Museum of TV and Radio to Hold 'SNL' Seminar

By Sean Bradley

Just got this e-mail from Tyler Shaw, the Assistant to the Vice President of Public Affairs and Programs at The Museum of Television & Radio:

The Museum of Television & Radio in New York will hold a seminar entitled Behind the Scenes: Saturday Night Live on Monday, April 19. This seminar is the latest in its University Satellite Seminar Series. During a search on the Internet, we located your site and thought that you and the visitors to your site might be interested.

Saturday Night Live and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players redefined comedy in the midseventies with unforgettable characters, devilish impersonations, and irreverent humor. Past and present cast members along with members of the SNL creative team will reflect on their experiences on America's landmark comedy showcase. [Panelists to be announced]

The University Satellite Seminar Series consists of seminars held in New York and sent via satellite to universities and colleges across the country. Members of the off-site audience can call in and ask questions of the panelists directly. Please note that questions are not taken from the audience in New York.

If you think that the visitors to your web site would be interested in this event, please link to the following address:

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