An 'SNL' Phil Hartman Tribute Will Air This Summer; 'NewsRadio' Will Go On

By Marcus Errico

Looks like a Phil Hartman-less "NewsRadio" is staying on the air.

The sitcom's braintrust--cast, producers and writers--huddled late Monday to discuss the show's future sans Hartman's smarmy news guy Bill McNeal, according to Tuesday's Hollywood Reporter.

Ever since Hartman was shot execution-style Thursday, apparently by his wife, who later killed herself, there has been speculation on whether "NewsRadio" would continue. Monday's meeting left little doubt that the sitcom's principals want to

"As sad and tragic as this is, [producer] Brad Grey's feeling is the show must go on," an unnamed source told the Reporter. "There have been no discussions [with NBC] of doing otherwise."

Critically acclaimed, but low-rated, "NewsRadio" surprised pundits last month by sneaking onto NBC's new fall schedule. The sitcom had been considered on the bubble for renewal.

In other Hartman news:

Finally, the folks at "Saturday Night Live" are compiling a Hartman tribute show that could air as soon as this month. The comic first showcased some of his best characters--Frank Sinatra, Bill Clinton, Ed McMahon, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, Frankenstein's monster--to a national audience on "SNL."

Source: E! Online

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