, talent scouts will find you
BigStar_Celeb: That's how it works . they look for people .. .. hear
about who's good and go out and try to find them.


hmblondiee asks: what do you think your biggest achivement in life is?
BigStar_Celeb: I guess ....
BigStar_Celeb: Geez ...
BigStar_Celeb: Having friends and being a friend to people that I know.
BigStar_Celeb: I think that's an achievement .. maintaining friendships
and relationships with your family.
BigStar_Celeb: I'm proud of that. I'm proud that my family loves me and
my friends like me.
BigStar_Celeb: My relationship with my wife ... and, you know, I think
those are big achievements.


Mr_Riva_Iron_Grip asks: How did you meet your wife?
BigStar_Celeb: We met on an airplane flight between New York and
BigStar_Celeb: And, she sat next to me.
BigStar_Celeb: And, I gave her my phone number, we talked on the flight.
BigStar_Celeb: She never called.
BigStar_Celeb: Then when I was going to Chicago to visit friends, I
called her and said I was coming to town, could I take her to dinner?
BigStar_Celeb: So, she accepted and we met for dinner and that was it.


Legos4ever asks: SNL cracks me up. What tv shows do you find hilarious?
BigStar_Celeb: I love The Simpsons.
BigStar_Celeb: It's my favorite show on TV .... comedy show.
BigStar_Celeb: I miss Seinfeld.
BigStar_Celeb: And, I miss Larry Sanders.
BigStar_Celeb: I like NewsRadio.
BigStar_Celeb: I like Spin City.
BigStar_Celeb: And, Frasier can be good. And, I think the Conan O'Brien
show is one of the funniest shows on TV.
BigStar_Celeb: His repertory group of guys and writers on that show have
the funniest bits.


Kyle_Anson asks: Do you ever play pranks on each other on SNL?
BigStar_Celeb: Let's see ..... pranks ....
BigStar_Celeb: What's happened around here?
BigStar_Celeb: Well, one time I remember, we went on a retreat .. and I
won't use names, okay?
BigStar_Celeb: But, a writer on the show .. let me start over .. we went
on a retreat, a cast member made fun of one of the writers in front of
everyone, it was a big joke and all in fun ...
BigStar_Celeb: But, the writer didn't care for it.
BigStar_Celeb: But, when we came back a few days later, the actor's
entire office was moved into the hallway on the 17th floor.
BigStar_Celeb: I always thought that was genius .. that the guy came in
a day earlier and moved all of the guys stuff into the hallway .. he
obviously had some help .. cause there was a desk to move.
BigStar_Celeb: It was pretty funny.


souljah328_99 asks: What kind of car do you have
BigStar_Celeb: I have a Nissan Pathfinder and a motorcycle.


bobdiscount asks: do you ever run into any former SNL castmembers you
used to work with?
BigStar_Celeb: Yeah, I talk to Sandler, and Chris Rock ...
BigStar_Celeb: And, occasionally, you see other people just out when you
go to L.A. and stuff .. I talk to Mike Myers once in a while ...
BigStar_Celeb: We keep in touch with each other .. and Spade a little.


ebstiles asks: Does Adam Sandler act the way he does in public when he
is in private? Art, Hampton, IA
BigStar_Celeb: Yeah, I think it is similar.
BigStar_Celeb: He's funnier in private, though .. even funnier, I should
BigStar_Celeb: He's very quick and he's .. .he just makes me laugh.
BigStar_Celeb: I love talking to him on the phone cause he's so funny.
He'll do voices and characters.
BigStar_Celeb: He just kills me.


RayneeFace asks: What do you think about Monica's interview on 20/20?
BigStar_Celeb: I just can't believe that .. when I was watching it, I
couldn't believe that she ... did she realize that she's talking about
performing oral sex ont he president?
BigStar_Celeb: And, like .. that's what she's known for.
BigStar_Celeb: I thought it was weird and sort of sad.
BigStar_Celeb: I kinda feel sorry for her cause no matter what she does,
she'll always be known as the chick that gave the president a hummer.


