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"A Night at the Roxbury" - A Review by 'Crash'

Saw a trade screening of "A Night at the Roxbury" last night and thought I'd post a review (loaded with spoilers, by the way). I should admit my prejudice up front -- I never enjoyed the SNL sketches with these dancing-idiot characters, finding them dull, repetitive and unfunny. They've fleshed out the characters a bit for the movie, but I still have no idea why anyone would choose to devote funds to making something like this. In the film, the brothers live with their parents, Dan Hedeya and Loni Anderson, and work at Dad's fake flower shop. Dwayne Hickman, owner of the lamp shop next door, would love to pair his daughter (Molly Shannon) with Will Ferrill. Molly, who is very upfront about her sexuality, hits on Will at every opportunity. He tries to brush her off, while his weasely borother (I can't for the life of me remember his name) loudly voices his disapproval of her.

The boys work out at the gym where trainer Lochlyn Munro (great as the psychopath Cliff in "Dead Man on Campus) is one of their few friends. Of course, their life is focused on nightclubs, where they recreate the same tired-ass SNL skit at length. Always barred from entering the Roxbury, they finally get admitted after Richard Grieco (playing himself - and he really looks bad, very puffy and smary) rear-ends their car and, anxious to avoid a law suit, takes the brothers into the club. They bond with the owner, even though his driver and aide Colin Quinn, despises them.

To be fair, there are a few scenes that are actually funny. The wedding scene and subsequent make-up scene have a lot of laughs, including a cute parody of "Jerry Maguire." Molly Shannon is funny, Lochlyn Monro is likable, and McKinney makes the most of his tiny part.

Ultimately though, this is just one more lame comedy about two painfully clueless losers that feels like an endless SNL sketch. The brothers feel like weak rip-offs of the horny immigrant brothers Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd used to play on SNL, and the movie is just another attempt to cash in on the fast-fading SNL franchise.

I'm looking forward to reading a review from someone who liked the original SNL sketch with these guys. I'd love to see if a fan finds this film worthwhile, or if they dislike it as much as I did.

"A Night at the Roxbury" - A Review by 'BJ'

First off, I went into this movie expecting it to be mediocre. How could anyone possibly turn a 3 minute SNL sketch into a feature length movie? I only went because my friend had two free passes and I had never really seen a non "sneak preview" screening of the movie. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It is really a light-hearted comedy about the relationship between two brothers and the situations they get into. The humor is above sophomoric, but not the intellectual Robin Williams esque style of humor. The film keeps pace with a cookie-cutter plot, but there are enough interesting spins on it to hold the audience's interest from one humorous scene to the next. Please don't misunderstand, this is not a 'great' movie. It is not as funny as Rush Hour (well, I'm biased because I love Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.) It is, however, extremely funny. You really have to be in a certain mood to appreciate this film, and luckily I was feeling pretty good when I saw it. I would definately recommend catching a matinee if you decide to see this. If you're planning on catching a comdey with a girlfriend or some friends, Rush Hour is the better film to see, but Night at the Roxbury definately isn't a bad film... just not great. I'll give it 3 of 5 stars.

Source for both reviews: Dark Horizons

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