Kattan Nominates Best and Worst Celeb Head-Bopper

By Chuck Arnold

"Saturday Night Live" comedians Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell take their head-bopping skit to the big screen in the club comedy "A Night at the Roxbury," due Oct. 2. So which "SNL" guest was the top bopper? "Jim Carrey was the best," says Kattan, 27. "I don't know how he did it. His head just moved. He was all over the place. We all went crazy. The next day I had aches and pains." And the worst? "Tom Hanks couldn't do the dance," he says. "His whole body wouldn't move." As for celebs on Kattan's head-bopping wish list, he says, "It would be great to have Clint Eastwood. He wouldn't need to move much. I think [Marlon] Brando or Al Pacino would be fun too. And John Travolta would be a dream." But President Clinton wouldn't make it past Kattan's velvet rope: "I don't think he needs to be in a skit where he's in a bar trying to pick up women."

Source: People Magazine

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