PlotTwist asks: super cool , Tim good luck on ladies man
BigStar_Celeb: Oh, thank you!
BigStar_Celeb: :)


BigStar_Celeb: I don't know?
BigStar_Celeb: If there is, you know, I hope they're like more advanced
than us and funnier than us and more creative.
BigStar_Celeb: But, if they're like behind us, we don't have any use for
BigStar_Celeb: And, think about that!


amanda_k6499 asks: Tim, I have great material, but I have major stage
fright. How do I get up in front of everybody?
BigStar_Celeb: Everybody says you should think of the audience naked,
but I think it's the oppposite.
BigStar_Celeb: I think you should think of yourself as naked.
BigStar_Celeb: Then you'll be concentrating on that so much and feeling
so weird that you'll lose the stage fright.
BigStar_Celeb: I think you have to face the fear and dive in there, once
you get up there and start getting laughs, you'll relax and have the
audience eating out of your hands.
BigStar_Celeb: I've literally had that .. had the audience eating out of
my hands.


skeeterwampas asks: what reasons made you think, "comedy sounds like a
good proffession"?
BigStar_Celeb: Well, I never thought of it as something I could do for a
living .. just something I could do and do pretty well.
BigStar_Celeb: I never expected to make a living at it .. I was gonna go
back and finish college after I got started.
BigStar_Celeb: I was planning on becoming a program director or
something like that ... not on being on camera.


BigStar_Celeb: I agree.
BigStar_Celeb: ;)
BigStar_Celeb: And, thank you!
BigStar_Celeb: Just kidding.


f_flubber asks: What's the thing you like most about SNL and being
BigStar_Celeb: What I most like about SNL is the Krispy Kreme donuts we
get every Thursday.
BigStar_Celeb: And, what I like most about being famous is I can go into
Krispy Kreme and get donuts and not have to wait in line.


BigStar_Celeb: One thing was the "Riding My Donkey" sketch where we were
political analysts and on donkeys and my donkey slipped on some urine
and something and it was live TV.
BigStar_Celeb: I was worried about the donkey and it was okay but we all
started laughing cause the donkeys kept moving and we didn't know what
camera we were one!
BigStar_Celeb: Then when Chris Farley was on the show and did a sketch
where he was this big baby and ripped my arms off ... he was whispering
in my ear and kissing me ... made me laugh.
BigStar_Celeb: And, also watching him do Matt Foley was fun.


Jezter3 asks: Tim, as an actor how much creative imput do you have into
writing sketches?
BigStar_Celeb: the sketches like "The Ladies Man" I write with two other
people but a lot of the other sketches I do, I either write by myself
with input from other writers on the staff, or they're written for me by
the writers.
BigStar_Celeb: So, I'd say it's 50/50, you write some of your own
sometimes, and then the others are written for you.
BigStar_Celeb: But, you always get input from other people .. you always
want to find a better joke.


supernurse1949 asks: Do you base the char Leon Phelps on anyone from
your past? Do you write the dialogue for the char?
BigStar_Celeb: It's not based on anyone from my past.
BigStar_Celeb: But, it is about a certain lifestyle in the 70's which
was a player's lifestyle.
BigStar_Celeb: That really doesn't adapt to the 90's.
BigStar_Celeb: So, the suggestions that you'd get from that character,
they may work for him, but they wouldn't work nowadays.


Malhavoc_4 asks: Who were your major influences growing up?
BigStar_Celeb: Richard Pryor.
BigStar_Celeb: SNL, SCTV ...
BigStar_Celeb: Bill Cosby
BigStar_Celeb: Johnny Carson
BigStar_Celeb: Freddie Prinz.
BigStar_Celeb: David Letterman
BigStar_Celeb: And, shows like Carol Burnett and those kinds of shows.
BigStar_Celeb: I really love variety shows.


kevweiss asks: What do you do during the 3-4 months off in summer?
BigStar_Celeb: I play a lot of golf.
BigStar_Celeb: We try to go and have dinner in the city a lot and see
BigStar_Celeb: We try to do the things we can't do in the regular season
.. try to enjoy being in the city.


