Chris Farley's Other Side

By Rich Brown

While stories of Chris Farley's substance abuse and wild living are legion, a new E! documentary reveals the late Saturday Night Live funnyman was also a churchgoing do-gooder.

"There was a big part of him that believed in God, but unfortunately he believed that he wasn't going to ever be forgiven for all the things he did," says drug counselor Dallas Taylor in Chris Farley, the E! True Hollywood Story (Sunday, 8 pm/ET). Taylor says Farley, who died from a massive drug overdose in 1997 at age 33, was "one of the worst addicts I'd ever met."

"He felt so uncomfortable inside his body," Taylor says of Farley, the 300-pound Tommy Boy star who was a practicing Catholic and spent much of his offscreen time on charitable causes. "He was afraid to lose weight because he thought that was expected of him, to be the funny fat guy."

Peter McNeely, a former heavyweight boxer who met the actor in rehab, says Farley admitted in group therapy that he learned at an early age to use laughs to get people to like him. But the obese comic also learned that he couldn't attract members of the opposite sex with laughs alone.

"Chris Farley spent a lot of time with hookers and prostitutes and female escorts," says McNeely. "Women didn't want to be with Chris Farley when the lights were turned out and they had to take their clothes off and go to bed with him."

Source: TV Guide Online

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