'SNL' Tidbits for June 21, 1999

By Sean Bradley

Seinfeld Hosting Premiere? ... 'No Comment'

The rumors continue to fly, but no one has yet to confirm whether or not Jerry Seinfeld will host this fall's season premiere of "Saturday Night Live," slated for October 2.

When questioned by the "New York Daily News," Seinfeld spokeswoman Elizabeth Clark declined to comment about the possibility of her client ringing in the first show of "SNL's" 25th season. Clark would only say that the comedian "gets approached to do many different kinds of projects on a daily basis" and that "the volume of requests is enormous." She insisted that Seinfeld, who lives in New York, is "still taking some time off."

An "SNL" spokesman was similarly close-mouthed.

Details 'Scarce' on Primetime Special

The "New York Daily News" isn't just trying to dig up info on who's hosting the season premiere, but also on "SNL's" three-hour primetime special, airing this fall on NBC. "Details are scarce so far," the paper reports, "but viewers can expect an eye-popping roster of 'SNL' stars and visitors, including some vintage musical performances."

The event, celebrating the beginning of "SNL's" 25th season on air, will be broadcast live on Sunday, September 26.

Sandler to Schneider: Forget Copies ... 'You Can Do It!'

Rob Schneider always has a blast working with Adam Sandler, his friend since their days together on "SNL." Schneider appears as a delivery guy in Sandler's "Big Daddy," which opens this weekend. He also popped up in last year's $160 million-grossing "The Waterboy," as a dentally impaired Cajun who shows up at football games and rallies, and yells, "You can do it!"

"It was his way of having fun with me, 'cause of the copy-machine guy," Schneider tells the "Toronto Sun." "He was at 'Saturday Night Live' the same time I was, and he was there when my copy-machine guy character took off and it was like huge. So I was the guy with the catchphrase. So he thought it would be fun to give me another catchphrase as, like, an inside joke only for him. He was, like, 'In two weeks it'll be 'You can do it!' You're not gonna be able to go anywhere!' He's funny, he just creates a playground for himself, his friends, and the rest of America."

'Powers' Slips; Compilation Ratings Down

"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" made room for Disney's "Tarzan" over the weekend, slipping into the No. 2 spot a week after its spectacular $54.9 million opening.

Grossing $31.9 million June 18-20, a moderate decline of 42 percent from its first weekend, the Mike Myers vehicle's 11-day total is $116.7 million. It crossed the $100 million mark on Saturday.

Saturday, a special "SNL: The Best of Mike Myers" compilation did so-so in late night on NBC. It easily won its time-slot, and attained "SNL's" second-highest Nielsen rating since the season ended in mid-May, a 6.0 rating and 15 share, but didn't fare quite as well as many similar cast member compilations had last year (John Belushi, Dana Carvey Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Steve Martin, and Eddie Murphy all had higher-rated clip-shows).

Oteri Still Parties on Sat. Night

"SNL" may be in reruns for the summer, but that doesn't mean Cheri Oteri can't still have a fun-filled Saturday night.

Giorgio Armani threw a party, last Saturday, for Eric Clapton, to begin auctioning off 100 of the singer's prized guitars for the Crossroads Center in Antigua. Armani invited over 500 to the L.A. auction-launching, and Oteri was among those on the invitation list. Others on hand for the spectacular event included Robert De Niro, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mimi Rogers, Garry Shandling, Glenn Close, Andy Garcia, and Jeff Goldblum.

Armani greeted all the arrivees and introduced Clapton (''My dear friend''), who gave a two-hour concert with Jimmy Vaughn. Patina provided delights for the palates.

Rock Gets 'Bigger'

Chris Rock was at HBO's Manhattan headquarters, Friday, giving a press conference to promote his upcoming special, "Bigger and Blacker." The former "SNL" cast member, who's now one of the hottest comedic talents in books, movies, and TV, tapes three shows beginning Thursday night at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater for the special that airs Saturday night, July 10.

Rock said he stays in touch with his former "SNL" cast mates, Adam Sandler and David Spade. "Me and Sandler talk all the time. And Spade. Who can I talk to? Who at the end of the day understands what I'm living?" Is this trio the new Rat Pack of comedy? Rock laughed first, then answered: "I don't know. We're just friends." Will he work with Sandler? "We talk about doing something every now and then. We'll see."

Downey Jr. Back in Rehab

Robert Downey Jr. was headed back to NBC again. The actor, who spent the 1985-86 TV season at the network as a cast member on "SNL," was going to voice the devil on the midseason animated comedy "God, the Devil, and Bob."

But Downey's plan to return to the network where he got his start has hit a small snag, as he has re-entered drug rehab after confessing to his probation officer that he has been using again. "Access Hollywood" says that Downey's wife, Deborah Falconer, may finally file for divorce, ending a seven year marriage.

NBC has called upon Alan Cumming to replace Downey.

Hall Gets Work!

In 1985, at 17 years of age, Anthony Michael Hall was the youngest cast member ever on "SNL" (a record which has yet to be broken). American teens of the '80s grew up with him in such classic pubescent parables as "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles." 14 years later, the 31 year-old Hall may have just turned in his comeback performance, as he played Microsoft chief Bill Gates in TNT's telefilm "Pirates of Silicon Valley," which aired last evening.

As for how he approached the character of Gates, he tells Mr. Showbiz he read Gates' books, studied his business model, watched him on videotape, etc. "I wanted to turn in a Method performance. I didn't want to approximate the 'Saturday Night Live' caricature."

Wayans Pens 'Bootleg'

Al Franken, Dennis Miller, and Gilda Radner are just some of the former "SNL" players who have tried their hands at writing. Now Damon Wayans, a featured player on the show during the 1985-86 season, has joined the list with his first book entitled "Bootleg." What possessed the funnyman the put pen to paper? "I wanted to see if I could spell," Wayans tells "USA Today."

Actually, he admits that seeing other comedians writing books and topping best-seller lists made him think, "You know what? I think I can do that."

Crystal Hosting Special Olympics

He may have served as master of ceremonies for the "Academy Awards" multiple times, but ex-"SNLer" Billy Crystal will make his debut as host of the opening ceremonies of the "1999 Special Olympics -- World Summer Games."

"It will be an honor to pay tribute and help celebrate the achievements of some very gifted athletes from around the world," Crystal told the "Associated Press" on Tuesday. "It is thrilling to take part in an event that plays such an important role in promoting pride and self-worth in some truly remarkable people."

The Special Olympics World Summer Games open June 26 at Carter-Finley Stadium, and will air July 1 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

'SNLers' on the Tube

Here are appearances "SNL" alumni will be making on talk shows next week:

"Late Show with David Letterman," CBS
* Tue 6/22 - former cast member Adam Sandler

"Tonight Show with Jay Leno," NBC
* Mon 6/21 - former cast member Rob Schneider

"Late Night with Conan O'Brien," NBC
* Thu 6/24 - former cast member Adam Sandler
* Fri 6/25 - former cast member Rob Schneider

"Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher," ABC
* Tue 6/22 - Norm Macdonald's ax-man Don Ohlmeyer

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Comedy Central
* Wed 6/23 - former cast member Adam Sandler

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