No Hankies Were Harmed for Sweeney Pic

By Vanessa Torres

Actress-comedienne Julia Sweeney ("Saturday Night Live") knows how to laugh in the face of adversity as evidenced by her new movie "God Said, Ha!" from Miramax.

The film, which debuted at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, candidly examines the beauty of life's ironies - namely, the year her brother's battle with cancer and the subsequent diagnosis of her own
caused her entire family to move in with her.

What's funny about that? Plenty, according to Sweeney, who has a background in sketch comedy. "My journey was how to make it not so funny." Not intended as a tearjerker, Sweeney reflected, "At the
beginning I felt like I was just telling a funny story about a wacky situation I was in."

Although, at the post-show gathering at Bar Marmont, the thesp admitted to being a little worn out from it all.

"This is it for me and monologues I don't know how Spaulding Gray can do it. I totally admire him. As wonderful as this has been, in some ways I've sold this part of my life and I can't imagine doing that again."

Laughing with Sweeney was producer Rana Joy Glickman, co-producer Greg Kachel, Miramax's Mark Gill and actress Catharine O'Hara.

Sweeney is working on a screenplay based on a play she wrote in 1992.

Source: Variety

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