SUMMERMOON2 asks: Can u tell us pickuplines THAT WORK?
BigStar_Celeb: "You wanna guess how big it is?"
BigStar_Celeb: That always works for The Ladies Man.
BigStar_Celeb: Is that enough?
BigStar_Celeb: ;)


jayson23_m asks: Has becoming a calebrity changed the way you view
yourself or others
BigStar_Celeb: Wow ... not really.
BigStar_Celeb: Because even with the people that I meet coming in to do
this show, the host and musical guest, you realize people are all the
BigStar_Celeb: They're no different from my doorman, my chaffeur or my


bmccuin asks: How do you react to all of your fans, and the many stupid
remarks I am sure you receive?
BigStar_Celeb: Well, in general people are pretty nice to me ... except
during the OJ trial.
BigStar_Celeb: That's when I got people that had an opinion about us
doing the sketches.
BigStar_Celeb: One time this guy stopped me in Chicago and was really
angry about me doing OJ.
BigStar_Celeb: And, Is aid, "I'm sorry if you don't like it, but it's my
BigStar_Celeb: I satirize the news and whether you agree with my opinion
or not, I find humor in certain things.
BigStar_Celeb: He was really angry, I tried to calm him down .. I
thought we were gonna come to blows over it.
BigStar_Celeb: But, I tried to talk him out of it like I did when I was
a kid.


P4_20 asks: when did in set in that you are famous
BigStar_Celeb: One event that really hit me was ... wow .. that's a good
BigStar_Celeb: I think .... like one time .. and I think it's Bruce
Springsteen again.l
BigStar_Celeb: I talked to him at the show and he had mentioned a sketch
that I had done and that he watched the show every week.
BigStar_Celeb: It sort of dawned on me then that like, you know, people
watch this show!
BigStar_Celeb: I try not to think about that too much.
BigStar_Celeb: And, believe me, there's times when I don't feel famous.
BigStar_Celeb: Like when people are rude or in general ... like at the
airport when you get rude service.
BigStar_Celeb: Or, when you have to stand in line or do anything like
anybody else .. you're not treated too differently.
BigStar_Celeb: ANd, living in New York, people remind you that you're
not famous.


SmackSmackums asks: Hey Tim, my name is Peter Downing. Can you just say
hi Pete D so i can say i talked with Tim Meadows?
BigStar_Celeb: Hi Pete D! I hope I get to come hang out with you pretty
soon, dude!


Bond3064 asks: Has a tabloid ever gotten on your nerves with untrue
information about yourself.
BigStar_Celeb: No.
BigStar_Celeb: Not that I know of.
BigStar_Celeb: I hope it never happens.
BigStar_Celeb: I don't think I have any deep dark secrets that I
probably haven't talked about already.
BigStar_Celeb: I've hidden them very well.
BigStar_Celeb: I don't feel that I'm famous enough that the tabloids
even care!
BigStar_Celeb: Nobody cares about me!


CathleenIn99 asks: Who's yer favorite celebrity to make fun of?
BigStar_Celeb: It was pretty fun doing OJ and doing those charactes at
that time, like Johnnie Cochran and I've always loved doing Sammy Davis,
Jr. even though I don't do him anymore.
BigStar_Celeb: But, he was always one of my favorites.


thee_empress asks: Tim--which classic sketches do you wish you'd been
BigStar_Celeb: I wish I could have been in The Coneheads sketch.
BigStar_Celeb: I would have loved to have been in Bill Murray's The
Lounge Singer sketch.


kitkat787 asks: when people write you do you actually read the
BigStar_Celeb: I try to, yeah ...
BigStar_Celeb: I read whatever people send in. Most of the letters are
short .. basically, "I like you. Send me a picture."
BigStar_Celeb: Doesn't take long to read that.
BigStar_Celeb: I'll send pics and sign autographs and send out cards and
BigStar_Celeb: I figure if people can take the time to send a letter, I
can take the time to send something back.
BigStar_Celeb: Even though my time is more valuable ;)
BigStar_Celeb: That's a joke.


NHL_sk8r asks: What is the most intelligent question you have been
BigStar_Celeb: I think that the question about life on other planets is
one I've never been asked.
BigStar_Celeb: I thought I answered pretty well .. so scroll backwards
and find that question!


NHL_sk8r asks: What is the most intelligent question you have been
BigStar_Celeb: I really have enjoyed the questions and I don't think I
started off good, but I got into the swing of it and had a lot of fun.
BigStar_Celeb: I hope you all keep watching and thank you for providing
me with a career!
BigStar_Celeb: :)
BigStar_Celeb: Thank you! It was fun! Bye!

Source: Yahoo! Chat

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