Victoria Jackson Thumps Her Bible

By Rich Brown

Former "Saturday Night Live" star Victoria Jackson is stepping back into the spotlight, and this time she's bringing her Bible with her.

Nearly six years after dropping out of showbiz to marry her childhood sweetheart and raise their two children in Miami, the bubbly blonde comedian is once again hitting the comedy clubs, and plans to revive her TV career with a guest-starring role on the Sun., Feb. 7, episode of "The X-Files" (9 pm/ET).The former Florida Bible College student says she's also fulfilling a childhood dream to use her fame to "serve the Lord."

"If you follow the Bible, it's so simple," she tells TV Guide Online's Daily Dish. "If you don't believe in the Bible, fornicate all you want and you're going to get abortions, you're going to get AIDS, you're going to get herpes and you're going to get a broken heart."

"When I was on 'Saturday Night Live,' I couldn't really speak like that," she continues. "My employers probably would not have liked it. No one ever said that, but it was a feeling I got."

"Most people [with power in] Hollywood seem to be Jewish or gay," she says. "There are some Christians who are actors, but it's just the minority, I guess. When I was young, I thought, 'Why do all the movie stars and all the people who have exciting lives - why are none of them Christians?' I wished that I could be successful and be an example. Why can't Christians be funny?"

Source: TV Guide Online

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