Ivan's Trip Report - 10/7/00

By Ivan Alicea

Well once again, Sean and myself packed our bags for this, the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live". We found ourselves receiving tickets for the LIVE show, but our friend William, who attended the Christopher Walken episode with us, wanted to try for stand by for this show, so we joined him in the stand by line when we all arrived on Friday. We met up with some old friends from a previous trip, and established ourselves with newcomers and die-hard SNL fans. During the course of the night, we met many people from around the country who all wanted to just step foot into the historic place known as the 8H studio.

A few interesting things happened while waiting in the lobby at points during the night. Many recognizable faces were in and about roaming through NBC including; Rob Lowe(host of the show), Stage Manager of the "Late Show with David Letterman" Biff Henderson, Kate Hudson, and presidential hopeful Ralph Nader, whom was at the building to rehearse his cameo on the show. Mr. Nader, whom is representing the "Green Party" during this election, had a hard time getting pass clearance at the NBC desk. After talking to the NBC employee, Sean and myself later found out the reason for this confusion was because she simply "didn't know who he was".

Time flew by with our friends at NBC including Kenny, CBS Pin Lady, Bert, Tony, The Count Sisters, Beca(erica), Katie, Jared, Raranda, Nicole, Chris, Jennie, and the rest of the nearly 35 people who bared the cold during the evening hours on Friday. With many trips to the "Variety Cafe" and "Rays Pizza", we all bonded and got to know one another better. Soon enough, we found ourselves getting ready to receive the tickets. The line had grown to about 350 people and I was ready to grab my ticket, head back to a friends place, and NAP NAP NAP. :-) Of course, I only managed to get about 2hrs of sleep and from then, we proceeded to eat some pizza at "Koronets", which by far, have the largest pizza slices I have ever seen. If you're ever in the Columbia University area, stop by and tell them Ivan sent ya.

Well, we boarded the subway and we were back on our way to 30rock. The anticipation grew as Sean, William, and myself were waiting to see if we were able to get into the dress. Sure enough, 25 people were let upstairs and the show began. During the course of the show, you could tell that they've had the summer off, because of a lot of make up and production errors. The new theme songs, graphics, and bumpers have got a new twist to them, the new featured players seemed excited, and with Fallon/Fey getting ready to take Weekend Update on, it looked as if the new season was going to come at us with a bang.

After leaving the Dress, Sean and myself found ourselves going back to the live show, where we sat next to Tv's "Fonzie" Henry Winkler who attended the show with his son. They were both very nice people. The excitement grew and grew, and at 11:40(10 minute delay because of the baseball playoffs), after an energized warm up from Jimmy Fallon, and Horatio Sanz, "Saturday Night Live" kicked off it's 26th Season. Rob Lowe, in my opinion, did an OKAY attempt at delivering the opening monologue. Much better reaction during the live show than during the dress rehearsal. The presidential debate sequence, Scooby Doo, and the Kattan Training sequence, along with the "Corn Chips/Nail Chips" parody, and the 2 performances by Eminem and Dido seemed to have had a very good response from both crowds. The debut of 2 people doing Weekend Update also went over very well. I'm looking forward to seeing Jimmy and Tina kick some more booty during the rest of the season and wish them both the best of luck. Overall, The cast and crew seemed to have kicked off SNL in the right direction for the 26th season, and what will they bring to us in future episodes? I'm not sure, but I am sure it'll be great. For now, I'm Ivan Alicea, and you kids have yourself a good day.