'SNL' Tidbits for January 18, 1999

By Sean Bradley

Feb. Guests Scheduled

On February 6, "Saturday Night Live" will return live with host Gwyneth Paltrow. The Barenaked Ladies will serve as the evening's musical guest. Both Paltrow and Ladies make their debut appearance on the show.

The following Saturday, February 13, Brendan Fraser will return for his second stint as "SNL's" host. The musical guest will be Black Crowes, making their third appearance on the show.

"SNL" will air it's last live episode of February sweeps on February 20. Former cast member Bill Murray will return for his fifth time as host -- That's right, he'll be a "5-timer." The musical guest will be singer Lucinda Williams, making her first appearance on the show.

Busta Rhymes has also been reported as a likely musical guest by season's end. No date has been announced.

As always, the show is live and therefore nothing is ever definite, but this is the schedule as of now.

Pardo Mystery Resolved

"SNL" viewers with keen ears noticed last weekend that Don Pardo wasn't sounding himself. Well, that's because Pardo wasn't even in Rockefeller Plaza on Saturday night.... As many have speculated, it was Darrell Hammond doing a Don Pardo impression.

Pardo is sick and was given the weekend off. Apparently, he's expected to be back for the next live episode on February 6.

The monologue, which featured "Pardo" expressing his love for host James Van Der Beek was actually re-written three times. A source close to the show tells me that at one point, it was written so that Lorne Michael's would have done all of the voice-over dialogue with Van Der Beek. It obviously didn't go over -- It really would have been in poor form, and probably made Michaels look like a pedophile. Not that it flattered Pardo.

We here at wish Pardo, who turns 82 on February 22, a quick recovery.

Morgan Stumble Explained

In other re-write news, the commentary Tracy Morgan did on "Weekend Update" last weekend kept being re-written up until the last minute. This would explain why Morgan, who reportedly likes to be very prepared for his performances, seemed kind of lost during the segment and stumbled over his lines.

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